The Good Thing About Bourbon

By January 8, 2019 January 10th, 2019 Food for thought

Do you think people like the taste of bourbon because of how it actually tastes or because of the story on the bottle that is so good you accept their flavor better?

I mean…. Nineteen Crimes made me a believer in dry, red Cabernet. Now I have developed the taste for it and love it, but it took practice.  I can’t even consider it cold, let alone a Rose. I giggle when I think I thought it was cool. And don’t worry ladies- I appreciate that you do. Enjoy the journey. I sure did. I’ll keep a sweet, cold one in my fridge…just in case you stop by.

So what if bourbon is now the wine of men? When they all chatter and research and find the special ones that are highly ranked yet low in supply – It’s now a hunt for those rare bottles of burning brown. So what do I do? When I’m out shopping…you know…just in case… and I try to find them. When I do –  I am SOOOOO Happy. Which makes me think, well played Bourbon industry. Well Played.

Men with supportive wives have cracked a cool  code on new dating your spouse games. I think we should call it … Buffalo Tracing. Maybe Blanton Scrappin’. Whatever it’s called… It’s Genius! Let’s create a man club out of liquor that women don’t like (but the cool ladies try to sip anyway…I try…Ugh) and make them want to please us by shopping for it and justifying their extra trip to the grocery stores that you didn’t care they went to anyway cause it at least meant you’d get a six pack.

I can admit the medal award winning pride I feel when I go to a Giant Eagle and see this weird bourbon bottle with only five left on the shelf and the price tag has a highlighted yellow message that says “LIMIT ONE” and I was like, well this sounds important, I should probably buy a bottle for him.

And your husband is like, “I Love You, Babe” And he texts his buddies of the find.

And you’re like, I Love you, Babe”

And you both win.


Cause it truly does taste like crap and I’ve tried every shelf level of crap and it tastes like the same crap. Supposedly there is a difference and it’s usually a long, poetic online description that includes notes like “A great whiskey, with oodles of vanilla, barrel char and spicy complexity.”

But you know. I Love you, Babe.

And there’s ice cube ball trays, glassware and so may ways to help out a buddy. So much shopping for us ladies to do. Let’s go. We have to do something until Harley season rolls around.

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