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Dems Da Rules.

In an effort to help others in public spaces of town avoid any embarrassing confrontations or misunderstandings, you gotta know the rules of your environment. Many places have different rules, which could become confusing. Here they are,  simplified, by where you may be and during what time.   Worker Rules Your boss is not required to disclose a possible exposure unless there’s a positive test to confirm the ill person has Corona. You won’t be considered at risk for exposure to the infected individual unless you were within their 6-foot social distance bubble for more than 15 minutes and did not wear a mask. This also would have had to occur during the 48 hours prior to the individual showing…
August 5, 2020
Pandemic Thoughts

Stranded or Strange, Deep Thoughts During the Daily Commute

I had a few thoughts on my commute in to work today. I first realized that I should appreciate the lighter traffic and open roads. Similar to the time I got stranded in the Detroit Airport by myself and just took it all in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgZwvvfvgVM This was me, back in my previous life of traveling, alot. I then thought, you know what, that Stan Lee is quite the foreshadowing king. This is probably what the five year timeline they had between End Game 1 and End Game 2 felt like when half the people disappeared. One day, everyone is gonna come back outside again and fill up the world. Until then, I'll take it all in. Then I started to…
May 5, 2020