Dancing with Our Stars – The Clear Winners Are…. These Guys

By October 20, 2019 Food for thought

Remember those friends of ours I mentioned in the Desitination40 story?

Well, here’s a good reason why my Mark and I agree they’re our people. Why their best friends I hope all grown-up, lifelong #NoRegerts married couples seek in life to be their people. A mirror couple to be BFF’s with. Cause you have similar foundations.

We had quite a few of these gem couples in Iowa. We’re grateful to be related to quite a few. They exist here, too. Here’s a story about one of those couples. AKA golden rule couples

Golden rule couples aren’t common like having beer on tap. They’re more like $5 PBR pitchers. Every town has them, but you have to network to find the good deals.

See, if you were to analyze our common psychographic data indicators throughout our digital footprints to find out why we would work as a target demographic for experience marketers to develop as a desired new market segment – I would tell you why right here. But not during this story.

Why some couples can be happily, devotionally married and extremely satisfied on the NPS rating of a 9 or higher, could be explained right here. That’s another story.

Thanks to my Google insights on return readers and a bounce rate time that translates into reading approximately 1200 words before exiting, I better get to the whole freaking point of this story – NOW. So those side tangents will be another day.

Here’s the Story and Why I think we should help them gain the free vote – the favorite vote.

Our current town has near 30,000 people. Less than half of those are from the original families. These two are born and raised, are and were legit high school sweethearts (the termed phrase). The county around this hub is about 60,000.

In the mid 90’s they married after graduating because he was enlisting in the Navy. They newlywedded their way to Jacksonville, Florida, and figured out how adulting worked.

He became a rescue swimmer for the Navy. Now they’re back home with two awesome kids, families and two awesome best friends, with countless other awesome friends.

He’s the sales manager for a Chrysler dealer and she heads up the consumer lending division of a really cool bank.

So, of course, they were top candidates to ask for a county-wide Dancing with the Stars event to raise money for reopening a classic theater in town that’s sat empty for years.

Fundraising to restore old buildings in old downtown revitalization projects is fairly common these days. It’s happening in suburbs that are rebounding from the economic growth across the nation these past couple years.

When looking at the chosen couples, they aren’t the elected officials, cool principals, or wealthy car dealers.

They’re the rare dark horse in this competition. As a friend who understands the stakes, the way they feel about stepping out of a desk chair and into a dance role, and this whole situation of fundraising for your own votes… can be daunting to add into your schedule.

I know that this project is way more than they ever bargained for, but like us, they’re in it now.

So if you’re gonna do it, do it right.

We needed to get real with differentiating who they are versus just another contestant in pink shirts with jazz hands.

They’re giving it their all. It’s the principle of hard work and reputation, not money or fame. Their campaign needed to reflect that.

They’re the demo everyone strives to be. And it ain’t easy. Yet they continue to emulate what being a team means.

They have to practice with a choreographer weekly, promote themselves, practice daily, choose music, what costumes to wear while facing 5 other public couples in front of their county-wide audience.

I can’t believe how many bruises they’ve gained as well as muscle conditioning.

No problem. They will deliver.

They’ve decided to be themselves. That’s it. Everything else will happen as it should.

This isn’t about the biggest checkbook, but the biggest audience support.

They may not get the most votes. Yet this is their time to share the message of #TeamWood – reflecting their naturally hilarious and real personalities.

They’re sharing their story for everyone who’s on board as being the same fun couples – or the special singles out there who deserve to find their best partner on the floor of life.

Its the motto – We do what we’ve always done. Be who we are, have a lot of laughs, and know at the end of the day, we were who we are and won the heart of that audience by fearlessly being us. We hope every dancer earns ten times the votes we get, because that means more money for the theater. We want to win the heart.

That’s the #TeamWood way.

That’s what got them here today. Out of thousands of couples around here, they stood out to ask to dance.

So just like Shawn jumped out of helicopters in storms over open water to dive and save crewmen, he blindly jumped into this competition to save something great.

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