Ok. So why launch a web company? Better yet, why launch a web company for t-shirts when you have another business idea every other week and a really cush, fun position with the best team anyone could ask for?  ‘Cause you’re welcome.

See, I appreciate a good-hearted, funny t-shirt. The ones that make you laugh out loud or say, “Now that’s funny. I’m ordering that”. But here’s the deal. I like them enough to know from several online purchases after serious research and obviously bogus reviews – most of them are a waste and disappointment. They’re rough, don’t fit right, shrink weird, cracks in the printed piece. No. I am not paying $25 bucks for a well-rated-four-or-five-star-Amazon-fulfilled shirt that arrives and it looks and feels like a 4th grade vacation Bible school shirt that was included in the $15 sign up fee. It’s a toss up.

I want to add another genuine community business to my town who happens to sell to the world online. Who happens to sell a solid, honest and amazingly comfortable shirt (and future apparel) that I myself would wear. That I myself would give to anyone in my life who’s opinion matters to me. My family, my friends, my colleagues (Many happen to be all three!) and then of course there’s  Sally Hogshead,  Oprah, entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuck, Kelsey Webb, and more.

I’d give any of them these shirts because they fit awesome. For many,  I already have.

Another reason is that throughout my career in advertising and business development, I feel I’ve been a part of success stories in dozens of industries across every state and size. I’ve even been able to quarterback teams we constructed that led into new ventures under our corporate belts. But what if I tried to build one truly on the entrepreneur side? No investors, no bosses and no capital or salary? What if someone said, “Oh Hey Heather” and weren’t asking me how to fix it but rather how you enjoyed it? Could I do it? Could I find great partners with equal goals and different talents to make a super team that has a goal to represent a true community of integrity on a virtual zipcode? I want to try.

I have always wanted a place to be able to make fun shirts, fun blogs, and most of all – entertain others who are looking for fun words and enjoy laughing. Alot. Life’s too short not to have fun and feel comfortable at the same time.


Enjoy. And feel free to reach out any time.




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