Giving Prayer a Shot

By April 30, 2023 February 23rd, 2024 Heather, Pandemic Thoughts

About a year or more ago, I realized I wasn’t showing gratitude to God as well as I was for a while and that perhaps that was the reason I was so miserable at work and regressing back into stress health issues.

It hit me square in the face like, duh!

I bought a traditional prayer candle and kept it front and center in my kitchen, which is open to the living room and where I spend most of my home time.

It reminded me every time I was home that I needed to light it and say something. Anything.

It made a difference.

It brought me back into a regular, casual relationship with God that I thought I already had before, turns out it’s even better for my soul than I remember. It really didn’t take much to do.

Sometimes when I light it, I watch that flicker or light and simply thank Him for another day, for sunshine, for my children all being healthy and my grandchildren.

Sometimes I bring up that funny situation I know He saw today and I hoped I did right.

Or I read or saw something that scares me and I really don’t know what to do to help get more people to have Him in their hearts.

There’s been days I’ve rushed to light the candle and prayed my heart for protection. A tornado where my daughter lives. My son traveling to Cleveland with friends. My Dad finding out he had cancer. My niece that was fighting off PCD for weeks at Children’s in Pittsburgh.

When we learned my niece in Iowa died from drug poison.

I’ve lost count of how many candles I’ve burned through.

I know life is not within our control.

Life is precious.

We’ve spent our lives groomed to desire their lifestyles as means of success markers.  We’ve spent our lives being divided and they’ve pushed the pressure cooker to an all-time high.

There are big billionaire pedophiles who’ve created a large army of the famous and fortune gluttons.

Yet there’s billions of us who’ve created a large army of faith and freedom and family.

My candlelight reminds me to talk to God. That stuff above is pretty heavy in itself when you see it.

The highs, the lows, the things only me and inside me know and share with Him.

I can’t explain it, other than peace comes in the present moment of these moments.

Anxiety, fear and stress lessen quickly. Gratitude, thank you’s and funny reflections create a greater wave of Joy. I truly feel more grace in my heart every day.

I find myself, more than a year in, the same dorky, ornery Heather is here yet my light and energy frequency seems to be heightened.

As we continue to roll into this massive defining moments of diabolical history, the one control we have is our Joy. Our Love. Our faith.

It’s like a crazy amount of multiplicity. Grace grows faster and more frequent then fear can. Laughter is the best medicine.

I think of the story of Monsters Inc (spoil alert) when these bedtime monsters in the closets use fear and collect screams to collect the energy to power their world. Only to discover, in the end, the power of a child’s laugh is exponentially greater than any negative emotion three-fold.

It gets you in a good place with you and you. I think that is the key, being comfortable in the bodysuit God gave you where you find peace and acceptance with Grace in your heart.

Seems to be working wonders for me.

Just all starts with a little light and a little chit chat with our God.

Whatever you may call Him, it’s just important to recognize and connect because the more light you feel inside, the more it radiates to others.

It’s like an energy vibe that hums along and attracts others looking for that present peace inside themselves.

Through my mediative candle time of thoughts, I sometimes feel responses. When you are in the present, meaning not just here reliving past things or here and fretting over future you can’t predict, your surroundings are more aware.

I see little things. Other people interacting. A yellow chair on the porch. Sometimes, ironic or coincidental things that make me chuckle because we just talked about that. Then I find myself laughing and saying something to God like, ‘oooooh – I see what you did there!’

Good one, God.

No candle reminders needed.

So I know God wants me to show others how to gain light and peace in the present. Connect through the power of positive energies that defeat the darkest places in every corner.

I want in my heart of hearts and present time knowing that as of right now, I shall no longer sit in despair thinking of all the inhumane injustices happening to children and isolated lonely people all over this country and this planet.

I am only one person but I can share what I know. I can share my stories. I can share my research. I can talk to people all around me who want peace too. I can share my light.

I’m making prayer candles. I’m finding the best essential oils that represent peace, joy and cheerfulness. I feel like they help make Grace for all.

I’m also about repurposing. I believe one physical way to assist with trying to stop this commodity train to globalism is try to not buy new if something’s already created instead.

Similar to how I painted the Sasquatch art over used print canvases from flea markets, I noticed high numbers of shot glasses and it made me think.

These are the perfect size for someone to kick off praying by candle light. I think of all the stories these discarded shot glasses contain, what toasts were made and how many friends were together.

Maybe it was a souvenir to mark a wonderful vacation or experience.

This is James’ collection. I bet he has some awesome stories of his travels. Short story below.

Once the candle is burned down, you can enjoy the shot glass or at a minimum, donate it back. One day I will find it and pour it anew. 😊

Every batch of candle I make and every shot glass I found on a shelf has been thoughtfully made by me, praying that whomever ends up lighting it feels peace in the present and Grace in their hearts.


Thanks for reading,


Oh and by the way, the growth and interactions that significantly support this effort are so reaffirming and welcomed. Wow! I pray you all keep growing in your prayer talk alignment too!

Additional notes from questions below

How long do you burn them?

I leave mine going the entire time I am near them, sometimes well into the evening. One glance, one smell and I smile, wink and nod to God. What started as an idea to help me get better, which I totally have, has become a beacon for me when feeling safe and home.

There’s no harm in lighting it long enough to pray and then blowing it out, too. Because it’s still helping you do it.

How do I get your Prayer candles?

I’m pouring and searching for shot glasses, gearing up to sell on my Etsy Shop and a few local distributer shops of good people locally in central Ohio. The Marysville Arts League sells them and a profit share goes to their cause which is awesome. Kim is the real deal.

Not sure about the praying part. It’s hard to know what to say.

I’ve been asked about praying. I guess for me it’s not that official. It’s just talking to someone that doesn’t talk back the same way but I want to share everything with. Here’s some kick starter prayer ideas until you’re comfortable.

Hi God. Thank you for all the wonderful blessings you have given in my life. I pray that I see you in all things every day and see your light and sunshine in each moment. If you could give me a wink or a nod today, I’d appreciate it. Sometimes I get way too distracted and forget to see You in so many things.

Thanks again for all you do. I love you. Amen.


Hey God, it’s me. Thank you for the sunshine and the rain and everything in between. I pray you help me see a glimpse of just how wonderful you think I am because sometimes I struggle. I want to see what you see. Help me find courage while being humble and discovery the purpose you see in me.

You da best. Love you. Amen


God I sure do appreciate you. No matter what I know you love me and want me to love you back. Unconditionally. There’s been so many things to be grateful for because of having your grace. Thank you so much for ___________________________ and ________________________. Sometimes it’s the things you forget that are important matter most. I pray you always help me see the light in every dark.

God is good, all the time. Thank you. I love you. Amen.


Hi. It’s me. When this whole world feels upside down, I take comfort knowing that together there’s nothing we can’t overcome. Please be my strength when I feel tired and help me see where I can be the light for others. I want to be a source of joy and light to others in a time where we need you most. I pray you help me light the way to more loving you like me.

I appreciate it. Thank you. I love you. Amen.


Dear Lord, Thank You for fearfully and wonderfully creating each and every one of us. Each of us made through your beauty.  Thank You for giving us worth in Your eyes. Help us live to become the unique story you intended each of us to be us. Help us find peace and joy as we find purpose in this life you gave. In Your Name, Amen.

Easy Peasy. There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s. Say anything.

What about Scentsy? Will you make those too?

10-15 years ago, we all use candles. Then the new melt wax genius came to be. So, I got away from candles in the age of scentsy oil diffusers. It made sense, kids running around and pets… leaving candles unattended was one of the big selling points of the new series of fancy cool smellies in my home.

I still use them, too. If a scentsy light cues you to talk to God then that’s great. So any way that you feel prompted to get used to growing Grace in your heart, us great. Maybe it’s a light up scentsy ceramic.

You do you, boo!

More questions? Send any to the comments section and I can respond. 🙂

The James Collection

Hot water soap bath prior to sani rinse cycle

When I found out the Art League wanted to offer the Give Prayer a Shot candles in their gift shop, I went into scale search for all the fun, random and life filled shot glasses I could. I was getting nervous, thinking, “oh no. what if I can’t find what I need to make this happen?” I’m legit serious I feel compelled to help others get comfortable with life and being in the present and chit chatting with God.

I went as far as researching how to just make my own shot glasses. You know, like people do for weddings and stuff. Personalized shot glasses rabbit hole.

Why not, I thought, how did all the souvenir shops make there versions to begin with? Sure enough, there’s commercial companies out there will to make my shot glasses say Give prayer a shot right on them.

Case solved. In fact, that very day I found 2. yes two shot glasses within three thrift stores within 20 miles. And they had to have them mispriced because they were $2 each. what the heck.

Online option was looking tempting. Yet I couldn’t do it.

I feel like there’s something to be said with using what we already got to giving prayer a shot.

There’s something about having something that once held purpose within someone else.

Even if it was just because they collected them and nothing more.

So I prayed about it and said I know I want to do this and if it’s meant to be done, it’ll all work out.

Then I cast away that worry and went about my day.

My day took me about 45 minutes away to Springfield. And I was asked to give my friend coworker a lift back, which was awesome. Hadn’t had time to talk with her in ages.

On a whim I asked if she had any immediate appointments or anything, and she didn’t.

Asked her if she wouldn’t mind finding the local Goodwill with me and checking for some shot glasses.

Filled her in on the way there. She was game, and likes thrift shopping exploring herself and we shared fun stories of things we found and what we did with them to make.

Good times.

We walk in an BAM! There it is. So many shot glasses this Goodwill bagged them up and sold them by the sack. Five full sacks.

This has to be a one owner collection. How could it not?

On cloud nine, ready to get to work, my friend spent our fun road trip home digging into the bags and telling me what all we found.

One glass, had a name. there’s 86 in this collection. One of the glasses said James.

I see James. His glasses tell me he really loved traveling to mountainous areas from Colorado to Appalachia from Branson to the Smokys. He had some fun discoveries, whether given to him and purchased in person, James left me handmade art from Colombia to Puerto Rico and definitely likes the race cars.

I can’t wait to put these out there and imagine all the beautiful prayers and laughs and talks with God while remembering James made these possible for me to provide.


Which candle will you light?


  • Jenny Wolf says:

    It was so much fun to see where James had been or where he wanted to go. Things that made him happy. You can put this in your own perspective as you pray. Where do you want God to take you? Where all has God been there for you in the past? What has God given you that has just made you full of joy and happy? A thought, a sign, a Godwink.

    He is always there.
    Are you listening? Do you hear him in the birds chirping, the wind blowing, the sound of music that touches the soul.
    Are you seeing him? In the beautiful flowers that he has grown, the smile on people’s faces, the sunset masterpieces.
    Do you feel Him? In the warm sunshine, wrapped up in a warm blanket, or a small hand holding onto yours.

    • Heather says:

      I love it 🙂 Yes. He is everywhere when you look. IT’s the best hopeful feeling and I hope others find it and share when they do! I am forever grateful that the first James collection was with you!

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