When you want a response

By January 6, 2024 Heather

I think reflection on your personal experiences, however minute, help you piece together the truths about yourself. I was just thinking of more Heather trends lately, trying to figure out why I was so engrained into connecting with people through communication and advertising in what feels like my entire life.

I remember my mom recalling the story throughout relevant times to share it over my life. I was sitting up on the bar table, I was a toddler. I had a big bowl of grapes and I kept swirling them around and would say pick me, pick me and grab one.

She added further proof of my career that as a child, all single digit years, I hadn’t been too interested in the actual programs of the TV. Keep in mind back then we had 305 channels and childcare programming was available on Saturday mornings and before school. Otherwise, it was what the whole household watched.

I played on my own, and only dropped what I was doing to be mesmerized when there was a catchy commercial that I ran to it and followed along. Other than that, I went back to my own play.

The first memory I have of direct response was the concept of a message in a bottle.

That was so big to me. We lived near the Ohio river and could walk to it and I remember putting messages inside of glass pop bottles and sending them off.

Now, I wasn’t thinking about the obvious, which is measurable call to actions, like my address or my phone number, however they were messages that I hoped people would get and know I was there and so were they.

I can’t remember the content, only that I tried some positive messages a few times to say Hi, and my name.

Next, oh my, was school activities such as everyone getting a helium balloon and a tag! You filled out the tag and put your name and your school on it.

Together, we went outside and let them go.

Many kids heard back, letters were sent as requested on the tag to tell us you got it.

I didn’t get a response.

It was like playing bingo.

Throughout my professional life we sent purls and mail and email and codes and many more targeted geo fenced ideas all in the attempt to…. Get a response.

Take action.

Motivate another to connect with us.

I’m not sure what the recipe is anymore.

Yet the key is based on what you put into the atmosphere, someone experienced it and was compelled to become a part of it somehow.

I hope to keep doing that though my most fun which has been the responses from Seek the Truth – Sasquatch

Be the truth – Grandma Viv inspired repurposed bird feeder and indoor plant are and Dolly Parton’s it’s Hard to be a Diamond in a Rhinestone World

Know the Truth – Being the light, the sunshine and the heart of loving is the closest example to what I believe the story of Jesus and Faith is.

I cling to always finding truth – staying open, asking questions, being curious and then, I reflect on the beautiful innocence a grandma’s love brings to you as well as standing up for what you believe in.

Something my Grandma said that I clung to since I was about 14 was when I talked to her about bad behaved people in church. She said – You can put a turd in a cookie jar, doesn’t make it a cookie.

Be yourself. Find yourself. Step back from society and listen to yourself. Your soul and bodysuit were paired together without your consent, you’re here in your suit until you’re not and it’s up to you to be true to it and find your purpose versus s the job that covers your bills.

The most important of all is my strongest belief and proof and testimony that there is a God and the sunshine is beautiful and our souls crave it and our connectedness and love rules all and prayer will set us all apart form what we see in the rich and famous today.

We all agree that little did we know, there’s no difference between the News, Wheel of Fortune, Judge Judy, News or The Today show. Everything is a cast and everything is compromised and no one on the other side of the screens will be there for you or a part of your story.

We live in as the world turns

Start where you are. See your reach and your message and determine who matters to you and what responses are key to fulfilling your life.

Mail that letter. Make that phone call. Be the person that every human connected to you will know is standing for truth and love and the rest will write itself.

You have no idea how many people out there feel like they sailed the balloon and wait to hear from you.

You are loved. What’s best is sometimes you may not get a response. Sometimes I get a response and don’t remember what I did to touch their heart and memory. The best responses come from expecting no response at all ❤️

Thanks for reading,


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