Greatly Done Shows and Movies Streaming with Some Okay Parts

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I. Love. Shameless. There is something about how it stirs a full range of different emotions within you because of the amazing acting talent living out a genius script of the human strength to persevere when driven to win at any cost in a local anarchy zone of city poverty.

These kids, neighbors and odd friends they pick up season to season – they all are united because they all got dealt a shit hand of their own and persevere with the same hustle and sweat to get out of there. They will get dirty if that’s what it takes and they will be loved unconditionally enough to have no fear in finding out who they are and why they do what they do. And when enough is their enough.

Basically the world around them is full of  low expectations of getting a break but what other choice do they have? They aren’t accepting this life cycle of one disappointment after another of people who should actually be their pillars of strength? Their parents. Their lovers. Their business partners. Their boss. Their employees. Any family outside of the sibling circle. And V and Kevin.

Sidebar: Man I love Fiona and V’s friendship and bet any woman wishes she had a best friend at the level of anything-goes-to-prove-your-point and they work out why they’re battling deep dark demons in forms of sex addiction and sabotage plotting without talking to their BFF sooner.

I love the dynamics, authenticity, humor, tears, humanity…and hope this show has while being all wrapped up in a cast of amazing.

So… what makes it okay?

I do not want to see V or Fiona’s … anything. Sexy, yes. Cause you are. Scantily clad at brief moments before we cut to Lipp or Liam? yep. Why not. But nudity? No. I respect them at this point in their career that a nameless stripper on a pole in the back will never come back to haunt you. Name one?

I don’t know what it is. Ever since I was a kid and PG-13’s would surprisingly have a little nip slippage. I get it. Movies show naked boobs more regularly than the ugly bumpers on both genders combined. I bet in my math-of-bullgut-hypothesis with no scientific data to back it up suggests that boobs outshow both gender hoo-hoos 5 to 1. (Hey, it does happen – just ask Sharon Stone)  The fact that there is two boobs for every one hoo-hoo, it’s now Ten to 1 odds combined cause it’s rare you only see one nu-nu poke out. Just ask Janet Jackson.

If Oh Hey Heather was a movie maker, what would Heather promise her lead actors? That you will never show any hoo-hoos or boob boobs or anything. Not even a body double (yeah right). We will try to cover in skin color tights to film it also – especially if you’re married.

You talented actors act so tremendously that no one will ever know you never went there. You know, like all the other past celebrities who don’t show their hoo-hoos.

When you have magical mix, turning straw into box office gold kind of ensemble in sync – then nudity is not needed. We’ve got enough long running beloved broadcast shows to prove it can be done. And there’s numerous summer blockbusters, Oscar winners and bad ass movies to prove it too.

You shouldn’t have to use word of mouth that if you go see this movie right now, you’ll see a very famous, very married, very attractive, very talented actor show their shit right there for the sake of the role. Ever.

I don’t know why. I don’t judge them for doing it – I really don’t. Still love their talent and beauty unrelentlessly. I judge the levels above them to recognize what they were doing and find a way for them not to.

Thank God my career gifts don’t need nudity. I’ve worked for assholes in employment situations but nothing that would ever make Fiona or V give me that eye contact/nod of understanding.  Guess I’m boring. But Still. I don’t want the world to have a visual of me naked. Ever. No matter how hot I was or would’ve been. No.

They sacrificed it, became one with the role and rationalized one minute of bullshit as acceptable yada yada yada. If you look at movies with actors you just thought of who fall into that category in your brain that have done this, ask yourself who the director, writer, camera, producer, executive producer, co-actor(s), whoever find a way to execute that scene with leaving something to the imagination? REALLY? Watch the scenes for yourself and tell me as a fellow woman with private parts, or a male colleague on scene having to film this…

Sidebar: For retail America – it’s kinda like tattoos in the workplace – some industries are cool with them and some aren’t and if you bounce between them you have to reflect and reassure your inner being to be proud of who you are, even as you hide that pretty thing on your ankle or foot so no one can ever see your shame. So nudity in Hollywood is like a bad tattoo you’ll regret later. Those big tattoos that no one tried to stop from happening and for whatever dumb reason at that time you had a few drinks and was like, yes! Let’s get tattoos!

Here’s examples off the top of my head of awesome shows, awesome actresses I highly respect that bared it bare and really, you didn’t have to. We got the picture.

This is Forty


Big Little Lies

American Horror Story


Game of Thrones

I don’t mind seeing nudity. It’s not an offensive or insecure stance. I know it will be there and happen. I get it. kind of. it’s like that last beer or glass of wine before bed. Could you have lived without it? yes. Should you? yes. But was the movie good enough to not care or for whatever reason make you indifferent about it in your valuation of the overall movie?

You can make earthquakes destroy landmarks and crazy violent war scenes and titanic reenactments that chill you to the core and paint a real picture just like hundreds of movies like Steel Magnolias and Pulp Fiction and Terms of Endearment and Tommy Boy that never get old yet none show the boobage.

I gotta admit when watching season eight on Netflix right now of Shameless I am 7 episodes in and have yet to see nudity from V or Fiona and I pray it’s cause they said… NO. Done. We are evolved badass forces and we will not show our breasts anymore. We will wear bikini style for those scenes but that’s all. You don’t like it? Write us out. Who will Debbie look up to then?


Speaking of a whole separate angle of taking jobs for roles that aren’t really what you want to do but why not audition cause it’s something in the right direction people. Yeah, the vast majority of hustle and sweaters out there. Thankfully this is a level up, more on character/peer razzing than deeper personal core levels of vulnerability.

Anyhoo. Next Part.


I really like movies where Keanu Reeves was comedic.

Like Bill and Ted’s or Parenthood, you know, anything before My Own Private Idaho.


Sidebar note to Mr. Reeves: You know back then, even if we didn’t know you were the badass Keanu you are today, (Bobayega keeled three people, weeth a peencil!), you were a young actor who needed and took a break. You saw the door open. And to me, you proved it was justifiable. You knew acting was acting and comedy is indeed a genre challenge. Many drama superb actors try comedy and just can’t do it. Only a handful of the pros found comedic gold after stepping out of the limelight and hitting the baby boomer audition line of great actors.

Gold Medals to the Bo Jackson’s of acting genres.

I bet Robert DiNiro, Sam Elliot and Mark Wahlberg, John Lithgow and Mel Gibson are talking about this over drinks at dinner. Cause I imagine them..all having dinner and talking about this transition in their lives. It’s pretty cool. I bet John Lithgow drinks Pinot Noir and Sam Elliot likes the new Camp Fire Smores drink that Florida Georgia Line whiskey is in. While wearing Uggs.

Anyway, back to the point. Keanu got his name out for the same reason Ashton said “Dude Where’s My Car” and Leo pretended Growing Pains was funny. You hustle. You do jobs you know you don’t necessarily want on your resume one day but respect yourself because it set up the framework you needed to make the next moves to your dream. Your passion. AND you are so unbelievably talented in acting that it blows my mind. Grand Slam, Bo’s.

Think about it in your shoes for a second or two.

Have you ever acted? Or Tried? And on Camera? Made a Youtube? Published it? Don’t even get me started on fascination with set, screenplays, lighting, sound, camera angles and positioning. How about every movie with the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) in it nowadays pretty much has him trying to not fall out of a helicopter?

So for us “everyday work” citizens, we have a ceiling of what your job dream has potential to grow into so please go and do that. And like the V and Fi’s you have to identify what your enough of when it’s enough, is.

Example. Let’s say 15 years ago you still had to take that extra-side waitress job with awesome tips on happy-hour-weeknights-spoil-me-kind-of-hours to top it off. Oh, so you rode it out for those fringe benefits while working your day hustle job as an entry level for something you thought you should do for a career. While a waitress,  you also became the local favorite for requested service and met a lot of business people who wished they could find your talent for talking and organizational efficiency. Cause you had that much get. it. done. drive.

And now you run your own bar and food chain nationally (Or waitress training school) because you also paid attention and learned the business inside and out. You know, that kind of analogy to explain why Keanu Reeves should be okay with the fact in Bill and Ted’s, he worked with George. The Genius. Carlin

George. So what it’s a stupid 80’s comedy.  That shizz was very funny at the time and made Keanu a household name in time for moving up to Patrick Swayze! River Phoenix! Sandra Bullock! I don’t even know…alot. Alot of great actors and humans.  And he took a long break once. Good for him. I’ve been reading alot about micro-retirement benefits an am convinced that’s the way to go. Totally. That’s another story.

Focus Heather. Keanu. 


Sometimes I watch Bill and Ted’s to remind myself that hard work, passion and vision are rare and usually caused by something causing you to witness something that converts you like a lump of coal in the eyes of someone who was going to protect you and didn’t. The dirty coal layered feeling was overtime pressured, crushed, pushed and worn down until it broke back and had enough and said, “I’m a diamond, MuthaF*&$^s!” (Read it again with a pissed off V voice) You’re welcome.

*Bonus? Hellooooo…….George. The Genius. Carlin. He was on Bill and Ted’s adventure AFTER his success of stand up legend. Watching him go ahead with something you KNOW he had to talk himself in to doing for either the impact or the profit. But it wasn’t cause he woke up and sought those roles out. I’m implying that for this, he was in it for money. With Dogma, he was in it for the smoke bowl of like minded talents of the next generation. Of course he’s in! Alana – where you at girl? Yes, you can keep your dress on!!!!!

Other times (back to Keanu) I watch Parenthood just because it is a good frickin movie and the same magic of brilliant content paired with master actors in sync with their crew is right there.

Sidebar: Poor Ron Howard. He survived the Brady Bunch syndrome thanks to his amazing cinematic excellence that he has done for decades more than that cute role as a child actor sitting next to Andy Griffith. Yet after cranking out movie after movie of amazing, it wasn’t until his married daughter with kids, Bryce Taylor Howard, became a known movie star did he get the much needed second elevator speech title to move past memorable adolescence at the age of 59? Okay, maybe Happy Days didn’t help but he was older, like Keanu.

Sidebar #2: Henry Winkler in Barry on HBO is very well done. Congrats dude. Glad you’re getting more dark comedic adult now. Although when my kids were little I was glad you were working and on Disney.

Word number 2,100 in this long Shameless story? Genuine.

Stay Golden, Ponyboy. If you don’t mind nudity and are the Samantha’s of the world and flaunt it – go for it with the right audience. You go girl. Chef don’t judge. Lots of beautiful out there.

Whether it’s going comedy, going nude, scrubbing shit off toilet stall walls still trying to figure out the forensics of this crazy NCIS explosion, save half your ramen noodles for later so you don’t have to waste another pack…. When you know who you are, or at least have a pretty damn good idea of who you are that’s YOU, keep your chin up and do it You’ll prove why you can push limits and barriers and move mountains. We need YOU in this world.

Just don’t judge me if I’m pushing mountains, high five you and ask if you need help and just have PG clothes on and a potty mouth with tattoos. Every drum is it’s own beat. Just please be comfortable with it and make sure if it’s someone undercasted from you – stick up for them and what is right.

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