Stuck in a Rut With an Unsightly Gut

By April 10, 2018 October 29th, 2022 Heather

In my third year battle to lose the exact same 20 pounds, I’ve been digging deep into myself to figure out why I don’t break through and get it off of me.

I exercise more now than I have in years and am getting quite proud of myself. I know it’s not my output that the problem. It’s my input.

But Why? What is that trigger in my brain that puts my willpower on auto pilot?

I really like the taste of so many fruits and vegetables and even think I could quite possibly survive as a vegetarian (maybe). So why do I eat all the bad stuff? Why can’t I have just “a” beer?

Why do I see a pitcher of margaritas and bowl of chips and salsa and go like this:

I Want That I think I need to be hypnotized. Something. Anything. Otherwise I keep jogging the whole neighborhood with the same shape. Hamster on the wheel.

Scientists say there is something in the brain that triggers it. And food is addictive like anything else we decide to put into our bodies. But I don’t get it. I just need to get stronger. And avoid restaurants, grocery stores, bars, gatherings, events, concerts, fairs – basically anywhere that doesn’t have a running trail or a garden.

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