4 Ways to Get Through This

By August 19, 2020 October 29th, 2022 Heather

This is the most intense period of time I’ve had to live in. In the depths of my heart, breadth of lessons lived and wisdom of eras survived I know one thing to be true.

If you believe in what you believe from what you believe to be fueled by a strong, passionate desire to improve the world you are currently viewing on your screen, then we have a common thread.

A common bond.

An Eva in a Wall-E reality

When you can connect on similar goals – meaning we all want our children and grandchildren to grow up in a free, safe and close knit place within a stocked pond of opportunity for finding dreams, personal growth, resiliency, healthy competition, humility, grace and most of all – family, faith and freedom to pursue their true self.

Whatever that self may be, so long as it does no harm others, themselves or property we all conceive the empathy and self-security to wish them nothing but their best life.

It’s those deep core hopes and hearts that allow us to function in the storms we combat everyday just to clock in and mow the grass before another spoon of noise.

There’s many reasons of research and facts with even the slightest openness of common sense to show the cracks in everything spoonfed to divide us all on unnecessary psychographic layers that were unnoticed until strategists figured out how to leverage them with spins on civil unjust content as the root cause of current situations when truth be told, we all know we’re cool with each other so long as no one hurts anybody, or themselves or property. We all just want to have great lives and reap the fruits of our labor.

Now that is dwindling faster and faster as we blame each other like a perfectly tuned script of a well-orchestrated Oscar winner box office smash that affects the masses and lives in history beyond those who took part in creating it.

 Here’s four ways to get through this with America intact, in fact, safer and better than what we accepted prior to covid, riots, terrorism and secretly funded organizations to incite genocide.

  1. When you witness an opinion that sets your blood on boil, Stop…Collaborate and Quiz it.

Our usual menu of consumption has been vastly disrupted. From what we view on our screens to where we eat or how we earn money, it’s all been changed upside down during an election year and our leaders are in a war that we are forced to watch while we must see all of senior management pick sides – aka all people with blue check marks that have since added another layer of belief system on us.

Before you disown authentic people in your circle, you gotta stop and breathe. Count to ten. Then step back and ask yourself:

What is the intention of the person? What is the level of their bad vibes hitting your core values? Are they trying to inflict pain on others or inflict facts on others?

Sadly, there’s many people you may have once cared about that drank the wrong cocktails and became the kind of panDEMic drunk you no longer want to hang out with. That’s ok. Love the memories and give a moment of consideration of their intent and desire for them to accept yours without negating positive history.

2. Surpluses of serotonin is significantly spoiled right now.

Our vices have been compromised in more ways than we can currently compute the long term ramifications of – regardless of which presidential candidate wins. Depending on who you ask on which side, the answer is the same – If our candidate doesn’t win, the world ends.

College sports, professional sports, fantasy sports aren’t just cancelled, they’re now political too. Some weird veil that allowed us to enjoy movies, music and entertainers has now become political and most wouldn’t return to the $100+ seat or tailgate now even if you could go see it. Double tap that happy tradition.

Gatherings are gone. Probably a good thing says some. Every leisure decision is a difficult one. Who quarantines? Who doesn’t?

Debbie Downer GIFs | Tenor

Dig deep in yourself. When were you happy? What allows you to escape reality in a productive, safe way? Where can you grab bursts of happy brain sensory to let a little sumpin sumpin to tell mean voice to shut up for a bit and watch this cool trick?

Marshmello - Check This Out (Official Music Video) - YouTube

Mine has been creating articles like these and knowing how to pause in moments of happy to connect all the sensory stimulants around me to say, yes. This is a great moment. Frame it. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Think of it was exercise for your sanity and soul when usual events of what you look forward to are gone for nearly a year. If not longer.

It adds up when you’re capturing it as it happens. Examine what you find it from so you don’t get sucked in to the spread of negatives.

Who knew I’d like building a little salsa garden, write more than ever, start a podcast and feel confident with my voice for the first time in maybe ever?

3. Agree that regardless, the media and entire system required to run it is run by the wrong leaders.

We didn’t realize that through the years, news and reporting ethics changed. Somehow, they realized that if you mix afternoon and evening talk shows with SNL and DMA news stations, you could create a whole new landscape of influential following.

It also confuses us on who acts according to script and who scripts in an effort to act.

If someone I love in a movie tells me to think a certain way, you want to because you’re a fan. So you give them the benefit of the doubt. Except now we forget where that line was.

The curtain was lifted to see the smoke machine in the back – meaning the reasons #MeToo broke out and many other acknowledged groups of unethical leadership prevailed for decades is overlooked as they fuel the political war and divert it. Why?

The world is watching, too. While watching bits and pieces of several episodes of 60 minutes, Australia, I found myself hopeful that there is documentary news shows out there that still try to report it right with no agenda.

And why would they care, these are American dramas that they lay out based on how they view it.

Then, a dark realization sets over me after consuming the binge of Scientology, Epstein, Weinstein and human trafficking that Australia uses their version of 60 minutes to report to their citizens what’s happening in America.

Do you recall any media in America that reports on hidden stories deep within Australia? Or any other country?

Just remember the next time you see someone share a Washington Post or NY Time headline, pause and count to ten. During those moments as with many others, you’ll recall Jeff Bezos of Amazon owns the Washington Post. It’s time to reflect on recognizing persuasive baiting when you see it.

4. Know your anchors when the storm hits.

This has been a fun exercise in fear, anxiety, anger, disappointment, frustration, loneliness and stress for 7 months and technically building up for years, but we all need a tricked out basement to escape when it gets scary.

Iowa right now during PanDEMic 2020.

We all need to focus on the people who make us better people and be vulnerable with our authentic talks with them.

This is where more proof of humanity and American before all other descriptive attribute comes to play. We need our person.


I don’t care how the relationship started or what it’s classified as on a drop down registry menu.

We all need the anchor that lights our serotonin on fire.

The person who sees you and learn every detail and knows the story of every mark, inside or out, you have and how you got it and has become the one for all great personal growth moments to come.

They complete you.

Yes parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, children and neighbors all can fall into serious circles of closeness to being that impactful on your sanity or selfless confession, and every one of them should be embraced as we buckle down for what’s to come with November.

We know  we live with hidden truths and influence by popularity.

When you are safe to be vulnerable, you will find the truth together.

It’s all on how big our trust circles can grow, together. Safely in the journey for truth in the eye of the storm.

Be safe and wise, everyone.

Thanks for reading,


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