5 Ways To Appreciate Ohio Winters

By November 29, 2018 Food for thought

Let’s face it. We all wish we could be snow birds but if you’re in the thick of life that includes work, school and a mortgage – you have to find the bright side when you truly despise the hard, cold, dark winter months. So how can you look at that proverbial cup as half full (of snow) versus half empty? Here’s my top five.

1.When you get groceries, you can accidentally forget them in the trunk.

2.  Your garage becomes the fridge, only bigger. Perfect for those holidays parties or a great deal at Costco. 

3. The snow will hide all the leaves and dog poo you didn’t get time to clean up.

4. It’s not as cold as Iowa. Or windy. Or snowy. You could be there, freezing more. 

5. I guess having a white Christmas is pretty cool. Especially if it’s big flakes. 

That’s about it for me. Otherwise. Winter sucks.

All in all, these are some great perks to being tied down to another Ohio winter when you love summer, sunlight and of course tans, pedicures and flip flops. Oh well. If you’re gonna be here, at least you can forget your groceries.

Stay Warm,


PS. Leave blankets in your car! Never know when you might go sideways.

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