Why Game of Thrones is So Addictive To So Many

By March 27, 2019 November 5th, 2022 Food for thought, Heather

So think about this. Game of Thrones. Why is it so fascinating to the point of a full-on merchandising frenzy of money business? I admit I may have a few bottles of GOT wine, a blanket, couple glasses, shirts, a House Stark bathrobe, etc. Sure, it’s film mastery like any other amazing vision like Avatar to Lord of the Rings to Ole’ HP and the wands. Yet on HBO and almost 10X longer and epic than LOTR. The emotion of S6:09 Battle of the Bastards still terrifies me and awe inspires my adoration of cinematography keeps my eyes open as much as possible.

Maybe it’s the script…or screenplay genius that is the powerful moments of greatness from our top players who tend to keep making it to another season. For a top of the head memorable moment or two – let’s talk about Cersei’s speech of confession after she apprehended the woman who tortured her in S6:10 Winds of Winter.

I’m making Season 6 references because that’s how far I am into re-watching the entire series as we prime up for the 4-6 final episodes ever. Ever. It will be over. Forever.

Then what? Perhaps it’s time. Only because I want Jon, Khaleesi, Tyrian, GreyWorm, his girlfriend, Sansa, Aya, Bran, Jaime, Brianne, Hound, you know – the cool ones you now or always did root for to live happily ever after in however they end up.

If you haven’t started re-watching it, there is some time. 17 days + seventy episodes. If you did 3-4 episodes a night and then 6 on the weekend days you could do it. I really recommend it. I have learned so much more now and didn’t realize how much you forgot.

Okay, back to why I think this show is so indescribably memorable. Sports fans, think about this.

Imagine that you’re just some good young guy, blue-collar working for a living. No complaints really, people die all the time but your family doesn’t make waves and works your own land or whatever industry. You have to go to war and defend your king. Or queen. If need be. All your life you’ve had to train or get tortured or driven to build the soldier your kingdom expects you to be. You aren’t drafted to the team like football. You’re born into it by zip code or bloodline. You must wear the uniform of your team so that even out in the field, should you survive or escape, any traveler around is going to see you and if they don’t play on your team, you’ll probably die. If you’re a woman, you’re in just as much danger if rooting for the other team.

Can you picture living during a time when life really was a day to day thing? If you come across the wrong person or your boss flips their lid or your poisoned or catch a sickness or get caught in the middle of a war or something. Life is not valued and they pray and have “the old gods and the new” but aren’t quite sure what the afterlife is about. They have different funeral procedures but many team houses do not.

Life is very fragile and only the strong or lucky or both see gray hair.

If you’re a guy and your kingdom goes to war, you go to war. More people usually die than live, unless you totally outnumber the enemy. And then just a lot of you die.

You also don’t matter if you aren’t of some level of nobility. You gotta make marriage a political maneuver and pray you actually end up loving each other. But it’s usually not.

People can take your baby. And do whatever.

If you’re a serial killer you can be that publicly if you can keep others from avenging them.
You understand when the good guys have to kill or be killed and you are so relieved when they win and kill them. You know they have to, there’s only personal dungeons or limited time to get on with fighting the next one coming at you with a sword.

Can you imagine? Oh, and there’s a lot of cool supernatural things and creatures that you can do if you know how.

Cool, right? With some of the best actor speeches of avenge or revenge, I’ve ever heard. Every episode.

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