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By October 7, 2023 November 20th, 2023 Heather

The journey to spreading love and joy to others in artful repurposed ways continues for me. You’re welcome. haha. All kidding aside, I reflect alot on what I’m drawn to and what I create to understand myself better.

Similar to painting Sasquatch fun paintings and dissecting that, I truly enjoy making prayer candles out of thrifted shot glasses and making Jesus mirrors and wall out out of really cool frames and mirrors I find while on the shot glass hunt.

It all came together for me! The Grace Collection.

Over the years I’ve played with frames and mirrors for glass art, when it hit me that tying in the message of shot glasses could bring them to another level. Plus it gives me a goal to use them, as I’ve been staring at them with half crocked ideas for some time.

Now, I am off like lightening to the bigger picture. Jesus pictures.

I thought alot about what the message should be and why I am making them and what their purpose, or repurpose is all about.

First off, I think Jesus had and has a sense of humor. Sometimes the irony of things in my life, or seeing how all the dots from past to future connected over the course of my life so far, he definitely likes to wink and smile at me quite a bit.

I believe laughter really is the best medicine for your health. Mentally and physically and emotionally, when you laugh and laugh among others it’s magical.

These make me smile every time I see them and every time I make them. So they’re assembled and repurposed by me while I am happy. In my vibe time. Thinking of Grace and pretty things and smiles that will be made through these.

And maybe, just maybe, more of us will be in that space of positive, radiant love that’s right there waiting to be felt.

Dude, I Saw That.

Dude I saw That Jesus Mirrors

This light hearted message has two interpretations for me. The obvious would be a reminder that if you’re doing something sketchy or not very nice, this is a subtle smile reminder to lighten up and do the right thing.

I like the other side of it better. When you do the right thing – Dude he totally saw that. And He likey. So it’s also like a Kudos. a Congrats. He saw that goodness in you and from you. Wink, nod and smiles.

Love You More

This one is also in good jest yet so true.

My husband and I always say “I Love You” as a daily, natural response to one another for whatever. He says something hilarious?

“Dude, I love you,” comes out as reaffirming coolness tones.

We’re getting ready to hang up the phone?

“Love you.”

“Love you, too”

My favorite? When for no reason at all he comes and sits down or glances at me in the kitchen and says, “I love you.”

For a while there was the trend of people exchanging the response as “I Love you more” as a way to trump the others’ love to then it could break out into a competition of who loves who more.

Then it becomes a back and forth of, “Nuh Uh, I love YOU more!” and on and on.

Well, when it comes to Jesus, I feel like these signs are affirmations that no matter how much you love Him or the idea of what He brings to your life, he will always love YOU more than than.

And that, my friends, is pretty flipping cool.

Everyone can only do better, feel better and see the good in every present moment when they realize just how much they are loved and designed to be loved.

So anywhoosies, my prayer is that we all pray and talk to God as we talk to ourselves. Thankful, excited, cheering each other on and realizing how powerful we all are when we trust God is there and that if we believe, let Him in our heart and spread goodness through kindness and joy and compliments and smiles and gestures of thoughtfulness outside of our self centered indoctrinations – Holy Cow we could stop all the baby eaters in their tracks!

Take that ya Fauci Gates Klaus peeners! Stick it where the Black Rock don’t shine.

We got Jesus! We can start right here in our homes and in our towns and be the light for us all. Shut off the phones and make a difference.

Chitty chitty bang bang!

Thanks for reading you wonderful lovely people,


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