A Truck Full of Monkeys

By January 16, 2023 January 20th, 2023 Heather

I remember when I saw this headline last summer, my first thought was, “Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that there was a truck trailer of 100 monkeys? Monkeys that you would only maybe see a handful of at a zoo you paid to view?” a HUNDRED Monkeys. On a truck trailer. Just cruising down the Pennsylvania turnpike.

First reason that is way odd to me is there’s this thing called the AZA. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

AZA is the independent accrediting organization for the best zoos and the best aquariums in America and the world, assuring the public that when they visit an AZA-accredited facility, it meets the highest standards for animal care and welfare. Less than 10 percent of the 2,800 wildlife exhibitors licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture under the Animal Welfare Act meet the more comprehensive standards of AZA accreditation.

Anytime an independent organization is managed by rules of the United States Department of anything, you can assume they wouldn’t like a truck full of undocumented monkeys, let alone all dead now. Plus, considering there’s this whole animal trafficking system in the name of conservation that knows every animal that mated with what animal and the way they ship animals around the zoos, globally… A whole database. C’mon. Like picture if the San Diego zoo needed a polar bear and Bob and Sarah the bears in Switzerland just birthed one, the betroth of a new baby exhibit in San Diego is coming soon. It’s a whole system. Wouldn’t you think they would care about this truck of monkeys?

No, I couldn’t find anything. Crickets.

Then, I think about wild animals in general. When you consider the fact that more humans own tigers in Texas that any wild tiger lives in its natural world, you see that many wild animals are free game and for sale in Africa. That would prove there’s other lucrative industries involved with animal transport and procurements trades.

So I guess a truck full of monkeys is plausible and not as peculiar as I feel it is. I mean, after all, look at how the world views African genocides of humans. The way we allow thousands of kids and families to die horrific lives so we can write and read internet posts on our devices shows a truck of monkeys ain’t much.

And sure, we don’t know until we know, no one with a heart wants that, but there’s been genocides and vaccine testers and denial of fresh water in Africa my entire life. As a child waiting for my show to come back on, I remember watching commercials with Sally Struthers standing amongst the saddest kids who have flies landing on them and they aren’t blinking or swatting or caring. Just starving.

Then there’s dinner time. “Better finish that….there’s kids starving in Africa”

That continent has, like several others, yet most maniacal in my opinion, suffered for lifetimes. Generations. Our corrupt America government at least figured out that it’s just as profitable to keep them all working towards unattainable financial goals that keep you sacrificing joy and time for the machine of lab testing on us all for more independent industry profits. HAh got on a tangent there. We just happened to be born in the consumerism sector of WEF.

Back to the monkeys and tigers. I’m just saying, the article tagged above clearly states the monkeys were headed to CDC approved lab facilities for studies. And Herpes B was mentioned in the video. And I’m just saying… what the Eff is Monkey Pox? Hmmm. Human Lab Rats for Medical and Pharma.

Next part.

The mention of Pennsylvania immediately cued up my mental logged data of mention in my mind – that news on Small Pox found in the lab! They weren’t supposed to be there.

So within 7 months of time, they had a lab leak info about small pox in a lab, and 100 monkeys were on their way to a CDC approved lab and that the FBI and the CDC are handling these cases to keep us safe, nothing to see here.

While in a pandemic of a lab leak gone wrong for Covid. Yeah, we’re in good hands folks.

Wanna know where my brain goes for the next hypothesis in this unfolding story? We’re not afraid of Covid anymore. And it makes you feel bad on the outside. So lockdowns into freedom loss failed. What if they figured, fine you horrible blue collar species of global pissants… we’re gonna make a new virus that effs up your face and makes horrible blisters all over you so you can walk in shame in the society we allowed to hate bad looks and not being submissive.

Man I hope that’s wrong! How awful to think that way.

Perhaps investigating the lab that was receiving the monkeys in Missouri has answers. I imagine the corrupt scientists in Missouri were like damn it Bobby, why did you have to wreck that truck. No I gotta order more and ship them from Africa and the Chase Cargo ship ain’t cheap. And the pirate insurance?? Fahget about it.

Dang, this was Philadelphia too…..what up Pennsylvania?

Haha, I looked it up and it’s called Maritime Insurance – because so many ships get held hostage by the pirates, these insurance companies need advertisements to compete with other maritime people.

I just have so many questions. Think of things I’ve learned and how they all connect dots.

Like for instance, these countries with the largest supply of wild animals and all the precious metals we want – cobalt, lithium, gold, diamonds… are all war torn in atrocities we can’t even imagine while the Gates and Clintons of the world have us with direct relationships at the same time with ties to all the mining and extraction companies who knowingly have slaves. Isn’t it insane when you think of all the distractions we have in America over ourselves while real people live the real stuff we claim our righteous butts suffer from? Like we’re all too busy and distracted, except these people’s distractions are surviving and eating while their lands are stripped. Ours are stress, anxiety, headline fighting and mind manipulations with chemical pollution in our food and water supplies. They have that too though.

When we defend every soul, we all win. It starts with speaking up right where we stand with the very society we live in and challenge everything. Everything.

So yeah, that’s my morning thought about a bunch of monkeys falling off a truck in Pennsylvania last summer.

And this guy is now in charge to make sure they do stuff right for errrrbody there.

And a question to ponder next, is why are all our animal shelters called Humane Societies when they are indeed, not located within a Humane Society for ourselves? Maybe they need a rename.

Stay Safe out there on those Highways! You never know what anyone is hauling these days……

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