Abandoned Cats In Suburbia. It’s a Catastrophe.

By February 10, 2019 Food for thought

Early last fall a cat decided to go up under our deck and have kittens. It’s not our cat, but they were kittens none the less. 

She tried to move them into the small wooded area behind our house, which is merely a tree line between backyard suburbia. We heard her screams and fighting but couldn’t find them – our neighbors have fences and don’t maintain their section of wood line like we do. They were back there somewhere.

She returned, one kitten short. The kitten with the disfigured eye. He never came back.

Sadly, this one was my favorite.

We assume a possum (We found a mean one under our shed when looking for momma and her kittens) or one of the male cats lurking out there in feral cat land.

She came back, bringing them across the yard one by one. Thankfully, when they started getting to large and were exploring out from the deck, my niece came over and army crawled like a champ getting them all out. She tried to get the momma too, but she ran off.

She found new owners for all but one kitten, and kept him for herself. He’s Tex.

Great. Problem solved, right?

Nope. Then winter came.

More cats. We had to raise our bird feeders up so we weren’t sabotaging them to a brutal death by all these cats. We are guessing at least six. They have no home. Someone abandoned them selfishly and did not get them fixed. We had two fornicating on our deck one day. I didn’t get a picture, just take my word for it.

There’s also more cats that seem juvenile in size and new. So by spring I am sure the numbers will quadruple.

My question is – what do you do? If you can catch them, and take them to a human society or rescue place, they charge you by the head to take them and fix them. They aren’t mine. I want them gone.

I want them gone because I am not a mean cat hater. It’s the latter. That’s not a life for them. They are starving, fight for their own, and it has been a polar vortex kind of winter.

She freak barks with no warning hourly

My small dog has elected herself the protector of the yard and breaks out in pandemonium barking every time one of the multitudes decides to climb our trees, attack birds or squirrels, come up to get under the deck, go out from under the deck, hide under the shed, walk along the tree line, walk the neighbors’ fences, pretty much be visible.

It’s the most annoying thing ever. Almost as annoying as the people who dumped the first cat settlers back here so they could breed an army.

So, there’s gotta be some cat heroes out there who want to grab some traps and some 9 Lives and lure them out of here and into a home. Of at least pay to fix them all and release them. Something. It’s got to give.

What do you think about this? What would you do?


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