But Did You Die?

By March 1, 2019 November 5th, 2022 Food for thought, Heather

Today I found out I have a hole in my heart. I spent a week of wait for an echocradiogram after three weeks of figuring out the right blood pressure med for my new high blood pressure scare. The hole – It’s called a PFO. You can live with it. There’s a concern about blood clots passing through it and getting in the wrong stream but if I keep pumping in my blood pressure meds I should be fine. Translation: You’re not going to die.

I mean, I feel so much better. Not physically better. Still have the same new pain and breathing weird as before, but I feel better everywhere else. Cause I’m not going to effing die. This means, It’s a new pain. You won’t die. That feels much better now. It hurts but I won’t die. So now my mental chill pill can chill.

I still have to go there and run on a treadmill now and get stress tested. I figured that’s a very good excuse to not get on a treadmill before then. I mean, you know. I don’t want to make the pain hurt more so I might as use theirs first so I don’t die. But I’ll start like carrying laundry again and jogging upstairs.

Knowing this new pain is not comfortable for a while now has been scary because while you wait… I’m tellin’ ya –  do NOT Google stuff. Not until you get doctor results. Other than that, just Google what you can do to prevent stuff like that so you don’t have to worry and go through this.

It’s stupid. But at least I know I got a hole and I won’t die. A rare story you can tell of being in the minority.

So yeah. Life is too short. Exhale.

Talk to you later cause I’ll still be here later,


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