American Horror Story Review

By October 9, 2018 Food for thought

American Horror Story. Seasons 1 – forever. These writers cause me to salivate on their artistic screenplay among a “what if” scenario of what humans are capable of if it were to happen (or already possibly did)

I cannot handle violence, abuse or make you flinch horror. So why am I in awe of AHS? It is dialogue genius. From the best arguments, debates, discussions and manipulations – the story writing of characters is almost as awe inspiring as the actors portraying them. Sometimes I think it works better and better because everyone on both sides of the stage have learned one another and built a solid crew.

I love the homage to amazing soundtracks and weaving of one season into the next even though every actor portrays a new character in the story so how it links is presumed but not validated. Ever.

They are all based loosely on some type of story in America – whether confirmed or not. And then it takes it ten layers deeper. Morbidly. Yet realistically. And binge worthy, as long as you write or work on your laptop while playing it on your iPad so you can easily look away and be distracted when you cannot watch the twisted can’t-unwatch-it horror.

Amazing music, sound, script and actors. Wow.

Oh – and I cannot, have not, and will not ever watch the opening theme song intro. No. Creepy sound FX (and I like Nine Inch Nails, folks.) and the graphics/photos I cannot watch. But oh how I love the writing and content. What are people capable of?

Side Bar: Season 9… DNA kits show the elite who can survive??? Then we have cannibalism… yikes!! Kathy Bates you complete me.

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