20 Things that Prove #Adulting is Worth it.

By September 8, 2018 October 29th, 2022 Food for thought, Heather

Sure, we all say #Adulting is real and hard. We laugh at ourselves by posting selfies that tell people we did something that we didn’t want to do but we had to because, well, we had to.  But at what point is hashtag adulting actually a good thing that you are proud of? Let’s be honest.  If oversharing daily tasks that suck is more fun than the cool things you get to do because of the sucky tasks, maybe it’s time to reevaluate why being all grown up is no different than any stage of your life so far.

You have to do things you don’t like to get the freedom to enjoy the things you do like.  So if #adulting is forcing you to question why your inner child is really not happy, maybe it’s time to remember all the awesome reasons why being the age you are at this very moment is pretty fricking amazing.

Here’s just a few reminders of why adulting is worth it:

  1. You set an alarm clock even though you wake up five minutes before it goes off.
  2. You like ordering whatever drink from the menu you want to.

3.There’s just something to be said about a clean house. Or apartment. Or car or whatever.

4. The satisfaction of hosting a successful dinner party.

5. Becoming Santa Claus.

6. You can book a vacation. Any.Where. You. Want.

7. You may be too old to compete on American Idol, but you can run for office. You know, if you  want to.

8. Sleeping with the TV on.

9. You get to battle over who is paying the tab this time.

10. You can pick your hairstyle, wardrobe and accessories all by yourself.

11. Driving.

12. Decorating your own home. Or other peoples too.

13. Deciding when you go to bed.

14. Having children. Or dogs. Or cats. Or all the above.


15. Basically doing whatever you want as long as it avoids jail time.

16. You can get a tattoo. Of anything you want.

17. It’s pretty cool that you can reinvent yourself as often as you’d like. From where you live to career choices to new relationships.

18. Discovering new foods or recipes.

19. Falling in love for reals.Getting married. Forever. At any adult age you choose.

20. You don’t wish you were a kid again. Just not old either.


Yeah. Being an adult is actually pretty awesome. Even if you have to do laundry every now and then.

Hope you get to do all those things too.

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