Can We Keep 2019 Hairstyles in Fashion – Forever? Please?

By March 28, 2019 November 5th, 2022 Food for thought, Heather

I do stuff to my hair for work. Or if I’m going somewhere nicer than usual. You know, a date or concert or something. But that’s about it.

Over the years, as I am sure everyone, even short hair folks, switched it up. Changed something. Color, style, length, part… We will do so in the future, too. Cut and color is always fun to experiment with, but can we please leave style methods as is, forever?

Today’s hair trends are my favorite so far and have held strong for a few years now. I hope it stays that way. Here’s why.

Your hair is styled either straight or curly. Flat irons and bigger barreled curling irons are a necessity, but the hot rollers, crimpers and the rest of the tools of life past are still keeping your bathroom vanity much leaner – like Maria Kondo would like.

Any shades or lengths don’t matter. Straight or curly. Soft and healthy.

Side story – I’ve gone between blonde and brunette shades so many times until my favorite hairdresser Olivia asked me a question. “What was your natural hair color when you were five years old?” I thought about it, and well, here was my answer:


So through the years of exploring the current trends of that time, my hair colors would look like a Minwax stain aisle at Lowe’s. While also processing and chemically abusing it.

Perms, hair net/white rain hairspray, stiff hair, banana clips, box color … thankfully have gone out of popularity even though you still technically have access to them. Like Summer’s Eve.

Scrunchies are coming back now, but that’s ok. You can come back into the plan.


Best Hair Product Ever

See, the next part of why I hope today’s trends always stay is we have also embraced the messy bun. The casual, ‘put some Moroccan oil on after a shower and let it dry and enjoy the weekend’ look has become accepted and expected amongst women.

Finally. Something we agree on and support one another about. Messy buns.

Straight and Curly are processes I, like every other woman working or going out, will choose one or the other. I am not sure what each woman is feeling or motivated to choose one or the other that day, but if it’s similar to me, it goes like this.

Straightening the hair takes twice as long and it’s more heat from scalp to ends. I also only get two days max out of it then you have to wash and start over.

Throwing the curls in when your hair’s all wavy anyway takes ten minutes and you wrap bigger chunks around less heat. I can keep it three days before a wash.

Oh, and there’s another cool thing about hair acceptance. You’re encouraged, especially with highlights, to try and not wash your hair of oils. Dry shampoo is a legit thing and our hair is healthier for it.

We’ve come a long way from sun-in. 

When I see someone with flat-ironed hair and I know they usually go curly too, they woke up ambitious and wanting to mix the usual up so they invested more time. At least that’s my excuse.

So let’s always keep this trend a thing, shall we? Don’t let my hair down. I’ll be that 70+ year old still wearing my hair like 2019.  Heck, I sported it back in 1981 (above) and it still works.

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