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Just the Facts, Ma’am

There’s alot of things we know, we either don’t think about it or weren’t paying attention. Here are statements I think we all, as Americans united, can agree are factual. Fact: We cannot choose our gender, race, family or intrinsic qualities. Fact: We know there’s a ladder and a ceiling. Some have further to climb, some climb anyway and some had help from those who climbed on their behalf. Fact: We know in 2005 the Supreme Court ordered the Ten Commandments to be removed from courtrooms all over the south. Fact: We know in 2012 Obama made the biggest funding…

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Staying Safe during Masked Destruction DIY

Many of my friends and neighbors have been #SafeAtHome during the Pandemic which has led to many home improvement projects. I’ve not had the #AloneTogether experience, but that’s not a criticism. I did get some days here or there to work from home and saved alot of money not going out or traveling for vacations. So I, like many, am tackling home improvement projects with the bonus cash earned by what I’ve named Forced Frugality. I happen to be very privileged to have found my dude. My hombre. My love of a lifetime. My partner in crime. He also happens…

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Putting the ‘X’ in Anxiety

I wanted to take a walk. This wasn’t my first walk since you know, this. But it was my first walk in a few days of possibilities to do it again. I used my yard as my physical activity lately with sunny, spring days. I just wanted a walk. Headspace. A good playlist as I Appreciate every clear, pain-free breath of fresh air. Or so I hoped. Then it became a jog and short cut back. Just go home, I thought. I’m a people pleaser, I get it. I’m the one that will go out of the way to ease…

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Fabric Face Filters. Is this going to be a thing?

This is the third Saturday since it began. You know, the COVID, Corona, quarantine, stay the eff home stuff started and it continues to get weirder. We are now to the point where the guidance says you can wear a mask if it makes you feel better but really since all the front line people need them, you can get by with a scarf or anything really that could act as a filter. I’m still me. Following that distance stuff and no mask. What I noticed on my fast trips to the kroger or like today, the first warm and…

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The Only Employee Who Should Fear Being Let Go

I keep reading all of these fear-inducing articles about what employees should fear losing their jobs right now – entry-level, duplicate duties, overpaid managers…. Look, I fully get that in a grim and gloom world, that’s a natural assessment of the weakest links who shouldn’t get a rose to move on to another week of reality. Sure, maybe this is the excuse your boss needed for some time to dismiss those types of employees who fit within the above stereotypes, but I’d call that a preexisting condition that affects the virus. Those employees you questioned in the past, the ones…

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Signs, Signs Everywhere are Signs

Signs make things official. A sign makes a rule. A rule sets an expectation for the readers to follow. We use signs as décor within our homes and landscaping to communicate our beliefs or passion or declaration of unity. There are signs to allow us the opportunity to self-educate or pay homage lest no one forget the real story. Lately, we have a new category for signs similar to the rules but merely policed by societal judgment.  Sadly, I get it. The whole gamut of signs that had to be cranked out to immediately communicate the new way things gotta…

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Stop Breaking the Boomers

I believe that starting today, the President should be able to approve any and all marketing plans for products that target our senior citizens as consumers. The specific advertising categories are drugs, unsound financial gimmicks or any service that uses fear and panic as the tactic for a call to action. Here’s my why story to support that statement. Like, what the hell is this add about Heaven? Watch this – I couldn’t believe it. What bothers me about this one, is paying $149 bucks to have a total body ultrasound screening to make sure your blood is pumping through…

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