The Silence I Fear Most.

By March 7, 2021 October 29th, 2022 Food for thought, Heather, Pandemic Thoughts

The silence keeps growing. More and more silence. 

We talk to less people. 

We share less and less original thoughts. 

We fear what may happen to our job, friends, family, marriage, children … if we say what we think. And feel. 

We walk on egg shells without crushing any more. Tread silently.

Not realizing what all this silence means. 

What staying silent will mean.

They have taken our voice. 

We have let them in a chance of finding a better version of ourselves.

We are now Ariel in a new dry world. 

How will we find the happy ending?
How will we once sing freely again?

One thing I can’t be silent about. Sadly. As a woman entrepreneur, I don’t qualify for much of any grants anymore because my skin color is too pale.

c’mon ladies. I really hoped if we gotta keep dividing and compartmentalizing and regressing backwards into reversed segregation at least women can assist one another in support for success.

You know, all the ‘lean in’ shit?

But now, I got some awesome ideas that could benefit all women of all shades of pigment and stories but I can’t get capital as a woman. That’s too vague now.
I say May the best ideas and drive win- regardless of colors or genders or age or whatever.

Here’s what’s available:

this won’t change until everyone changes this acceptable new narrative that is sinister to humanity and America. We all got enough problems. Why make more. Why can’t we all be friends again in the media? We all are at the community level. We’re so confused. Where is all this coming from? Hollywood? Democrats? Cause I’ve seen some amazing, gifted, funny and honest women of darker colors get ripped to shreds and cancelled because they agree with redneck white trash privilegers like me.

Dr. Swain is such an inspiration

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