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By February 4, 2020 October 29th, 2022 Heather

Since our daughter grew up and moved out, I’ve been the single woman in my home. Meaning I live with my husband, two teenage sons, a challenged male puggle, and a high maintenance female little white dog that doesn’t count because she needs to calm down to qualify as my girl which happens barely often enough to try and help her overcome her type A hole syndrome.

So imagine my surprise when – for the third time since the weekend – I’ve come home to my candles lit. The men in my life are lighting them. Which is new. This is new. Who knew?

Sure, I still appreciate Scentsy – especially the Cinderella scent. Thanks to my daughter, it’s my new favorite.

But I like me some candles. Especially good deals from TJ.Maxx. Yum-mo. And there’s something about dancing flames that smell good in a chill evening with family/friends and possibly a glass of wine or two that supplements the ho-drum nightlight a warmer brings but still exists in my life regardless.

I used to always think ‘pleasant smells and how we achieve them’ must be more of a woman appreciation and not one that males seem to notice or pay attention to.

I accept that. They don’t complain that I want our house to smell like cashmere and a wish that your heart makes. (Cinderella reference for Disney fans) and I don’t mind that I could stop tomorrow and no conversation would originate from him regarding the disappearance of said TJMaxx candles.

So what changed? Why are we all racing to light them and burning candles every night, no longer awaiting the weekend, and requiring this mama bear to plan more trips to TJMaxx because of it?

I found out tonight. I pointed out to stud husband that one of the boys lit my candles again as we rushingly arrived home tonight from visiting our niece, nephew and new sweet baby girl to see the President’s State of the Union address.

He responded with,”No they didn’t. I did.”

“What?! No way!” I said, “Why do you guys light my candles now? It’s the matches, isn’t it?”

“Yep. Love that smell” he said.

Why did I introduce matches, you ask? Well…

I found a cool set of bourbon glasses filled with old matchbook collections from all kinds businesses all over the United States at a thrift store. Someone spent years enjoying travels all over this wonderful country, collecting match books wherever he/she went. I treasure them. I can’t bear to light them!

So I found a clearance pack of three hundred wooden matches from a factory and sold at Walmart for a buck eighty. No harm no foul.

Light’em up.

Now my dudes in our house really like lighting matches and smelling that sweet smell they leave behind.

So if lighting a candle is an excuse for doing a simple joy that is now added to your day, thank you. Thank you for lighting the candles. You see me. You appreciate them. 💕💕💕 🙌🏻

I hope they say a prayer while they do, too. Lighting candles should invoke that.

For me, I recognize that some simple joys can be lost in the name of advanced technology. They did not care when it was a BIC Lighter torch. They Love them to light fire pits in summer, but no bueno in the winter for Sweet Pea scented 3-wicks.

Now, we’ve revived an old tradition our kids value and battle their dad to do. Just like refusing to buy microwave popcorn and instead introducing them to air poppers. They think it’s new because they didn’t grow up with it like we do. They love it. It’s so much better for you, too. Kinda like being patriotic and what not.

Guess I’ll be requiring more trips to TJMaxx. That’s another therapy I now get more of. Thanks nostalgia. Thanks matches. And all for a buck eighty.

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we shall dub them Phischers

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