Shameless Season 8 Episode 10

By September 22, 2018 Food for thought

This episode tells all. 1. She didn’t have to show her boobs. 2. She’s watched all her children grow up in their special shameless grown yet awesome gift of success.

Lip the Mind. Ian the Gift. Carl the Domesticated crazy trust fund girl hubby. Debbie the hard working bad ass hot welder looking for any way to pay for school. Liam, learning a cleaner hustle than they did with Frank. And it keeps him busy.

3. This episode made me tear up three times, laugh a couple and feel heartfelt authenticity the whole time.

4. It has an awesome Fiona and V chat on the stairs. Endearing BFFs catching up.


I haven’t felt this much feels since the episode of Monica at Thanksgiving.

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