Fabric Face Filters. Is this going to be a thing?

By April 4, 2020 October 29th, 2022 Heather, Pandemic Thoughts

This is the third Saturday since it began. You know, the COVID, Corona, quarantine, stay the eff home stuff started and it continues to get weirder.

We are now to the point where the guidance says you can wear a mask if it makes you feel better but really since all the front line people need them, you can get by with a scarf or anything really that could act as a filter.

I’m still me. Following that distance stuff and no mask. What I noticed on my fast trips to the kroger or like today, the first warm and sunny Saturday in April – Home Depot now has a clicker guy and a line to get on the roller coaster we call shopping. So did everywhere. That’s new.

Anyway, I noticed that in my suburbia, there are masks. a handful, sure, and before we’d think that’s weird but these days I would refer to them as the early adopters.

I remember the first weekend in March the message was to make fun of that because it can’t prevent anything…remember that?

Anyway. It must be coming. I really, really hope not. I really don’t want to.

So I began thinking. What will social look like if it does? What will we use to accessorize our situation? Make the best of the face vest? Ugh.

Figured I’d walk around the house today and see what we already have in stock.

After all, if it allows people to hang out again, there’s probably going to be a Hollywood movement of who wore it best.

Thanks for reading my story.


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