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Food for thought

4 Ways to Get Through This

This is the most intense period of time I’ve had to live in. In the depths of my heart, breadth of lessons lived and wisdom of eras survived I know one thing to be true. If you believe in what you believe from what you believe to be fueled by a strong, passionate desire to improve the world you are currently viewing on your screen, then we have a common thread. A common bond. An Eva in a Wall-E reality When you can connect on similar goals – meaning we all want our children and grandchildren to grow up in…

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Stop and Go Day

Today I drove to an appt that’s on the other side of the closest city. So it’s a clip but I enjoy her keeping it real with me about working harder on getting healthy. I’ve plateaued recently and have really felt like writing for myself and for work and since I only have so much evening time, I recently began blowing off physical activity for more screen time. Ugh. I digress. She gave me the kick in the butt I needed. In my written plan of numbers, she walks me thru it and says- “Ok, let’s review. One. Count calories…

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Overthinking the Repercussions of Accepting a Status Quo Mindset.

Do I give in or get back up? Chicken or the egg? I’ve really been trying to crack my own code. Get out of my head. Practice the repetition needed to recondition my mind to healthier habits while trying to give up the unhealthy ones. I’m digging deep to find ways to relax, reflect the conundrum of whether I create more problems or simply point out theories of why we accept certain things as, well, acceptable. With or without merit. You know, a little R&R. Rest and Reflect. I figure I may be missing a treadmill here or there, not…

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Confrontation Constipation

We’re afraid to offend the offensive.   It’s like confrontation constipation with a touch of avoidance followed by an uneasy head nod and a forced smile. But that’s not all that happens. That’s just the external indicators that you are internalizing whatever on-no-you-didn’t thing that just happened while you keep it together. That’s ok though, take a moment. Breathe. Contemplating your reaction allows you to process everything happening around you and whether it’s worth a reaction or not. Doing something so that it doesn’t stay inside, festering like gigantic, explosive turd fecal-ing it’s way from your brain to all extremities…

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Finding Free Adrenaline

If I were a stereotypical thrill-seeker, today I went skydiving after work. I accomplished things that gave me an adrenaline rush that kept rolling. It doesn’t change anything, but the rush is fuel for my soul. I conquered some fears that pick up every metaphoric brick I let fall away and put it back where it belongs. I got this. Lol. I almost forgot. Today I cold-called the president of a company to pitch an idea I have to diversify his revenue stream without investing in new machinery. Random, right? I actually wrote the presentation more than two months ago…

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Words of Wisdom from Jessica Lange

If you didn’t already love every beautiful, tormented, multi-layered, strong and sometimes very ill and wretchedly fearsome articulate character portrayed by Jessica Lange, you’re going to love her much more when you read her wisdom playing the greatest role ever – her life story, unscripted. These quotes remind me that to live a life of extraordinary, pretend like Jessica Lange is watching you – and cheering you on. you wouldn’t want to let her down, after all. Here’s just a few gems of honest vulnerability by the queen herself. Enjoy! Acceptance and tolerance and forgiveness, those are life-altering lessons. For…

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7 Ways to Fight Anxiety and Reduce Stress

We don’t talk about anxiety enough. We don’t learn how to identify it, where it comes from or how we internalize it. We can take pills to suppress it, and before I get any further into this story – I fully understand that some people biologically, hormonally – require medication. I’m not trained or schooled in any medical way either. I’ve just taken a lot of pills to try and fix me as a teenager and I’ve required them for anxiety after all three of my children were born. I haven’t taken any since, and I think this is why….

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What I Think About Teen Trick Or Treaters

I’ve heard people talk about older kids trick or treating and they didn’t agree with giving candy to them. I kindly disagree.   Tonight, my 15 and 13-year-old sons are out there, with their friends and a pillowcase loving life right now.   These are good, kind, smart, funny young men who are not playing video games.   They aren’t on their phones or computers.   They’re laughing. They’re running around, respectively.   They’re ordering funny costumes in advance and getting into character.   I learned that you have to teach someone how to apply nail polish if it’s their…

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Destination 40 Vacations are a Must

It all began when we began to approach 40. When Mark was turning 40, we planned a Mexico all-inclusive and invited any couples or singles within our friends and family to join if they wanted, here’s a group link just in case. We were going regardless, but hey, you only turn 40 once. No one was able to make it, but we had the best time together ever. It was also early November, So the place was maybe half full, mostly Canadians and Wisconsin. They were all awesome and great people. We had a free upgrade in suites, restaurant/beach access…

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