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By January 16, 2021 October 29th, 2022 Heather, Pandemic Thoughts

You know, I’m sitting here on the eve of an awesome Mexico excursion with our best friends and should be writing other stuff than flexing the muscle to tell a story for personal, non-profitable reasons.

I’ve got three musts and three wish I coulds but I can’t even fathom how I would structure that into my disciplines long enough to accomplish them.

Someday though. If I’d just write for the other two reasons other than my own. Oh well.

I’m not tired. The mix of emotions of leaving right now distract me from the focus on the other 2/3rds. Hoping the next 5 days of UV and no plans is just what we all need about right now.

So when I write, oddly I like to have binge shows playing beyond the screen that I occasionally bounce to enough to know the jist of what’s going on.

So I choose shows I know Mark would never want to watch together. Hence my current choice, the 90 day fiance after series.


I must say my first thought was, how did Honey Boo Boo grow up so fast?

But here’s the deal. I end up watching it in my usual 50/50 fashion with the full intention of writing some posts for the business I’m helping that I really like and instead of to state something very obvious.

I think 90 day fiance is rather intriguing because of how the pairings occur and the circumstances surrounding their global romance.

And here’s why I totally support immigration in America.

There are some, which I defer you to pick out after I state the obvious, truly are not in love. Yet they do not want to return to their circumstance. They are willing to sacrifice God’s most precious gift, love, for American citizenship.

I think we could selfishly consume the reality of this fascinating show of marriage visas, which I believe they call the K-1 Visa, aka the golden ticket to pursuing the American dream they’ve always heard of.

I’m not saying that to stop shows like this from being created. Oh no, to the contrary. I think this still could be an entry point of mutual exclusive dating through virtual means.

Face to face is different than posts and zooms.

I think this show could mirror a new policy that if the relationship is not going to work out and you’ve resided in the relationship of engagement for 6 months while living in America, you can choose an independent visa for an additional 12 months to allow you to prove you’ve found stable residence, employment resulting in taxes and complete US history and and language barrier classes to support you in your citizenship journey.

Offer the classes to those that remain in love and marry, also. Why not? That’s what immigration was intended for.

The show would still work, because you’ve got 6 months of drama to see how it’s going to work out or not.

I think we can all agree on that. We say you can legally enter the immigration transition stations in xyz ways and include hitting it off and wanting to be with an American where they fully understand they are understanding you can remain with or without the marriage, so it truly would be for love.

Unless you’re rich and or possibly attractive. However that’s between you all if it’s all healthy I suppose.

What I don’t agree with, is open borders allowing anyone and everyone the ability to caravan through miles of desert. Why?

  1. Cartels and forcing them to have no passage into America, allowing true refugees of their corrupt city and state and beyond government to look the other way. It would save who knows how many lives and allow them more freedoms. Imagine if we could build together and take more manufacturing from China and create fair American living wages there.
  2. When I was researching the corona counties-by-state interactive map that used to be out there and got into a rabbit hole of maps from the government. They’re good. Anyway, I started searching for the worst county in America and why. The lowest ones of Texas, some West Virginia and of all places Oregon had the worst. The open border through those counties and past good ole, Juarez Mexico. You know, the state they did the documentaries about because it’s still unsolved how many women a serial killer must have buried out there. Dozens for sure. Many unidentified. That 70 miles stretch of Texas scrub brush has more than 650 bodies recovered and stumble upon them daily while patroling this massive desert. Rapes, murders, robberies, dehydration and many just bones. That’s what a wall does. Why wouldn’t we want to save all the money on not fighting crimes in our own country with unknown immigrants in the streets. Yes, Virginia, they do exist. I believe everyone deserves the chance to pursue the dream they make for their own success. But if you commit crime here, you leave. If you contribute to society and learn the American life, welcome to the neighborhood.
  3. No one likes freeloaders on their couch. If you require temporary assistance such as housing, medical or legal services then you have to register and be documented like the rest of us. Believe me, businesses are desperate to find good help and they’ll train you and help you learn English. They provide benefits, too. This is America. The more you work, the more you earn. Show up.

We all have to learn that one thing is not the whole thing. I would think that all these #MeToo friends of every woman in America would agree that we already have disgusting pervs and serial killers we allow to live in America and accept it. Yet There’s real, real torture of women happening right now in 2021 and to children which breaks me in ways that I get sick and I feel helpless on what to do when we can’t even defend and protect kids in our own country. It’s sick.

Why. How. Yet, I believe if you want open borders to continue with all the violence, drugs, synthetic drugs, child trafficking, dirty evil sickos who transport people across the borders in death resulting ways from rail cars to lettuce trucks?

Look, I don’t care if 99 out of every 100 who illegally hike or smuggle in across the open borders is trying to escape the corrupt and dangerous home of Mexico they once loved. You stopped the 1 that could’ve killed your kid on heroin or raped and murder an innocent girl and left her in the desert, making it now 98 out of 99….

Then great. Then the real victims of the cartels rule over government could cut the smuggle bus to the border acceptance we build like the new Ellis Island and save their lives, too. Heck fund a Disney bus or train to it. Could help with logistics too.

Figure out who’s killing women in Juarez. C’mon already.

And protect female mutilation in Africa while you’re at it. I’m sure Beyonce can fund it.

The ask Jay Z to get some system in place to properly dispose of all the clean water that gets dropped off in pallets. Just fixed the water system. I hear it’s $3 B. Gates got it, just ask him.

I gotta get to work. I’ve got a flight to catch in a few hours.

Thanks for reading,


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