Destination 40 Vacations are a Must

By October 20, 2019 Food for thought

It all began when we began to approach 40. When Mark was turning 40, we planned a Mexico all-inclusive and invited any couples or singles within our friends and family to join if they wanted, here’s a group link just in case.

We were going regardless, but hey, you only turn 40 once.

No one was able to make it, but we had the best time together ever. It was also early November, So the place was maybe half full, mostly Canadians and Wisconsin. They were all awesome and great people.

We had a free upgrade in suites, restaurant/beach access and premium shelf status! Couldn’t beat it. Every day was a clear, sunny 85-90 degrees. Ahhhhh….I want to go baaaaaack.

So when my 40 came rolling around, we sent out the invite again. My daughter and her boyfriend sign up from Iowa and our best friend couple signed up, with the agreeance that we will for theirs, too, which are coming before we knew it. Both of theirs have come and gone, too, and they were great trips, and we’ve even included our kids because they entertain themselves and get along, too.

Now we have decided that 45 matters, too. Why wait every ten years for a trip. We also decided, thanks to Smithsonian Channel’s Aerial America and general bucket lists, we are trying to plan long weekends in places we want to see that we haven’t before.

Or at least the one or two of us that haven’t been there yet wants to see it to. We throw around cities and states on our weekly meet up night.

What I can’t believe is how many places I’ve been. Wow. I’ve been to a lot of places. There’s still a ton more to see, but it’s just unbelievable to me sometimes to think about everywhere I’ve gone for clients or conferences. Either way, they were work so at least I can say I saw very minimum what we as travelers for the experience will get to do. So I still am excited to get to explore care freely versus a structured one without your spouse. Not saying we name drop all of these, but here’s what I remember off the top of my head.

Trenton, Hoboken, Queens, Arlington, Allentown, Rochester, Huntington, Nashville (4X), Chicago (?X second office/company jet), Detroit (3X), Austin, Houston, San Antonio, San Francisco, Orlando, Phoenix, Chandler, Denver, Las Vegas (5X), Lincoln, Omaha, Knoxville, Minneapolis (?X), Bloomington, all over Iowa and Ohio, Salt Lake City, White Cliff, I think that’s it.

We’re going to San Antonio and I can’t wait. One more month to Mark’s 45. It’s gonna be a fun weekend.

Now to decide where to go for mine, since I’m next.




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