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The drive, motivation and gratitude that fuels Oh Hey Heather

Each entry is purposely shuffled out of ranking order

Family, Family, Family

I hear so many stories about in-law drama or families that don’t come together after their kids are married. I can’t say enough about the family I gained when I married Mark. And I know he says the same about mine. We are so very fortunate to have everyone be considerate and caring towards each other. Oh – and fun.

Faith, Faith and more Faith.

Reading news and hearing podcasts about the monsters out there hurting other people is so scary and horrific. Advocating to make it stop is a very large passion of mine but I don’t know how anyone could experience the calm peace of knowing that when you “Let Go and Let God” you can exhale. Enjoy every moment with those you love.

Friends, Friends, Friends

Sometimes friends become so close that you forget you’re not family. It’s like they are the family you got to pick out. And they like your family, plus you like their family so it keeps growing. You know they’ll support you in every venture. 

Creating New Traditions 

There’s several throughout this story that show our traditions are anything but traditional. From Luaus for Thanksgiving, creating destination vacations for turning 40 or turning a canoe into a ca-brew – we know how to have a great time without ever losing sight of the reason for the season. 

Bree, Landon and Vance 

My daughter called me the other day and told me a study says more than half of the surveyed parents said they liked their youngest child the best. Since she is my oldest I couldn’t help but laugh. I have no idea how anyone could answer the question. Each child came into our lives at the very right time for the very right reasons and are absolutely amazing in every way. I admit I don’t ever pray for athletes or scholars or even celebrity. I pray my children grow into good people who find true love and give true love. That they stop and smell the roses, dream big, go after their vision and always know their purpose. They are all so perfect to me. 

Love that Lasts

When Y2K was looming, you could’ve told me I’d be in love one day and get married and I wouldn’t believe you. I didn’t want to anyway. Mark Nathen Wirtz is absolute proof that when you meet someone that was meant to be, time will stop. Voices will be silenced. Ears will burn and whistle. Breathing will be intentionally forced. And you’ll live happily ever after. Yes, true love does exist. It may not always be perfect, but it’s always the constant that does not tire. It may sound cliche but I’m officially a believer. And I hope each and every person in this world finds the soul that compliments theirs.

Crystal, Blue Waters and All-Inclusive Resorts

It’s our reward for working so hard. It’s our unplugged moments that remind us of how wonderful the world is and how fortunate we are to afford a fun getaway as annually as we can. 

The sun, water and unlimited cervezas with fresh guac is calling me. I miss it. I dream about the day I can afford to bring family and friends with us. Just like my Wirtz World housing development I want to make. 

Knowing where I’m from – and I love it.

I am proud of growing up in Beech Bottom, West Virginia. I’m more proud to know my heritage that 23 and me confirmed. But more than that, my Grandma Viv is my person. Whatever she has, I feel I have. I’m drawn to her charisma, humor and humble kindness. She’s an undiagnosed child whisperer and the most easy to please person I know. Many of her stories stay with me today and still teach me lessons.

I wish everyone could know her.

We moved to Ohio

Selling a house you love is scary. Moving your family three states over is scary. Your daughter and grandson hanging back instead is saddening. Not necessarily having two incomes or a plan is risky. Reconnecting with the other half of the family is exciting. And landing here with all the new friends is validating. So here we are. Grateful we followed our intuition. We also realized that once you uproot yourself, floating is kinda the new thing. 

Hall Reunions Happen 

I have a cousin Bill who sets up every Hall Reunion each year. I’m now 2.5 hours from them. I love traveling up on Rabbit Hill Road in Wellsburg, West Virginia and seeing all of the family I missed out on for more than two decades. Such wonderfully good people. I’m dedicating many shirt ideas to my Mountaineers. 


We have so much fun floating down the streams with canoes, coolers and a day of relaxation. I highly recommend you get a canoe or two or twenty two and float for 4-5 hours. You won’t regret it.

Having fantastic genes

Have you checked out my mom and aunt and their mom? Wow. They’re pretty smokin’

Taking care of those genes

Just because you come from a long line of gorgeous, strong women doesn’t mean you should neglect all those fun cosmetics and cleansers that warrant some facial Fridays and a great Cabernet 

We love the Smokys! (No “E”)

For as strong as the waves call me, the mountain views from a cabin high up in the Preserve Resort on Wears Valley Road is just as strong if not stronger. 

We’ve lost count of how many times we’ve gone but it’s exceeded a dozen and will double by retirement. What’s more fun is taking Mark’s Harley and exploring all the twists and turns like the Dragon Tail. It’s even more memorable when you have your family with you. 

Oh, brother!

I have a lot of brothers now. Two biologically and four more thanks to Mark. We both grew up with brothers. Now I have a lot of sisters too because they all married well. 

Hello Forty

One by one, we’ve all hit the big 4-0 and each one was worth celebrating. Mexico, Mexico, another Mexico and stateside weekend getaways – we all embraced it with smiles. I can’t wait to see what fifty brings! 

I’ve learned how to bake. Kinda. 

Every year we have a baking day and it comes with wine and all the guys going away for chili and beers. Awww….those traditions. We make so many people smile when we deliver our baked gifts. 

Columbus Blue Jackets are pretty cool. 

Yes, I grew up a fan of anything Pittsburgh and still wish them well but I live in Blue Jacket land and really do hope they win. And I married a Cardinal fan so it all fits. Whoa Oh Oh, uh Oh Oh Oh O Whoa oh O

I’m a grandma…Holla!!!! 

I love my Kayden Clarence as if he were my own. I had no idea a grandchild could touch your heart so deeply and truly. He’s such a sweet boy. He’s a genius too! He inherited his mom and uncles’ wit and smarts. I can’t begin to understand how he engineers the machines, legos and electronics. His focus is amazing. It’s funny how someone like me who can talk and talk and talk is speechless when trying to describe the feelings you have for the children in your heart. 

Adam Hall is my Brother

I mentioned I have a lot of brothers. They are all successful in so many ways. I want to throw some love at one in particular (because he actually calls me on the regular….hint hint) 

He is the Adam Hall. He is a landscape artist in high demand. I believe it’s because his realism with oil paint is surreal and he’s actually a genuine, humble person. (It’s in our genes) and I truly admire all he has accomplished and what is ahead for him and his adorably lovely family. Check out his work here:  Adam Hall Art

Work Experience

I’m thankful that over the years I’ve had great and horrible jobs to teach me every way to be and every way not to be and somehow retain countless principles.

From waitressing to corn detassling to being trusted to build teams and start new departments or companies.. there’s excellent learning within all of them. To everyone out there working, serving and learning – thank you. You are helping us make the world a better place, regardless of position.



marketing and working career

Mark’s Big Decks

My husband is a fantastic builder, remodeler and creator of things. (Just like my Dad) who doesn’t think he should start his own company making other people’s entertainment spaces look phenomenal? 


Me! This girl! Do it! 

Beautiful Daughter 



Can I just say….Wow. Like, that’s my daughter. 






I love their stories (no matter how large the tale) and learning. I am so thankful to have grandparents. I dream of a world where are historic treasures are a priority and cared for. Being old is scary enough. I’m not afraid of getting old and getting closer to the next place – I’m scared of being all alone in a square box looking out a window at a bird feeder and never seeing anyone I love. Oh, and losing everything I ever worked for cause my cell cost four grand a month. 

What kind of life is that? Ain’t gonna happen to my family. I am driven to make a Wirtz World community of friends and family where we all live in the same stretch of land, community gathering area, pool and golf carts to go in between each others’ homes to visit and check in on our independent and loved seniors. 

I’m doing it.

Best Biker I Know. 

There’s nothing more relaxing than snuggling up to my guy and taking in the fresh air, music and awesome scenery. When roads get crazy and full of twists and turns, it’s alot easier to get through them together. 


He’s all mine ladies. 

Pastor Barry

I may not get to meet Maya, Dalai, Mom Theresa or any other kind, humble thought provoking teacher but I get to know Pastor Barry so it’s pretty much the same thing. 


And thanks to him I feel my chances of getting to meet our maker some day is WAY better odds than before. 

Chuck Norris

I’ve always thought we are fortunate to have Chuck Norris in our lives but I have to find out who reinvented him to the level he is now. I must meet this PR genius. Whoever it was, should help him run for office too. And help Mr. Trump reinvent his so our country can calm down and work together. We’ll never accomplish world peace if we can’t even quit fighting with neighbors. 


My Dad. Bad A%%

Speaking of Chuck Norris, check out my Dad’s picture serving in Vietnam for our country. Pretty cool considering he’s like the kindest giver of time and energy I know. He’s always helping someone fix something – whether at his church or in another country.

Oh, and there’s no resemblance. ha.

Testing Myself and My Brand

I have to do it. I’ve spent my entire amazing career earning my way by teaching and helping businesses with their overall strategy and plans. I thought. I have to do this for myself and experience my empathy first hand. Can I do it? Can we do it? I think so.

So rather than jump into one of my dozens of entertaining/conversational business ideas, I wanted one that was a bootstrap effort into my personal brand. Every part of Oh Hey Heather is a part of me. No chameleonizing to fit your audience. Quite to the contrary, it’s the opposite.. It’s what I recommend and talk about – I’m going to be the real me and sell things I wear myself while enjoying content creation on my own social media and website (With support/partnership from some great friends and family of course)

So here’s “Oh, Hey…Heather….” It must have a ring to it or else I wouldn’t hear it so much. This is what it stands for.

More will continue to add. I got hundreds of things.

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