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Sometimes the only way to get someone to tell their story is to share yours first.






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Under the witnessing of current events and behaviors of upside down worlds as well as legal counsel, I declare that the entire contents and attachments of any and all of my writings are for the purposes of personal entertainment, and that I do not vouch for the veracity of the content although the intention is believably my interpretation of discovered facts of reference. Furthermore, as a constantly evolving and growing individual seeking truth and knowledge avidly, I in no way waive any and all of my rights as a free citizen of the world to express such thoughts aloud. Also, any individual, group, agency, government or any other entity, may not use any content or images posted by me for any other purpose than personal entertainment must not be granted. This basically means there is no permission to use any of my images, blogs, profiles, or any of my stories in any form and if done so, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and would be subject to legal action. (That’s pretty cool). Any and all of the images, links and referenced sites I use in my stories are assumed to be in the public domain. My stories are of my own thoughts and ideas based on experiences, conversations and awareness which I express as a personal hobby writing enthusiast. Story sharing and truths are the path to self discovery and growing in grace. Thank you!