I got big Plains

By August 4, 2019 Food for thought

The plains.

So wide. Just wide.

I mean, Iowa is wide.

Headed to Bree’s new house in Iowa yesterday.

Ohio has wide places.

Ohio’s sunset last week

This highway is so far ahead straight that it’s like you just can’t see that far straight ahead.

Moments when I wish I had a fancy camera because this doesn’t do it justice.

But this.  It’s just wide, open, uninterrupted consistency.

They must of laser grid this for hundreds of straight miles. Very little anything of height but an occasional grouping of trees who managed migrate towards a small water pond in between fields of crops or wild grass.

Billboards and road signs litter up when you get to a place of human concentration more than 800.  Windmills. Tons of windmills. I wonder what the power release to conversion is. Will we love these genius inventions or find decades later a new strain of something that will tweak our physical,mental,emotional or physiology Health we didn’t realize. I mean they mess with radio frequency, too, right? Anyway.

They are mesmerizing. I hope it’s all good. I like them.

I remember when the semi hauling one third of the base got jammed in our town, causing three hours of a closed Main Street. It was to massive to transition up the hill at the intersection.  You could cartwheel through it. You don’t realize they’re that big. Big. And wide.

Just like South Dakota. ❤️❤️❤️  

So inspirational.


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