Why Sears is Out of Business

By February 3, 2019 Food for thought

Had a free Saturday afternoon with the hubs and we ended up at the mall. Parked at Sears. Big signs hanging on it “Everything Must Go” and “Store Closing”

Wow. Didn’t know that. We were going in that way anyway, so let’s check it out.

They weren’t kidding, the place was loosely organized and there were things grouped like they were trying to hold the departments together.

Great deals on the ellipticals and treadmills. They were even selling shelves, mannequins and racks.

Here’s three reasons within 45 minutes that Sears became doomed.

  1. Everything must not go.

So we worked our way downstairs to check out shoes and what not and right now, I care about baby stuff. I have a granddaughter arriving in a couple months and it’s been so long, my daughter gets the fun of buying stuff for a baby from scratch. I see baby furniture…

Some strollers, car seats, cribs and yes – pack ‘n plays. Or for the new age, playards. (How did it’s name change and who renamed them?) Whatever. I see a cool one I want and it’s all set up, sitting in a neglected corner with four other kinds of them. A young pregnant lady and her mom and lady team are messing around with another one and talking out loud about buying it. She must be having a boy.

There’s no one around. And no prices. We are all mystified of the abandoned pack ‘n plays with no tags to be found, or stock of more of them. I go to explore walking to find an employee and about 100 steps in I see a checkout place so figure fine, I’ll go all the way over there and ask someone to send someone cause I can’t find anyone.

Oh, and when I get there, she’s a peach let me tell you. Saving that story for #2.

I go back and stand next to my chosen ‘playard’ and wait. The other girl must’ve went the other way because as I hear my peach announcing over the speakers that someone needs assistance in baby furniture, someone did show up and went straight to posse hovering the blue one instead. Touche. Whatever. It’s fine I guess. I’ll hit her up when they’re done and not let her leave. I tried to give her the eye contact that says, “Hey I’m next I need you” eyes but she never looks my way.

She leaves and goes in the back room, returns and tells the girl there’s nothing in the back.This is the last one. There’s one at a Sears about 20 min away, she can go there and get that one.

Side question –  Why would there be one back there? Everything must go, remember? There’s space everywhere. I would hope there’s nothing back there if I were Sears.

She asks confusingly, “so can’t I just buy this one?”

“No. We can’t sell the display.”

Wait, what? What they plan to do with it?  Everything must go, right? They’re going to shut it down one day and this lonely playard will still be there, sitting in the corner?

“No. They are not allowing anyone to buy the display.”

They turned her away. And the group of mama bears with the young pregnant girl all put their heads down and walk away. Sad.

Luckily, I uncovered one more of the one I wanted to get still in the box. How I spotted it, I have no idea.  No pictures on it, just recognized the logo on it. It was over by the ping pong tables which was weird, too. Maybe it was the boredom of standing there for so long and looking around while in shock of the staff who wouldn’t make eye contact or clearly gave a shite.

So now it’s my turn to get her. I drag the box over from the table section back to the baby section and sit it next to the display whilst waiting for her so that I  don’t let this old-rules-when-we-were-in-business chick leave yet because I want to find out how much mine would cost if I am going to buy it.

Still no eye contact. “I don’t have a scanner, so I can’t check the price for you. You need to find someone with a scanner to check.”

“Umm, do you know where I might find one? Like, do you have a walkie talkie?” in my best David Spade impression. You know, trying to keep the mood light. No fighting no fighting Shakira Shakira. (Bad Hips Don’t Lie reference)

She has an idea. “No, but if you want to carry it over there (Points about 50 feet away to a price check scanner pillar past the gaming tables) you can check it.”

Photo Credit: Maggie Macintosh / Winnipeg Free Press

Meanwhile, in my mind, I am thinking, you already sent that poor girl away who really, really wanted that playard, but you’ll sell me shelving aka “fixture sale”. Plus, You have some type of electronic communication because you knew there’s one available in another location and you can’t help me figure out the price of this damn thing and tell me to carry it all the way over there?? And, if the price sucks I won’t buy it anyway which means I have to haul it back. Like, I’m not that committed yet chick. Think of another way.

I smile. And drag it over there. Yep. I drag it. And stand in line with all the other people hauling stuff over to it to check prices. And there’s heaps of discarded mix and match of “everything must go” stuff that must not have been marked down enough to be bought.

Luckily, my daughter loved it from the pic I texted her and I bought it. But get this – I had to have Mark help me haul the oversized box UP the escalator to the second floor because ole Peach was only accepting cash transactions. We found that nugget of useful information out after standing in her line 5 minutes and over hearing her turn a guy ahead of us away because he didn’t have cash.

  1. Peachy employees

There were three ladies in the checkout station that I wandered to when needing help pricing the playard. Granted, had I drug the thing to scanner myself I would’ve saved 15 minutes and definitely not upset this very flustered woman.

She made eye contact with me so I went for it.

“Hi. Could you help me find someone to go to baby furniture? I can’t find pricing and need help.”

She continues to look at me, not blinking. (But hey, it’s eye contact!) I assume by her stare that her brain is circuiting what to do next, what to say and how deal with all at once. She speaks.

“I can’t right now. I am trying to get these cash registers back up and they aren’t working.”

She pauses. “I’ll send someone over as soon as I can.”

Yikes. Ok then. I gingerly walk away and head back. By the time I get back over there I hear her voice over the speaker telling someone to go to baby furniture.

Reflect back on reason #1.

So now I am standing next to the box in her line to check out. Three people ahead of me. This dude walks up to get in line behind me. I say “dude” because he was chilling like a dude. Sunglasses on but he’s inside. Toboggan hat on but it’s rather balmy here. Long hair hanging out the back. I can’t tell if he’s Hispanic or Middle East, those glasses. He leans in to me and asks me if this line is anything or only cash. He’s Hispanic, I can tell now.

I was like, “I don’t know? I would think we can use anything? I hope not, I don’t have cash.”

The guy in front of me leaves with his stuff, irritated and joins our conversation. “No. They only accept cash.”

I hear peach defending herself saying, “Our registers are not working right today. You’ll have to find another register if you don’t have cash.”

Sweet mother of hey zeus.

  1. Here’s your sign

Mark has his wrenches. They were half off. And I am hoping to get a playard that’s 40% off. So we hike upstairs back to the craftsman area because it wasn’t a long of a line as the clothes areas and it was closer to where we parked anyway.

By this time, we see an abandoned cart near the treadmills so we grab it and get that box in it. Damn that was a lot of work.

We get out turn to check out. Finally. And they accept cards. I buy the playard and he wants to pay for the wrenches separate. Now it’s his turn.

Guy rings up the wrenches. Mark says, “ummm, those are 50% off. Why are that much?”

Guy tells him, “No. those tools are (points in the same area we found them, but these aren’t. they’re only 20% off. ”

Mark pushes back nicely, “These wrenches are right next to the 50% off sign. I don’t even see a 20% one anywhere.”

“Sorry. They are only 20% off. They rang up that way. ”

Even I want to jump in now– I was his witness and saw it. They are 50%. Anyway. I watch Mark.

Then the guy mentions that my receipt for the playard has a $15 off a purchase of $15 if I want to go online to the Sears website and activate it, we could use that.

So while we’re standing here holding up the line I grab Mark’s phone (I forgot mine at home) and logged on, activated this coupon and gave it to Mark. Then he can buy his wrenches and still get them at the half off price they truly were anyway.

Guy says, “Oh, I am sorry – I mean, that coupon is only for online purchases. So you can use it to purchase something online .”

W. T. F. I’m about done being nice at this point. I am out of excuses for these people who gave up on common sense and thinking somehow.

I said, “so you’re telling me this whole coupon talk and activating isn’t helping us at this very moment? Why then?”

He says, “Well, maybe I can pull it up through your account here and try to see if I can get it to work. Let me see.”

I just. I just can’t even. Like, all these three things happened in 45 minutes from us deciding to go inside to checking out. And should’ve took 15 minutes at best.

That’s why. Somehow the softer side of Sears broke at the top and trickled all the way down to people who must really hate their job and lack any skills for human service.

I saw it at Kmart. Toys R Us. And next Goliath fall prediction on the block, Best Buy. Everyone gave up on it. Because the top level of people must have long before it infected every level of employees.

Everything Must Go Indeed.


Funny part to end it all? This awesome playard that my granddaughter will use this summer can be ordered online in different pattern styles for $74.99.

At Sears it was $149 with the “Everything Must Go” sale of $89.99. So yeah.

Next funny part? As I am finishing up these last words to my story, I get a text notification.

Thanks for reading my story!



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