Walmart is Gaining Ground on Becoming Amazon’s First Rival.

By March 1, 2019 Food for thought

I think Walmart is gaining ground on Becoming Amazon’s First Rival.

I ran to Walmart today because I wanted the cheapest copy I could get on Blu Ray for Office Space. And they had it. With Deadpool on the cover! For $5 no less. So Funny I went ahead and bought Castaway and Fight Club too. I already had Fight Club, but it’s got Deadpool on the cover. For $5.

The things that they now stock on their shelves, like the $8 lounge Pants for my man child that are an illusion that looks like my son has little legs and he’s on a bear’s shoulders.

It’s also where I find the best cat shirts that Hot Topix and Amazon don’t have. For $5.86 no less.


Can’t forget the Fireball merch or Game of Thrones pint glasses. Better Homes and Gardens décor and furniture that’s actually top notch. Take that, Way Fair.

I have to assume two things.

1. Someone from the inside at Amazon are leaking data to find out the young tweens and their parents like so they can step it up or

2. They have that good of a strategy team that they cracked the retention code for the marathon of infinite game.

Touche, Simon Sinek. You called it. Read his book.

Their online photo center is also a great quality, cheap service as long as you have it shipped to your house and don’t have to go pick it up. But if you do, it’s ok. You can look around for all the cool stuff you usually order on Amazon. Maybe poor service in electronics and photos was a part of the master plan, too. $$$


What do you think?




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