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Just the Facts, Ma’am

By July 11, 2020 July 16th, 2020 Heather, Pandemic Thoughts

There’s alot of things we know, we either don’t think about it or weren’t paying attention.

Here are statements I think we all, as Americans united, can agree are factual.

Fact: We cannot choose our gender, race, family or intrinsic qualities.

What Causes New Baby Smell? | HowStuffWorks

Fact: We know there’s a ladder and a ceiling. Some have further to climb, some climb anyway and some had help from those who climbed on their behalf.

Fact: We know in 2005 the Supreme Court ordered the Ten Commandments to be removed from courtrooms all over the south.

Republicans Crushed In Oklahoma As Supreme Court Rules 10 ...

Fact: We know in 2012 Obama made the biggest funding cut in mental health in more than thirty years. He also decreased EPA, water sanitation, job corps, children’s services, public broadcasting, and rural business opportunities.

Fact: We know Afghanistan’s number one agricultural product is poppy flowers and Haliburton has been laying a gas line under that country since we’ve been sending young American military to war there.

Fact: We know racism means you treat another person better or worse than another because of the shade of their skin.

Fact: We know bullying is when you treat someone degradingly because of their behavior, aesthetics or appearance.

Fact: We know judgment is making a one-sided decision based on stereotype or influence by others.

Fact: We know the six major media outlets use their platforms to influence their agenda and are deeply connected to actors and athletes who help promote it.

NBC's NYE Coverage Slammed for Airing Chrissy Teigen Talking About ...

Fact: We know the rational middle is currently divided either by offense or silence of the other’s ability to admit facts.

White female protester tells black cops 'they are part of the ...

Fact: We know Google, Amazon, Apple, NBA, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and many more rely on the current China arrangements for profit.

LeBron James And The NBA Think They'll Get Rich(er) In China. So ...

Fact: We know child labor, slave labor, and oppressive working conditions are used to produce many of their products overseas that we are overcharged for.

Fact: We know they’ve installed nets to catch jumpers who attempt suicide at work.

Fact: We know precautionary quarrantine is fancy talk for a 14 day paid staycation.

Fact: We know Hillary Clinton started her new job in January as the head chancellor of The University of Queens Belfast in Ireland, the first woman. She only has to go for graduations though.

Fact: We know the University of Queens Belfast is part of the Russell Group, which was formed in 1994 and is recently led by Dame and British Physiologist Nancy Jane Rothwell. Rothwell was a non-executive director of the pharmaceuticals company AstraZeneca from 2006 to 2015.

Hillary Clinton appointed Chancellor at Queen's

Fact: We know AstraZeneca is a testing provider for Coronavirus and they’re in the battle to get the vaccine contract.

Fact: We know many actively practicing physicians and scientists have been silenced from all media if there is evidence to suggest our current #StaySafe marching orders may not be effective based on their experience at the ground level.

Fact: We know there’s missing math in headlines that could cause less panic or more panic depending on the desired outcry of the majority consuming it.

Fact: We know Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple and more have shell headquarters in Ireland because their capital tax rate is 9.5% less than where America’s rate has been for years.

This map shows where Apple's European headquarters are in relation to its proposed data centre and the Irish outposts of other Silicon Valley giants.

Fact: We know the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is located in CHOP and dedicated to improving proverty and healthcare globally. In 2006 they joined The Alliance, which is under the World Health Organization.

Fact: We know the head Seat of The Alliance is currently Dr. David Weakliam who is the leader of global health issues in Ireland. Prior to returning to Ireland in 2003, he dedicated 12 years from 1989-2001 leading and managing health programs in Sudan, Liberia, Nepal, Ghana and DRC.

Fact: We know that Sudan, Nepal, Liberia, Ghana and the DRC have been surviving a tortured hell we could not begin to imagine and still are today. A brutal civil war in Liberia alone lasted from 1988 to 2003, claiming the lives of more than 250,000 civilians.

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - JULY 30 - A child Liberian militia soldier loyal to the government walks away from firing while another taunts them on July 30, 2003 in Monrovia, Liberia. Sporadic clashes continue between government forces and rebel fighters in the fight for control of Monrovia.

Fact: We know The WHO recently let us know how those countries are doing with coronavirus in relation to the ignorant Americans who are worse.

Fact: We know that on July 9th 2020, the Qatar News released information from the WHO that there is still not enough proof that the coronavirus is airborne, but rather aerosol – meaning even its tinier than something that can connect and pass through fluids. American news does not.

Fact: We know the sad landscape in the country of Mozambique has seen deterioration and violence due to the Covid outbreak guidlines, and currently more than 250,000 civilians are displaced. This country is part of the WHO Alliance and has leadership residing there.

Fact: We know while we have been downloading apps on our iPhone, they still have half their citizens without fresh water and the leading deaths of their people are due to: malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, acute respiratory tract infections and diarrhoeal diseases. The main epidemic-prone disease is cholera. The leading contributing factors are high levels of poverty and malnutrition, and inadequate access to clean water and sanitation.

Fact: We know the Alliance has been vaccinating the 80% of children who survive cholera and dysentery in Mozambique for measles, polio, DPT, Hep B and Flu B based on the study published in 2013.

Fact: The World Resources Institute reports that sanitation and health conditions in Mozambique and the other mentioned African countries are worse in 2019 that twenty years prior yet is a solvable problem for about $300 billion.  

Fact: We know the Gates Foundation prioritizes half of their resources to Africa health. Just one of many global partners within the Alliance, The Gates Foundation donated $4.8 billion last year alone.

Fact: We know that we vaccine the African population quite a bit. There’s been approved cholera vaccines by WHO in since 2009 which is still the #1 death cause due to sanitation, yet they announced trials in Africa now for Coronavirus vaccines reactions, which based on this link did not make the top countries of cases. Science has significantly improved for this outbreak.  

Map of Africa

Do They get cholera vaccines?

Fact: We know there are false positives, completely healed without knowledge of the illness, free medical payments if you have it, the omission of other factors in the cause of death, and paid14 days off work if you are exposed or have it.

Fact: Dr. Fauci admits to being dishonest to the American civilian population at the beginning of the Pandemic when he assured everyone that masks will not protect you. He justified his dishonesty of our safety because he was afraid the healthcare workers would have us take all their PPE. Now that they have enough of it, he let us know we should use whatever we can find in our drawers to cover up because it protects us.

Fact: We know the last mass riot of the Rodney King verdict from police brutality was the same year Bill Clinton was elected. It was also a bad year for the flu and spiked in deaths across nursing homes and underlying health conditions. It was 1992. The Clintons justified the murders and destruction of the riots in the inner cities as a rebellion for the lives of the black people being so impoverished. 1992.

Fact: We know CNN began classroom news programs in the 90’s across all public schools.

Fact: We know this article published in September of 2019 stated the Alliance, WHO and their supporters were aware of a global pandemic on its way and linked to the virus.

Fact: We know the confederate flag, KKK, desire for slavery, and bloodiest war in our history were created by the democratic party. 

https://www.history.com/a83b4dc1-2b42-4806-b406-b6f0414cd2f9 – video of the story

Fact: We know that The Black Lives Matter Movement has allowed representation of top media personalities to explain that the BLM movement’s focus is not Black-on-black crime, it is only about police brutality. “If you want an all Black Lives Matter movement that talks about gun violence in communities, including Black communities, then start that movement.”

What does it all mean? There’s many more facts, and will add them over time. Please feel free to dig yourself and find more and add in.

Fact: We know in the next couple of weeks she’s either talking or not. Let’s hope she can, and will.

Part 2: As Americans who have forgotten to search for the fact pieces that weave the bigger puzzle, we’ve also gotten used to alot of things that aren’t cool.

The ironic part of all of this – this life where all of those who Act are trying to suppress the actual Facts – Don’t bring up all the bad stuff that everyone has accepted. You know, the stuff we’re used to.

We are used to looking away at the homeless.

We are used to commercials soliciting donations to get disabled veterans a home or sick kids free health care or animal rescues.

We are used to the government blowing our social security savings on whatever they decide and not repaying it.

We are used to autism.

We are used to food allergies, pollution and cancer from carcinogens in most everything we are exposed to or consuming.

We are used to human traffickers, gangs, cartels, child abductors and predators existing in our country.

We are used to cutting back funding that closed public rehab clinics, mental health access, social workers, counselors and safe foster homes.

We are used to people supporting abortion after the gestation age of the baby could survive.

We are used to knowing child abuse, sexual abuse and twisted sickos live among us and know not a zip code.

We are used to celebrities and politicians turning a blind eye to colleagues doing horrid things in the name of lucrative career deals.

We are used to a decline in respect for our servicemen and women, flag, national anthem, honesty, integrity, and pride.

We are used to oversized nursing homes, processing plants, overseas slave labor to make our world faster and convenient.

We are used to pollution, trash and contamination everywhere within our environment.

We are used to hypocracy and deciding who falls and who gets a pass. Selective forgiveness.

We are used to decades of war for reasons we can’t recall.

We were used to not admitting there’s a curtain behind the curtain.

We are used to not having the Ten Commandments as our guiding light in politics. Yet many preachers, priests and pastors have allowed politics into their pulpits.

We are getting used to wearing masks of fabric.
We are getting used to crappy customer service.
We are getting used to believing the unbelievable.
We are getting used to staying home and not seeing family or friends.
We are getting used to not having church or faith in our lives.

Thank you for reading.


Disclaimer: All of these facts are in no particular order and without influence on what you should think. I hope people actually start thinking for themselves and for those of us that already do – speak up!

Each is a bulleted fact is embedded with a link to the whole story that validates and explains it in further detail if you’re skeptical about believing it. Make your own conclusions if you are still able.

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