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Pandemic Thoughts

Take Us to Your Leader

Usually, when communities across a country can organize and centralize within a day, there's a hierarchy of leadership. Just as armies form and infiltrate to use force as a means to demand control. Generals, captains, sergeants... Photo Credit - Dallas Morning Star Who is their leader? Our fellow US citizens are fighting, destroying, burning - basically shitting in our own bed - alongside strangers who showed up in their neighborhoods with pallets of bricks. It's assumed by all the people at home posting memes of solidarity on social media that the intention is to get a positive result of change, which one would assume in their minds is to achieve racial equality, justice for George Floyd. We can all get…
May 31, 2020
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Putting the ‘X’ in Anxiety

I wanted to take a walk. This wasn't my first walk since you know, this. But it was my first walk in a few days of possibilities to do it again. I used my yard as my physical activity lately with sunny, spring days. I just wanted a walk. Headspace. A good playlist as I Appreciate every clear, pain-free breath of fresh air. Or so I hoped. Then it became a jog and short cut back. Just go home, I thought. I'm a people pleaser, I get it. I'm the one that will go out of the way to ease someone else. That's not the issue. I totally take the high road so they don't have to. Some passerby’s are…
April 8, 2020