When You Know Where Everything Is

By May 21, 2019 November 5th, 2022 Heather

If you’re like me, you know where stuff is. For some, it’s a photographic memory, where you can see exactly where the random pack of 3M strips are or where that engraved flask is that he got from his brother’s wedding 19 years ago.  Only for crap though. I am glad networking events have name tags.

But it’s impressive. Kinda like that refreshing baby boomer or veteran at Lowes that says, “Oh, you’ll find that on aisle 63, to the middle left next to the lumber aisle. I’ll walk you there. What kind of project are you doing?”

Then we proceed to discuss it, he either commends us for the size of the task ourselves or recommends another option that could save us or work faster or better.

I love it when you strike the jackpot of seasoned employees who give a shot. I don’t care what age, just knowledge and effort. Commend and Recommend.

That’s how I feel at home. Like the go to expert for locating anything the household uses less than five times a month. You know, they can find toilet paper and clean socks but if they need wrapping paper, stamps or toothpaste storage from your Costco multipack, it’s hero time.

 “Either check the third cube in the dining room storage or if not, then the basement in that tub on the shelf by the water softener… Why? Whatcha got going on?”  Commend and Recommend. I’m that guy.

Even the constantly revolving around the fridge ketchup bottle.

“Check the door, dear…… No, the other door.”

I can weirdly name off music artists, songs, actors and movies in ways that I wish I could say, “I’ll take kajagoogoo for a thousand, Alex.”

However if I go to some event thing whether work or personal, I’m always glad I have someone to lean in to and say, “See that chick right there in the purple dress…I know I know her from somewhere. What’s her name, I give up.”

Then it’s like, oh yeah, that’s right. You know, like if I don’t see them at least five times a month for a while, I can’t remember where I know them. Or their name. Or both.

So I get it. It’s hard to be a diamond in every rhinestone world. I appreciate being the dewey decimal library of the house. I appreciate having good colleagues, family, friends and spouse to help me out of a jam when I see someone for the second time in a year ever or twenty years ago.

We all are heroes somehow, need a purpose that’s appreciated and read stuff like this because it’s validating to find a connectedness to another person’s stories that you can relate to.

That’s why if you’re the small handful of people who may be reading something of mine for a second time or more, I hope you did. My stories are random and I hope unpredictable. It’s because I’m genuinely, curiously and therapeutically writing things I think about and would actually discuss face to face with another person that would in return have a fun interactive conversation with me. Either friends, colleagues, family or in some cases, all the above.

What I find is I think there’s more people out there that can relate and might like thinking about that because they might not have thought about it that way before. Or, have it trigger their opinion that may be similar but with another funny perspective or, my favorite, the ones that are totally different but trigger a whole new vantage point I hadn’t thought of before. Those are my favorite!

So why not marry the two? When work offers you 9 sessions with a life coach to help you because they think your balanced health is worth the investment, well…you quit making fun of life coaches I guess.

You know what? I’m a believer. It’s like better than counseling, it’s counseling with professional strategy as well. Who doesn’t want that confidential confidant with accountability?

Point is, I committed to start writing. For myself. Not for a profit or a paycheck or someone else. For me. And the more disciplined I get, the closer I’ll get to that novel. Even if no one cares. Or reads it.

I accomplished it. And If people enjoy the stories and I somehow get to write for a career from anywhere, anytime… then bonus. And if not, it’s ok. I’m happy regardless but need to remember who I am. During my quick sessions, the most random thing happened. And hasn’t since.

My grandma mailed me a Thinking Of You Card and in it, was an original photo of me circa 1983-84? On the back, she freshly wrote, “Take care of my little girl”

Heather as a seven or eight year old baton twirler

I hadn’t thought of it that way. Wow. We really are just a bunch of little kids with many years of experience. Good or bad. It reminds me of the Haribo Gummy Bears commercial. They nailed it. Our conversations as adults just happened to go more in-depth with our stories instead of discussing a candy I still eat today. We may be more cussified and grown up in discussions, but our opinions none the less are still just from kids who’ve been around a lot longer. I may be 43 but I can jump right back to that time in this photo. And the feeling.

I was seven, maybe eight, in my prime of baton twirling love. Pure joyful, crooked teeth smile of loving a great baton performance. I ate what I wanted, I was full of hope in the world, I loved my country, my family was united, no one was going to break into my house, steal my things, give me a one-star review or tackle me on the trail.

She’s still there, grandma. I’ll take care of her. I just forget sometimes. I’ll be nicer. And do more of what I actually love to do for no reason other than my own. Hence this random story into a story of a story that started with memorization.

So now what? I’ll start by writing what I would say out loud to anyone who wants to listen.

I try to talk about things that other people have agreed with in one way or another.

I’m not a “niche” blogger. I’m a “me” writer.

I like stories. Conversations. Pointless humor. Commentary and interpretations about greatly made shows, music or art. You never know where conversations will go unless you start something that is compelling.

I want new perspectives and validation that this helps others, too. I am not use to doing something for myself. This time alone makes me feel selfish. I do better when what I do helps someone else, even if it’s only one. So I do have hopes that someone else reads this, but I’m not worried about anything past that. It’s a bonus.

Since I have my own place online to write (which I am grateful for colleagues who helped me design it) it’s supposed to be more about that than gaining followers who relate. If there are people out there who relate, no matter one or a million, at least I can say this effort doubled in ROI due to accomplishing my own goals and helping another person relate with a connected emotion.

Thanks for reading!


PS Disclaimer Part Duex:

Also – Occasionally I may write about some politics, but I promise you it’s coming from a desire for peace and compromise. Regardless of where your education of either side was gained from, I won’t deny that I do support and honor our president and as a business minded person, I totally see his strategy for world peace and American freedom. Although I don’t want him to criticize others harshly because if fuels attention in different ways depending on which perspective you want, I know we as a public are only seeing the tip of the iceberg of how badly the other side behaves as Blake Shelton says, “who are you when I’m not lookin’?”

We need to let his office do their work and realize it is not a social issue, it’s global politics for a larger vision of our future. Help the dude out, he’s right about that and not worried about America’s HR department. This is apples and oranges.

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