Painting Sasquatch

By September 4, 2021 October 29th, 2022 Heather, Pandemic Thoughts

I’m starting to try stuff I haven’t done to see if I can do it. Last weekend I found a picture of a Van Gogh Night Sky with Sasquatch. It’s my favorite painting and inspired my ankle tattoo but I wondered if I had what it takes to paint it myself.

I used to paint all the time and like it. I just not wonderful at it. I’m ok. Decent. It’s relaxing.

And I did it. I made my own version while trying to follow along.

I like to buy chunky canvases from goodwill. At $3 and two inches thick- you can’t buy it for that. Most canvas you buy is skinny and I wanted it to look real old and classic.

There. Painted it black and sprayed a second of gold spray paint to give some shine thru the night sky.

Every time I spray paint something black I have to sing The Rolling Stones song I Want to Paint it Black. Every time.

Just like when I crack open a can of Truly and sing Lionel Ritchie.

I used a plastic tablecloth on the floor and some Dollar General acrylics for $6. I had to break out my regular acrylic craft paints cause the greens in the DG set weren’t really green. Weird I know. They were like aquamarine instead of hunter green.

Starting to take shape. Worked On swirlies first.

I made my Sasquatch a little more burly and gave him a face. And I wanted to use the purple DG color so I made flowers.

My family really likes it. Who knew.

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Next up, I’m gonna try a rock art sculpture in my front landscaping. Here’s an example of what I mean on Pinterest.

That’s way too advanced for me. So I’m going for simpler. I’ll post it when I’m done, whether I can do it or I fail. It’s worth a try.

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