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Sometimes the only way to get someone to tell their story is to share yours first.

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Log, blog, editorial or journal –  It’s a growing collection of ideas and thoughts validating the OHH humble brand that people L-O-V-E from the U-S-A

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Rural roots in business boots – Find out OHH’s purpose for memorable comfort. Life’s getting pretty crowded so it’s time you stand out.


Some say “Shop”, we say “Find what fits your feelings fast and buy it with pride.” Our quality won’t disappoint you and we make our shirts flatter every size of awesomeness.

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Soft apparel that fits your personality. Let the message do the talking and your confidence slay the walking.

Oh Hey Heather was merely a dream for too long. Now, the idea of making funny shirts that actually fit well, kept its color, had quality printing that lasted for years and felt so comfortable you wanted to wear it as pajamas in addition to every day.

It’s also fun to have a cool saying or phrase on your shirt that is well-designed and people actually look up from their phones to read it and then re-read it again to make sure they read what they thought they read. And then they laugh. Give you a high five. Comment about it. Make eye contact. Have a memorable interaction.

Yeah. That’s what I wanted to do. I’ve been spoiled since I moved to Ohio. I had co-workers who became friends and ran a print company on their farmland. I would give them something I wanted on a shirt and they’d knock it out of the park and were so soft. I was like, why would pay a ton of money for American Eagle or shirts from the Gap when I get my own design and it’s ten times softer?  From that point on, I ordered all of my employer’s company shirts and all of my marketing client’s shirts from them. Cause they’re the best.

So now. A dream comes true. With our partnership, I get to share my experience of cool, awesome comfortable shirts with you. Shipping will always be free. Free shipping is my favorite when ordering online.

I also want to tell every one of you to cut the tags out when you get them. Because I’m tired of the sizes they call us. Check out my sizing chart to learn why.