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a Little Diddy about Suds in Buckets

If you enjoy country music like I do, you’re probably familiar with a song that just turned 20 years old by Sara Evans Called Suds in the Bucket. It went to #1 back then in top played song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06o-EYH9svs I heard it on the way to Costco this morning, after staying up last night with the hubs because we agreed neither of us remember seeing St. Elmo’s Fire as kids so let’s see what we recall and if it holds up. (Foreshadowing hint, it didn’t :/)  The song and movie connect and add flavor to my week of positive reflection. I can sing along to Suds in a Bucket just like I can get me some Fancy and Walkaway Joe…
June 29, 2024