Oh, Hey Heather (OHH) was founded with the purpose of providing you clothes that are comfortable while being memorable.

Every shirt is created, designed, printed and fulfilled in Ohio by real people who happen to be friends and family.

In the vast populated, over saturated websites that are ready to process your money and spit out a t-shirt – we are glad you’re here instead. We were once you, searching and finding shirts online that made us laugh and could make a statement to our friends, family and community so they would laugh too.

Finding a phrase or saying to identify with is much easier than buying it on a soft, durable and quality shirt that was so flattering you actually forgot about the message on it.

Who We Are

Our small, humble group of blended friends and family began with a win-win-win idea. Let’s create conversational apparel that people will love to wear day or night while sparking the natural desire to express individuality and free us all from buyer’s remorse.

Here we are, in rural central Ohio, sitting around a table bragging about the $5.95 PBR pitchers and This cool shirt we got in the mail that shrank and fit weird at $27 no less…. And it sank in. We each have our own unique, individual talents to solve this and take it to the next level. Affordably.

Mike and Jean 

Happily married for nearly 40 years have an awesome barn equipped with screen printing, large order capabilities and poster machines. They’ve been running the business for years.


their daughter (they have three children) who loves fun shirts, country music and has a vast knowledge of compliance, regulatory laws and commerce.

Cody and Natalie

Colleagues Cody and Natalie have put in many a late night as well with their digital/design prowess –  and there it was.    


West Virginia native with time in Iowa and now settled cozily in Ohio with her husband Mark and two sons. (Her daughter is out chasing her dreams in Iowa).

She brings more than 20 years of marketing and goals of a successful company of her own.

Oh, Hey Heather – comfortable, affordable and expression apparel for a happier day.

Together, we are at level one of making this world a fun and soft place.

As we expand your closet of self-expression, we’ll expand ours too! Come back often as we keep adding more.

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