Where will we go?

By January 9, 2021 October 29th, 2022 Heather

I had a memorable conversation with a remarkable young woman a couple of weeks ago.

Her name is Anna, I’d guess her to be in her later 20’s and although her appearance remained unaltered by American celebrity influences of fashion, hair and makeup – she is stunningly beautiful.

I’ve known her for some time through work and she carries herself properly, confidently and exudes a kind, gentle aura. I picture her as a brunette Briar Rose who hasn’t realized she’s actually Sleeping Beauty.

I wasn’t sure how we were on the subject, but she mentioned she was born in Ukraine.

“Oh, wow, you’re Ukrainian… you must tell me more. How did you leave?”

She made eye contact with me to reaffirm how I asked that question told her I knew.

Yes. I knew. I didn’t live it, I don’t understand it, but I read much about it.

“When I was a little girl, my parents were able to get out and brought us to America.”

For unexplained reasons, since becoming a parent – 1992 to be exact – something deeply changed me. I had someone to protect now. I understood the love of a parent to a child, and since then every time I read about the wars happening on our watch I feel struck with deep pain. Sure, there were bleeps in the media about the wars, but they weren’t top stories. Yet it seems many of us have failed to remember or didn’t realize it’s what we are witnessing now, in the mid stages.

We continued the conversation.

“What are your parents feeling today, with America in the process it is currently in?” I asked with authentic empathy.

She paused. She looked away. She paused still. Then looked at me.

“They’re scared. very scared.” she said in a low, helpless voice.

It left me with goosebumps, a slight affirming slight of dread and a need to pray.

Independence Square Kiev, Ukraine before and after their civil war

How did it happen? What happened? Ukraine divided its people for a larger agenda. They imploded from within by the hate they created from a once peaceful country full of families, neighbors and a healthy economy.

With the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine became an independent state. With the 2004 enlargement of the European Union, Ukraine now became an area of overlapping spheres of influence of the European Union and the Russian Federation. This manifested in a political split between the “pro-Russian” Eastern Ukraine, and the “pro-European” Western Ukraine.

Divide and Conquer

As Anna would say, “There’s no where else to go now.”

Sure, you may think that America is fine. You may think it’s going to be even better now since this election happened the the parties are switching.

I beg to differ.

This isn’t about who is the president. This is about the agenda unfolding for decades.

You may think, so what if it happened to Ukraine. So what if it happened to Yugoslavia. So what if it happened in Rwanda. So what if it happened in Venezuela. Myanmar. Congo. I can go on. These past 30 years have a telling recipe of how to breed hate.

I can only tell you my experiences by what I’ve read and researched. I remembered the time it was actually happening – and you can too. To think as we are mowing our grass, going to work and raising our families these atrocities are just…happening. (well most of us, many Americans struggle with war-like violent pockets of crime ridden areas politicians use to get elected and abuse to keep fueling.)

But for the most part, while I was taking my children to school, I knew there were mothers watching massacres or worse, having their babies kidnapped and forced into militia killing instead of third grade.

It’s still happening today.

It won’t happen in America.

That’s what we tell ourselves when we flip the channel or close the browser.

We’re America.

America is the best place on Earth. That won’t happen to us.

All come to pursue the ‘American Dream’

I beg to differ. Well, no I don’t. It is the best place on Earth in my opinion, but it could be better.

Amazingly, like all of us who’ve known nothing but the pursuit of happiness and freedom that was bled for us before we were born, we think it’s a great place.

Sure, we’ve accepted child abuse, elder abuse, sex slavery, kidnapping, murder, rape, homeless, forgotten veterans, dark alleys and locked doors…but hey, we’re still better than anywhere else.

What a mentality. But true. Ask Hollywood.

Yet still – even though we have western world country allies, it seems America is the one. The Military machine. The Movie Machine. The Trendsetter. The youngster of the globe.

That self-assured belief system is why we’re here, facing this.

That’s what drew Anna’s family here, to not only survive but to find the pursuit of the freedom America boasts. Your odds of surviving violence are still better.

What Makes It Happen?

So let’s look at what made those countries murder each other while their leaders ate popcorn and made more sanctions, trade deals and military barters with America, the greatest place on Earth.

Civil war begins when conflict arises by distinct groups that are extremely exclusive and those group members perceive their security to be under threat. 

These divisions that are created start with the human need to belong – even if it’s really just trying to fit in.

This Cuban Refugee’s story accounts for the process

Divisions can be race, religion, orientation, gender, political, neighborhoods – depending on the agenda of the powers in place, and what type of hate they want to develop, it can all be lines in the sand.

It just takes a coordination of media, influence, propaganda and greed.

Americans have been a part of all of these civil wars, and prayerfully not our own. Again.

Here’s a powerful short video of a Yugoslavian woman’s warning for us, so we can watch the patterns that mirror ours.

This was noted about the Rwanda massacre: “Though the genocide was planned by the ‘Hutu Power’ Government and executed by the military and armed militia groups, a large number of civilians were actively involved in the atrocities. Neighbors turned against neighbors, friends against friends, and even relatives against relatives. Most of the victims were killed with elementary weapons such as machetes, clubs, and axes and it is estimated that 130,000 civilians took an active part in the killings.”

Rwandan government of President Juvenal Habyarimana (Hutu) vs. rebel Rwandan Patriotic. Front (RPF) led by Paul Kagame (Tutsi)

We’ve had soldiers on the ground and politicians in the offices of every civil war. It goes back to the 1940s, I’m just writing about the stories I know from my own remembrance of media as I raised my children with prayers for the mothers trying to protect theirs at the exact same time in another zip code.

I realize there are actual Americans hating one another right at this moment because of a civil war America suffered in 1863, but do they realize families are suffering from genocide right now? Some of it even spills over into our country.

Yet we allow that, too.

We allow it. Our government’s families have been building, contracting, and manufacturing for our world military efforts yet we don’t really stop anything, we perpetuate it.

They get richer, we are in the smallest circles of segmented groupings in the history of my life.

The rich, elite and media divide civilians into war amongst themselves.

Hutus vs. Tutsi

Serbs vs. Muslims

Working with a client last year, they discussed their troubles with finding good working Americans to have in their manufacturing business.

They built a free medical clinic and worked a deal with the local hospital to have the best staff. The doctor’s office and clinic was free for employees and their families!

Still. Struggled.

Many workers bounced between factories, quitting before getting fired and then going back to the last place. They knew they’d be welcomed back. They needed the help.

The HR director always seemed exhausted and frankly, miserable.

He gave up on recruiting immigrants in the large metro area nearby because they were now second generation and carried the same ethic for work as the people who live right by the factory.

Instead, he found a new way.

One week each month we traveled to Disney World.

“Do you get to take your family and let them have fun while you’re there?” I ask.

“Nope.” he said. “I don’t go in the park, I stay nearby and do interviews around the clock.”

He explained the process, engaged in someone wanting to hear about his unique experience.

His contact at Orlando has 50-75 Venezuelans ready in the cue to interview and prepare for the 16 hour bus ride.

Every month.

If Venezuelans can, or have figured out how to get money, they get a travel visa to come on vacation to Disney World.

Once they arrive, they claim asylum, never able to return.

Imagine that! Leave your country with what you could pack for a vacation.

They’re doctors, lawyers, accountants, executives…all fleeing with what little money they had – because in Venezuelan currency is worth nothing.

Feeling fortunate to be offered a bus ride, three month rent payment plan and $16 dollars and hour. That’s now what Venezuela pays for four months wage.

“They work hard, they show up on time and they are thankful for the opportunity. And the work is better.”

So back to my question.

Where will we go if we continue falling for the media, propaganda and lies? We’ve already passed the point of Go and collected our $600.

I doubt we will flee to Africa. We can’t flee to Australia. They don’t want us. Unless you’re a celebrity. Europe? same. How about the middle east? South America? India?

Where would Americans escaping civil war go?

What if we can stop all this madness and not get to that point, and keep our civil rights?

We have a choice.

We can choose to direct all the anger, fear, anxiety and direct it to ignoring all of it.

Shut off the news.

Shut off social media – delete them even. I have a couple already and it’s actually refreshing!

Realize this is mean old men who’ve been getting rich off the American people for decades. And that everything we’ve accepted as normal has to stop.

It’s the socialist agenda to destroy us for complete power and control. Plus they owe dictators ALOT of favors, I am sure.

Here’s a video list if you’d like to learn about the global deceits that cause families to go to war and for most of the world to despise us, and the rest of them to escape to us.

So, where will we go?

This is still happening.
It’s the same recipe book

Thanks for reading.

Goodbye, wall.

Speaking with another co-worker, Alexis who’s American but of Mexican descent told me an all but true account of what happened in her neighborhood and how grateful she is that her husband and her could afford a house out of the city.

She explained how the cartels in Mexico still send hitmen up and back to take people out, escaping without a trace as our police and medical teams clean up the mess.

From the man who owned the cantina on Lee street having his head shipped back in a box, to the two guys who were shanked in the bingo hall to the man assassinated on the street around the block from her house so all the families could see.

Mexicans have been battling cartels and political corruption for decades. It’s a cartel or Cancun.

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