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Every business should have clear directions on how to be contacted, and it should be easy to do. It should also be easy for anyone on the OHH team to be notified when you send a message so you aren’t left hanging in a quiet dark space of anticipation and distrust.

So what would prompt you to reach out? If it’s because you want to give a fantastic review, there are links below to rate OHH on Google and Facebook. But testimonials through the form are encouraged too!

If you want to make a return due to wrong size, buyer’s remorse or an unforeseen disappointment in receiving gold bling in your mailbox – that’s ok. You can choose that reason below and you’ll be contacted for directions.

Please be sure to mark on the form how you’d like to be contacted in return. Text? Email? Phone call? Facetime? We’ll certainly try to accommodate your favorite way to communicate. This standard form of initiation happens to be ours at the moment.