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By January 19, 2022 Heather

What these shows taught me and I kept with me as a developing human in my formative years – you know, the years you can’t control where you are so it’s up to all the adults to make sure you get guided into a solid grown up one day who discovers their purpose for their life experience – those I’m thinking about.

For the curious deeper divers into my recommendations, check out these shows through my youth as through the lens of a child and adult evolved human who was also watching it back then and make up excellent conversations! Whether the timeline be your parent or grandparent or great grandparent – instead of talking about all this Buchaki called current media psychosis for division of core values attempt on America and instead, check out these shows on Pluto, Roku, or any other free ranked app that boasts live TV and they’re new channels.

Like for example, I can watch ‘The Loveboat Channel’ on Pluto TV and it’s 24/7 episodes of the Loveboat in a constant loop.

Little House on the Prairie! Talk about your good wholesome values of how to treat one another as told through the eye of the wonderfully authentic Ingalls family and all the types of people wandering in and out of Walnut Grove just on the edge of civility and commerce.

Ahhh, yep. Pa teaches someone an important lesson about character and values of decent Americans like no other.

You still may tear up to this day. I recommend the one where the girl who ran away ended up trapped in a well and it took two of the arguing city folk to come together and think through where she could be while in the dark with lanterns.

Seriously though. It’s good TV. Loveboat, well – haha – ummm this one tells you a lot too. It’s pushing the ethics on sex and tourism beyond what would ever fly today, but it always has good nuggets of feel good lovebirds to make you feel like you need a shower afterwards or maybe you and the hubs should plan a getaway trip and renew our vows. Toss up. But the doctor on the ship is a straight up hoe fo sho.

And only Hollywood celebrity looking gals in little bikinis will do. The actors usually have their appropriate cruise ship attire to cast them as the married folk.

Or those who don’t need attention to attract the doctor who’s going to fight for her with the bartender and operations guy when the captain isn’t interested so calamity and room issues can ensue.

Yeah, not our finer moments but Aaron Spelling knew how to build a celebrity empire and his kids are all real about it today. Haha. You see where I’m painting that train.

Anyway. He did have some good shows. I mean Dallas, Dynasty and Knots Landing were my Friday family TV nights and I enjoyed them.

I’d rather they be kids and just get acclimated into the world the adults around them painted as their reality. Whatever that reality may be – from the castles to the tents and trunks I think that in itself while discover one’s own special voice, skin suit attributes for your elevator speech in life is kinda of purpose stuff.

Take for example, MASH. My Dad loved MASH and if it was the night it aired, it was on the big three so we could watch it and usually did.

I mean, TV Dinners and snack trays to prop up against the TV and escape reality have been in play for our lifetimes and no one is complaining, we just don’t like that we’re getting awareness of how it’s been spoonfed to influence our agendas and what we think happiness really means and how to achieve it so as to lose the magic that made us want goodness in our lives and for our families.

OK, back to MASH. Did you know if you get on your phone’s giphy image choices – which by the way are brilliant ways to say so much with merely sending someone else reacting how you feel on your behalf is?

Genius. Fun. Expressive for those who struggle to express. And great practice to get better at it and connect to people you care about.

If you look up the word Klinger – there’s no results. If you search MASH, you get approximately 1.5 thumb lift scrolls until it gets diluted with related yet not accurate images of other options that may or may not work so you typically thumb scroll 2.5 more times down knowing that to get back to the top choices you have to re-review to find the best closest result to Klinger who was on MASH was requires 5 reverse lifts back up because there’s no return option.

So at the very top, you got Klinger in a ‘naval’ outfit that is like closer to what the gondola guys at the Venetian wear in Vegas for those singing boat trips.

It was an Army camp in the war somewhere in Asia where was usually safer but where they shipped the injured who were hauled out of real time war activities and sometimes possibly ambushed.

So it’s basically a light comedy sitcom that inspired Grey’s Anatomy climactic moments that make the joking stuff more endearing over time.

A sitcom dramedy if you will.

The show was a top show from ‘72-‘83. Then they ran reruns until… well today you can still see them now. If it’s on, my Dad will probably watch it. I might, too.

My point is that Klinger was, now as I think about it – a transgender. There wasn’t any word for it, it was just a guy on the show that was one of the more funny line deliverers in his job of dispatching or like the principal at school or like what I figured was Robin Williams’s Good Morning Vietnam inspiration. Who knows.

I just know, Klinger was funny, accepted and a big part of the show and every episode he could be wearing pearls and dresses or fishnet tights.

He was Klinger.

And we are telling all these people today that no one as the majority will accept you if you want to wear a dress and you should want to do it and welcome to our club.

Klinger is proof that is not true and most people don’t care, they just want to help get that girl out of the well.

Where’s Klinger??? Let him out of the closet mainstream media people. We weren’t tyrants.

Now, I’m a little confused with parenting rules because it’s like – ear muffs, ear muffs type adult situations in all these shows yet today they gotta pick which side they want their pickle on by like, oh I don’t know, seven? Jada Pickett suggests Nine to start speaking the monkey butt but IDK we should even talk like that until their properly wired to need worry about it.

We just knew the world had all sorts of folks. From Gingers to Mariannes there was all sorts of people and everyone made it work together on the Island and so did all of us.

We all wanted to be better and celebrate all the different people. Just ask my parachute pants. So thank you Klinger. Thank you for coming back into our lives to remind us that we are not crazy. They we accept all Americans who want to make us better and are engaging to have around. Regardless of what demographic room you allow governmental society to box you into.

I thought of you as Klinger. No more, no less. You defined who you were. I wish you the best.

Thanks for reading. Check out some of these shows and I bet your family will welcome the conversations about nostalgia and how far we’ve come … or regressed. It’s a mixed bag of hope though 🙂


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