If America was a Company

By July 12, 2019 November 23rd, 2019 Food for thought

I am so over politics.  I don’t even want to call it that anymore. It’s no longer politics or bipartisanship anyway. So for this story, I am going to use the analogy that our wonderful country is actually a company. We as Americans whether working, stay at home parenting, student, retired, volunteering – however you contribute(d) to the economy and progress of this country – are the employees.

Then in business terms, our House would be like different department leaders meeting at the table to make big decisions for the company. Regardless of where you would sit at the table as an elected representative, you better be savvy enough to see the forest through the trees. The cause and effect ideology of what decisions affect the masses of your workforce, short or long term, is on you – not for you. These people are paid by the employees to look out for them and make the company the best it can be. Currently, I don’t think that is the case currently so we employees need to start thinking of ways to fix it for the majority of all of us.  

I don’t agree with pushing major government structural changes without any vision/education/understanding of how badly it would hurt every employee – if not totally end the company via bankruptcy and/or anarchy when there is clear factual evidence to support it. You can’t suggest shifting an entire culture into new laws and easier than turn a cruise ship 180 degrees overnight.

As paid, free health plan executives we elected to speak for us, picture them having full access to millions upon millions of our company profits to spend purposely to hire lawyers and stop production so they can fire your CEO and move forward with their plans he rejected because of his ability to see the long-term effects of them.  

Their strategy for the company are short-sighted, they’re upset that the boss won’t let them do any of them, so rather than find a better solution to pitch him that could be a compromise, they instead use more company money to fund unfounded accusations that do nothing more than create headline diversion and noise that makes this weird, hyperintense divide of our citizens, aka employees, get to an all-time high. Bye-bye patriotic culture, bye-bye. NO.  

In my career, I have disagreed with leaders at the table, and they disagreed with me. We always try to find a compromise. That’s why you are supposed to have so many different views at a table so every vantage point is realized. Could you imagine taking money from your company to hire someone to investigate your boss and while it’s in progress, you go to every media friend you can find and publicly insubordinate him, his character, his family and his values… the craziest part? They then show up for work every day!?

What. The. Heck.

When you stop, breathe and observe what’s happening right now, you have to realize the majority of us, regardless of party affiliation, love our country company and do not want to leave and work somewhere else. I like working at the ole red white and blue, personally.

This far, far liberal socialist left is the minority of our company. Yet they make the most noise and distractions that would make the average dem joe think they’re a bigger deal than that. They also push wacky operational proposals by hiding them behind false HR issues they accuse the other department of believing.

I’m a marketing writer, so I know you can take something and twist it up to persuade others. I call it polishing a turd. I use that method when I have to deliver negative news but would really like to keep others motivated and still willing to look for new solutions.

It’s ethically questionable when you have a personal agenda that doesn’t benefit the majority that makes polishing turds the very wrong tactic. If you twist it so far out there that its simply not true, or create puffery, false promises, and exaggerations to try and convince others lacking all the information to agree – well, that is deceptive and plain wrong. You should be dismissed. Period.

In retail, you could get sued and lose your company. I mean, Red Bull was forced to change their tagline, ‘Red Bull gives you Wings’ to ‘Red Bull gives you Wiings’ and add a disclaimer to the cartoon that Red Bull will not give you wings.

Cause you know, someone might assume it’s true – drink a can and jump into the Grand Canyon.

You can polish a turd, find a silver lining, etc. but don’t lie or hurt people.

Yet here we are. That’s our workplace currently. It’s all we hear about, and it’s not only deceptive, but it’s also insubordination of our CEO. It’s forcing normally regular, happy go lucky workers to constantly watch Hollywood, politicians, and people with access to mass communication platforms continue to incite an ever-growing hatred of being Americans.  They’re not only tearing down every win our company has had on the global work front, but going into emotional plights against our military, servant forces, flag, culture, language, and overall success of earning the title, living the American dream.

I don’t understand how we can be grouped together as a company full of bad, racist, aggressive workers when our history proves as a team we have honored the rules of engagement globally to help more people in the world gain the freedom we have, too.

I was raised to believe that we honor and respect our chosen president, our flag, our faith, our freedom, and our safety.

Yep. America is a business. An infinite business.

Right now we are continuing to fight about HR issues, like health benefits, employee conduct, and onboarding new hires. Meanwhile, our CEO’s job is to focus on the global picture. Negotiating our company’s future as the leader of the free world. He has to make sure we have fair deals, take care of our employees and their families and ensure we all achieve a stable, secure livelihood.

He’s supposed to trust his leadership team to take care of the projects and details that support the big picture and allows us all to work together for the same goal. I do not understand how when most of us – no matter in the republican department or the democrat department cannot agree with this and together, ignore them so they quit feeding the media frenzy with our time.

What would happen if your company’s middle management had formed a subgroup who decided to publicly, and blatantly criticize our CEO with unfounded accusations, character defamation all the while collecting their full paycheck and benefits?  Plus, add to that analogy that there are departments within the company (aka cities) where these insubordinate managers live, and have local authority to implement their ideas without the CEO’s approval. Yet they don’t have to have accountability for all the issues their cities face with poverty and crime.

Say you’re the manager of a department called San Francisco. How could you see the facts of what your department (like many others in your subgroups) looks like today and have any power left? How could anyone at the table still take your ideas of how the company should be run seriously?

If that were my manager, I would totally transfer departments to a better American city.

I’ll keep going with the analogy.

Imagine you go to work and have a newly elected CEO, yet middle management won’t quit undercutting him because he wasn’t the interviewee they liked better. They keep demanding that they want raises and cheaper taxes and cheaper healthcare but aren’t willing to do the work to figure out a majority solution to how everyone can have that yet still keep the company profitable. They just want it, they don’t want to build a strategic plan on how to get it without breaking the budget.

They’d rather fight in the boardrooms and sabotage each other when no one is looking. They propose their own agenda and the supporters of the president, aka loyal employees, are being driven to aggravated insanity over the lack of accountability to the media who are providing the viral fire of opinions and editorials as fact. Why? Is it for future promises of advancement in their careers to play along? Toxic employees with no accountability and our media communications have turned into a marketing division with creative writers.

Where I’ve worked, that type of behavior would call for immediate dismissal. Clean out your desk and never come back. I remember a boss fired almost an entire department because he no longer trusted them.

Think about how much of our budget they blew without our permission for all these bogus investigations. I was always told if you don’t like your boss, you leave and find a new boss. Find another company that supports your beliefs, vision and the benefits you like.

For example, if you agree with these ideas of our current insubordinate employees, then I suggest you find a company that will withhold 90% of your earnings to share with non-salaried employees. Your withholdings will go to the new employees who don’t need a security badge or clearance to enter your office campus any time they wish. I don’t think there’s a company like that around here, but you could go to Paris or Venezuela or somewhere now and experience it. That’s what this management team wants for us someday. If they could just get that CEO fired.

Our new CEO is trying to take his time to learn the new job, He’s got more than 300 million employees and libraries full of laws to learn, not to mention all the Area 51 secrets and conspiracies confirmed to digest. He has to push forward with his vision to turn the company back into the black so he can give everyone raises and better healthcare. He also doesn’t want paid for it. He just loves this company as much as we do. And knows how business works.

He’s basically saying to us, ‘look guys I gotta fix some big global deals to make our finances stronger. I’ll get to HR as soon as I can. Until then, carry on as is. Our laws need a lot of work and I’ll get to them. Well, when I’m not defending myself 24/7’

Maybe we should reconsider 4-year terms to 5-year terms so that people get the groove. I always produced short and long term wins, but I admit it takes 3-4 years to really get good as a position in the company.

Thanks to media, most American CEOs get about 6 months into the job before the primaries and chaos starts all over again. It takes at least 3 years to fight the board room for some respect and then it’s re-election stress.

That means we pretty much get about 1-2 solid years of actual work from our CEO from two-terms before the next CEO comes in. And it starts again.

All this constant chaos is holding us back from moving forward on our American strategic plan. The ironic part of this mass company takeover attempt is the list of demands that comes along with it, too. 

We all agree that we want opportunities to advance in our careers. We want to fight against the pharma lobbyist empire to improve our healthcare system.  We want our national budget out of the red, better roads, higher pay for teachers, cops, soldiers, firefighters, EMS, social workers, basically any public servant hard job. We want to feel safe within our country and not worry about criminals and terrorists coming into it. We want our kids to have a normal life without being helicoptered over because of all the bad people out there wanting to take them into the sex trades.

How will we ever achieve any of that vision at this rate? We’re allowing deceptive, uneducated employees to sabotage our own company and livelihood when we have access to absolute solid facts that would justify why they’re wrong. Yet we sit here and just keep watching our paid leadership teams in courtrooms argue against disgruntled excommunicated staff that were proven to have acted previously in deceptive ways that hurt the business. We let them spread their virus throughout the workforce and misinform people who try to take it to the streets on their behalf. It’s like an unemployment hearing of horrible bosses gone even worse.

The whole world is watching us, too. Laughing, doubting our strength, doubting our influence, doubting our capabilities. I want someone to stop attacking our president long enough to explain how airing dysfunctional, disrespectful displays of our company leader leverages any of the work he’s trying to accomplish on a global business front.  

Nope. Let’s just fight in front of every company in the world and keep the whole our entire company off task, unproductive and missing the target goals that this freedom was earned for us to experience and maintain.

This is my attempt at doing something for our company to make it better. I have the power of words, maybe this will inspire my fellow coworkers with other superpowers than writing to bring their solutions to work, too.

It took Thomas Edison 1,000 tries to make a light bulb work. He said he never failed, he just learned 1,000 ways that will not make a light bulb work.  

So here’s my compromise ideas with a few of our company’s free or earned services that are funded or should be funded by our tax dollars.

I have no pro-forma or scope of research studies to back these ideas up, but I hope they would at least spark an interest in using the money you can save by using DC paid manpower to continually investigate our president. He’s got a business to run.

If you think I’m wrong and it’s not worth investigating, tell me why so I can figure it out and try again. You have to try, right? I’m sure there’s more behind the scenes with leadership than I realize, but if these ideas can help MAGA, here’s a hopin’ to speed up the recovery timeline. Something’s gotta give before we become Sears. Or Toys R Us. Or Blockbuster.

I am tired of living in a hostile working environment called America divided.

If I could speak to our CEO of America and influence some changes for our HR department, here they are.

Breaking the Entitlement Mentality – 8 Ideas to Research Profitability and Effectiveness of MAGA

  1. Unemployment. Just work. America needs you. Millennial’s need you.

What if after a certain period of time, you had to take a job. Any job. And your unemployment would pay the difference in the wage discrepancy until you either find the right one or move up in the one you’ve got.

Rationale: Everywhere I go that has retail attractions – strip malls, malls, restaurants, uptowns, downtowns – there are “now hiring” or “Help Wanted” signs in the windows.

You know, the jobs that probably pay $10-14 per hr and no one really wants but everyone wishes they had great people so the experience is good since we all shop/eat/visit there. I’m not above doing the hard work, and no office boss should be either.

Usually it’s teens, college students, semi-retired or people making an effort to work. If you get laid off or let go from a corporate job that pays well, you won’t even consider a labor job that pays half or less, but what if you did and instead of unemployment paying you to sit around and search for a job worthy of what you were making before, they paid you the difference to get back out there regardless of the pay?

I realize that unemployment is way low, like 3.9%, but that’s about 6.5 million adults. If you are getting unemployment payout, as long as you meet the requirements of job hunting and interviews, you can turn down a job if it isn’t equivalent to what you lost.

Idea – What if unemployment had a cap of time of like 30-60 days to find your equivalent, and if you can’t – just get a job. Any job. You’d still be encouraged to look for a job that is more like the one you lost but at least this way you are working. Unemployment can then pay the difference gap of lost wage. Think of the billions we could save while lifting up the service industry standards with seasoned career experiences.  

1.            I think we would save billions in Unemployment payout benefits

2.            People would learn the hard work jobs that no one wants

3.            They’re more experienced and can bring new perspective and leadership to the cheaper jobs to make them more enjoyable or efficient.

4.            They can mentor and teach current workers there how to advance

5.            They can make the experience of a low wage business better for customers with their expertise. If they’re good, they’ll move up fast.

Testimonial: I may be considered an executive now, but the most rewarding, memorable and leadership growth I ever received to be ready for my role today was built on my experiences as a waitress, security officer, corn detassler, country club manager and the most – a state employee for a juvenile detention facility. Those careers molded me into the leadership position I have today and I am proud of the journey. We need leaders in every business, no matter the labor.  

Keeps you humble, too.

2.            Welfare. What if we amended the structure of it to be a hand up, not a hand out.

Rationale:  Many (enter statistics here) welfare recipients are 2nd, 3rd, even 4th generation lifers of the system. Others may be new to the country and needing immediate assistance with getting set up on the basics – shelter, food and medical. People dealing with a major life change and hit some rough patches.

We know welfare is a needed program, there truly are Americans who have had a bad stretch of events and it’s comforting to know there is a solution, albeit a band aid. However, it’s the abuse side of it where it’s perceived as a deserved benefit and not a crutch when you need it. For those who grow up on it, they may not realize where the funding comes from- deductions from your fellow coworkers’ paychecks.

Idea: Short term (3 months) bursts of welfare benefits are provided to qualified families in time of critical need. Whatever it may be or repetitive – women and children leaving domestic abuse, job loss, disaster, etc etc. Basically, bad crap still happens. We get it.

If after three months the need is still there, or it will be a longer-term requirement, you are required to give back to your community a minimum of 10 hours per week, suited to your abilities of course.

How do you give back to help the company while your getting better? Volunteer at a recognized 501C3 who can validate your time. Read to children. Read to seniors. (background checks, I know, but…think of the impact for nursing homes and daycares)

Clean parks. Join support groups. Clean anywhere public. Get your GED, College, etc. Attend a specialty training school.

That way, even if you have the lifers, you are requiring them to better themselves, better their community and experience the impact of helping others besides yourself.

Think of it as paying people to get off the couch and be a better American. Imagine if every adult on welfare helped us clean up and lift up our country by 40 (even 20!) hours a month.

We could build a new sense of belonging. Mutual respect begins only after self-respect is realized. 

Testimonial: As a young, single mother I had to wait until I was 18 or an emancipated minor to receive any support. I then was able to leave my awkward family situation to get an income-based apartment in the shady part of town to raise my daughter and go to community college. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and we just got by. It was very appreciated. It kept us afloat until I was able to find a job that was more than welfare after paying new expenses to go to work, like daycare, which was also tough. Our company saved me from needing to put myself back into domestic abuse to score a box of diapers to get me through the end of the month and not ask my mom again.
Within 3 years I had enough education (didn’t graduate) and work experience to get independent of the system. I’m fairly certain I’ve repaid it in full and then some, but that’s the goal.

I’ll never forget the value of welfare. It’s not a career, but it happens.  I got my self esteem back with those select college professors who saw me, the discounted rent, free daycare, Healthcare, formula and food stamps each trickled off one by one over three years. It took me that long to focus on any job instead. Sure- I still ate on WIC cereal, milk and monthly peanut butter – but I needed more formula than WIC provided and diapers so I rationed my stamps, man. CoCo Pebbles and goulash were a luxury. 

Perhaps this type of structure for this program would also increase to assist those dealing with long term health or caring for that person. Bouts of mental illness that require more intervention. Who knows what the possibilities are.

3.         Veterans – Repurpose the purpose 

Rationale: A significant amount of homeless, drug addictions, poverty, mental health – I can keep going- are happening to our veterans. We also invest in private hospitals, clinics, equipment, labs, surgeons, nurses, doctors to work in VA’s. These fully staffed VAs are located in the same towns with existing hospitals, so we’ve doubled down on overhead while dividing the company care.

Both are fully staffed and the private ones are charging up the bleep bleep to insured Americans in my opinion to offset the pay discrepancy our for Medicaid and medicare.

Idea: What if we made an American Veteran Insurance company that was structured based on their terms of service? What if we did a study on VA Hospital costs versus patients receiving the same care at existing medical facilities that already had their overhead covered?

We take every VA hospital in America and repurpose them. All Veteran affairs services we fund could be housed on the main level of the building, so all services are integrated into one, onsite location. All the rooms and levels above can be converted into efficiency apartments for all homeless or downtrodden vets.

Together they can have community meeting spaces, cafeteria and game rooms to invite family for visits and most importantly, create a strong support group of fellow veterans.

Plus, all the staff downstairs (that are employed already but in other buildings throughout the cities) can be right there to check on them, guide them and help serve them back to a better quality of life.

The American Veteran Insurance program can be tiered out based on years of service, active duty, war service, etc. Our troops will know that if they serve in war they receive lifetime full coverage American Vet insurance cards to go to any medical facility they need. You can also include years of service, levels of rank, etc.  Trickle it down to small, tiny minimum premiums/ deductibles so that even if you enlisted and served a couple of years stateside as a National Guard, you’re still way better off than any civilian America plans.

I don’t have the math but would like to. This is probably of all the project ideas here, is the most I am passionate about working on.  I feel this would be a huge savings across the board, it would reduce veteran abuse, mental health and homelessness issues and quickly improve the quality of medical care our Vets deserve.

Testimonial: My father served in Vietnam. He became a business owner and is retired. He relies on VAs for his care. It’s been subpar at best, and painful. Sometimes waiting weeks to receive an appt. He once was helping a poor family repair their roof in rural WV. (He’s always on mission trips)

He slid off and broke his leg. After a two-hour drive to the nearest VA hospital, they didn’t have a qualified person on staff or the right machinery to repair the break. They sent him on the three-hour trek to one that did. Think of how many hospitals he passed to get to that one.

After more than 8 hours of travel and waiting for service, he had the painful break repaired in the most basic technology possible.

Don’t even get me started about his knee replacement.

If we consolidate care so all doctors can collaborate, VA and Regular together. Rising tides lift all ships.

The hospitals will need the best of the best meaning every authentic nurse and doctor giving to their passion of our veterans have the same screening and pay – we make hospitals top-notch for every employee.

3.         Medicaid. Another important solution that needs a tweak.

Rationale: Medicaid/Medicare helps insure those that cannot afford medical. For the patient, it’s free. For the overpriced medical field, it’s probably at fair market value or at cost reimbursement (60-70%?). Privatized practices are shunning or referring away Medicaid patients to public health care thus making ERs or clinics the go-to, and prices keep going up to cover discrepancies. Our costs are at an all-time high and more and more allergies, cancers and diseases keep popping up.

Patients don’t have any cost, and (insert stat here) utilize the benefit for any inconvenient cold or cough or evaluation. Or, on the senior side, don’t use it enough because of the cost and misses prevention time when they are sick.

Why wouldn’t you?

Sadly, I’ve had hospital staff across varies cities say similar things about late night waiting rooms being a family go to for the kids and young families with regular attendance. Some bring McDonalds. It’s a warm safe place with a TV.

Idea: What if Medicaid users had a $5 co-pay every time they used it. Sure, it doesn’t cover the debt spread of what its’ really costing, but that small nominal fee could help at least re-evaluate the health emergency status, even if it decreases unneeded ER visits by 5-10%, it helps.

It also prepares them for the real world, where anyone with a job that provides healthcare has a minimum of double that co-pay on top of a monthly premium fee.

Testimonial: As a pregnant teen, Medicaid was my only option. I had to be transported more than 45 miles to the larger city hospital that would take me. I couldn’t go to the OB floor, I had to go to the basement with red shag carpet, internship staff and babies screaming everywhere with tired women alone.

During my labor, I was not allowed pain medication and had a natural, 22-hour agonizing birth. (That’ll teach her they thought)

My angel was born with severe jaundice, and they said I wasn’t covered to stay with her. They found me an empty bed three floors up on the cancer ward until someone else needed it. I was 16, alone, 45 miles away and my young divorced parents worked. I was scared of her father. I am fairly sure I wen undiagnosed with post-partum anxiety. I could continue, but you get the point.

Today, you could be entry level or executive and have the same insurance plan. It’s not based on income and they don’t care. It’s going to be $350 a month regardless and if you have kids, $1000 a month for your spouse and kids. You could make $30k a year, and that’s the monthly premium, plus co-pay and a $2,500 deductible for each individual. You could make $100k a year and pay the same. And this is one of the “better” plans, with the company investing more than $1.2M annually in the plan also to alleviate what the premiums would be.

Also – total side note – did you know that a mother under the age of 18 cannot collect food stamps or welfare because of being a minor? Did you know that if a man over 18 impregnates a minor, he is not responsible to pay child support until she is of age? #Truth

4.         Social Security – America’s savings account.  Leave it that way.

Rationale: I don’t know which president decided it was ok to start using the social security funds for America’s expenses, But that’s not right. That’s like a parent dipping into their kid’s savings account and never putting it back in. Abuse of a a GL account  

Idea: We need a plan communicated to our citizens of how we are going to use all the savings of the other revamped plans to reinvest lost funds back into our savings account and a commitment to quit using it.

Short and sweet, put it back and leave it alone. It’s not yours, you simply enforce the collection of it. And get a good interest rate on it  oh, that’s right – you’re Star.  So… 2.25?

6.         Babies. Abortion, Adoption and Birth Control could do with some makeovers. #WeDo

Rationale, abortion: It’s a murky grey place that for some reason we make political. The spectrum of debate is focused on those who say you should be able to choose all the way to delivery if you want, and then there’s the other side that says it should be forbidden regardless. We know that neither far end demand is the right answer.

Idea, abortion: If we aren’t going to be able to win the fight against late term abortion, all we can do is change the behaviors of why you chose it. If an ethical medical professional deems an abortion necessary for reasons of rape, incest, safety of the mother, development issues that will prevent child’s survival or any clinical emotional or mental reason, then leave it between them in the early stages.

If there is no medical reason and it boils down to a mother’s choice to discard the child, I pray that day never. Ever. Comes.
But if we are out voted legitimately by the public majority-  it will be an expensive elected procedure that grows in price each week of procrastination during the first term. Once you hit that point, your choice ends long before the child would be deemed at the term of a survival rate of more than 1% if delivered prematurely. We’ll have to also rename it this procedure and stop calling it an abortion. I recommend rebranding it the Elective Rejection. It differentiates the stigma of health reasons versus personal choice. You’ve elected to reject the baby, cosmetically.

Rationale, adoption: Currently, you must go through a lengthy, committed screening process of 6-9 months to be accepted as an adopter. Everything from psychologists to home inspections and social workers decide if you are fit to raise a child. That’s fine. I think it’s a great way to protect freaks from getting babies. But, that’s just the beginning. You need money. Lots of it. You need a marketing strategy. A designer for your brochure and solicitation of pregnant people viewing your profile. You need armor to protect the roller coaster of timelines that could have you lose the baby at any moment for months afterwards. If you even end up getting the child. And you have to promise to let the biological parents – no matter what state of their life journey they are in – have an active visitation role so that they will always have access to the child their whole life. Yikes  

Wow. Sign. Me. Up.

Fostering kids already removed from dangerous parents is even more emotional, but at least it’s cheaper for the everyday middle America that would love to have kids. Most eligible families discard the thought because you can bond with a child for months or years then return them to their hell hole. And they may already be too broken for your training abilities to parent them.

I think there are many ‘blue collar’ families that would take in a child at any age and adopt them, but there’s so much red tape and heart ache that even if you could afford it, you probably won’t. And if you do, may the best profile picture followed by a creative brochure win.

The biological parents that sign over the babies receive very little of the money currently. I think maybe $1500. What would that be- five or 10%? I’m not saying we should start  selling babies. That’s not the point.

Idea, adoption: It’s that I think it would be more desirable for the pregnant parents who are not ready (whether financial, mental, addiction, age – whatever reason) can receive benefits that improve their quality of life for selflessly choosing to give life to your unborn child via adoption.  If you choose adoption, you could then get free access to therapy, or shelter, or treatment or some hand up service to get you on the right track. Just like if you had kept it and raised it yourself, like I did at 16.
It shows we are also investing in them, too, so maybe in the future, they won’t return to the predicament that led to their utter amazing selflessness be in this position again.  

There’s nothing wrong with that. Right?

I also think there is nothing wrong with the new adoptive parents to have to commit to mandatorily send annual photos of the child along with any written milestone stories to the agency so they can forward them on to the birth parents for address protection on both parties until the child expresses a desire to learn more.

Why? I think it should be the majority option that the new parents don’t have to raise their children in a confused place of mommies if they all agree not to. Just let them be kids.

Note: This doesn’t mean you hide the truth of being adopted! No. I’m not advocating for these kids to experience the mind-blowing Lifetime movie stuff of finding out you spent your whole life thinking you were naturally made into the family and then not. That’s horrible.

All parents can raise amazing people with balanced, healthy, secure family circles simply with the “you didn’t grow in mommy’s belly but you are our baby” story and the child is always allowed to ask the agency to the biological parents at 18 if they are interested. Heck, even sooner if the parents think their teen can handle meeting them at that age.  

Open adoptions can be an option, but shouldn’t be the popular one. I feel like this was brought in to sway more adoptions for reluctant teen moms and not to consider the stress caused through the years when life experiences change people. I’ve seen/heard a lot of horror stories and added issues to the child and the parents who just want to be parents.

Plus, look how many actual friends and families don’t see each other for years, but thanks to Facebook, you see enough pictures and stories to feel like you’ve always been close and caught up.

Extra point: We should find ways to make adoption more affordable than IVF. Income should not dictate whether you can be a parent. I appreciate people who choose adoption even though natural is an option too. Why not.

I am also a supporter of IVF – it should be more affordable, too. With the legit complaints about Planned Parenthood receiving funding for abortions, what if instead, they continued to focus on preventing pregnancy, education and then veer into IVF solutions for the funding and make elective rejections a private funding to off set the IVF costs.  

final final- fund research for the male birth control pill.  Take it every day dude.  

7. Immigration – If you want it, you must own it.

Rationale: We are currently in a “civil” battle at the board room table. Organized people are assisting with the influence of getting thousands. Yes. Thousands of employees of other companies (illegal aliens) to plow though our open southern borders. It’s causing billions of tax dollars of expense, unbelievable conditions for our employees and those trying to break in, abuse, violence – it goes on and on. There’s also no accountability to their entering, if they get through, then they get a paycheck with benefits.

The other side wants to put up barriers to alleviate the exhausted labor force trying to maintain the constant breaches. People our publicly outcrying the need to embrace all of these foreign people and expense any cost to the tax payers – yet with no plan on how to do that or where to find more funds.

Basically, they want to tax more out of current employee paychecks to fund giving these people one of their own without giving back to the company first.

Although it is unfortunate that we have to have walls, we love walls within our own company. We build walls in our backyards, our private businesses and basically anywhere we don’t want people to enter without permission. It’s common practice within our own towns.

Of course, the best answer is to have America be unified in education, mental health, infrastructure and resources for all official citizens so that the increased craving desire of heroin and opioids would just leave. Thanks to big pharma, organized crime, historic political bribing/campaign funding and every other corrupt thing we’ve allows happen for decades – this won’t happen anytime soon.

A physical barrier is at least the first step until we clean it all up. But – since we can spend five billion dollars fighting/distracting why we shouldn’t spend five billion dollars on one, here’s my solution for all the pro-alien infiltration.

Idea: If you are clearanced to enter our country, you are assigned a temporary employment badge and expected to work with the strengths you possess to assist America production, whatever that job may be. You have taxes removed just like everyone else who works here.

You recognize that when you are in a new company, you learn their policies, procedures – you know, their culture and language. That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your individuality or heritage; it means you respect where you are.

If I travel to France or Japan, I would absolutely appreciate if the people there knew English, or drove on the same side of the road, or had the same plumbing I have – but I don’t expect it. It’s France. They speak French and have steering wheels on the passenger side and they have different cuisines. Their government, rules, everything – is different from America. It’s another company.

I’ve been a waitress throughout my life four times. They had different menus, policies, dress codes, cash registers, order systems – and you adapt. You learn it and you follow it while thinking of ways to get even better at it.

You don’t walk into this company, demand a paycheck with full benefits and refuse to learn our language or respect our flag. Could you imagine that happening at your current workplace?

Introducing: American Mentors Program – AMP

If we are going to continue to allow all these foreigners into America, I believe that those celebrities, politicians, advocates and supporters of open borders must be required to assist every new human entering the US with their transition into learning America – past, present and future. If you’re going to live in America, you learn everything about your new home.

It could be an expansion of our current sad state program called foster parenting, which needs a resurge of marketing, investment and structure to help us care for our own American children who are living in tragic situations.

Back to AMP – If your home is not large enough to accommodate an immigrant or an immigrant with a family, then you assist in the program by identifying an affordable home in your neighborhood where they can live.

You commit to one year of mentorship.

Show them where the English class is located, have them at your dinner table, show them around your town, explain the flag and what it means to live in this beautiful, free country. Take them to church, introduce them to your friends, help them apply for a job, make sure they have clothing and hygiene for interviews – basically you serve your country by acclimating our newest members of the workforce.

In exchange for serving your country, you get the whole year federally tax exempt.

What do you think? I have so many ideas, and challenge my fellow coworkers – Americans – to come up with even better ideas than mine. If anything – just research these and see if I’m on to something. Maybe I’m not, but I know the current way is not sustainable. 

I have many more to add to this novel  


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