What we’re used to, and how to not be anymore

By October 28, 2021 October 29th, 2022 Heather, Pandemic Thoughts
what we are used to

We’re not supposed to bring up all the bad stuff that everyone has accepted. You know, the stuff we’re used to. I am. Here it goes.

If we accept that some people are more deserving than others, something happens. We get used to stuff, because, obviously, it’s not us. It’s them.

We are used to looking away at the homeless.

We are used to commercials soliciting donations to get disabled veterans a home or sick kids free health care or animal rescues, because our taxes don’t go to that.

We are used to the government blowing our social security savings on whatever they decide and not repaying it.

We are used to autism.

We are used to food allergies, pollution and cancer from carcinogens in most everything we are exposed to or consuming.

We are used to human traffickers, gangs, cartels, child abductors and predators existing in our country.

We are used to cutting back funding that closed public rehab clinics, mental health access, social workers, counselors and safe foster homes.

We are used to people supporting abortion after the gestation age of the baby could survive.

We are used to knowing child abuse, sexual abuse and twisted sickos live among us and know not a zip code.

We are used to celebrities and politicians turning a blind eye to colleagues doing horrid things in the name of lucrative career deals.

We are used to a decline in respect for our servicemen and women, flag, national anthem, honesty, integrity, and pride.

We are used to oversized nursing homes, processing plants, overseas slave labor to make our world faster and convenient.

We are used to pollution, trash and contamination everywhere within our environment.

We are used to hypocracy and deciding who falls and who gets a pass. Selective forgiveness.

We are used to decades of war for reasons we can’t recall.

We were used to not admitting there’s a curtain behind the curtain.

We are used to not having the Ten Commandments as our guiding light in politics. Yet many preachers, priests and pastors have allowed politics into their pulpits.

We are getting used to wearing masks of underwear fabric.
We are getting used to crappy customer service.
We are getting used to believing the unbelievable.
We are getting used to staying home and not seeing family or friends.
We are getting used to not having church or faith in our lives.

I feel helpless. I dusted off my Free Tibet shirt and asked, what do I do? How can I help? How can beyond prayers, make this shift?

  1. You are what you tolerate. If you continue to accept, ignore and tolerate what you know in your heart to be wrong and say nothing, it perpetuates the problem. If we all agree to follow John Mayer’s song, that’s fantastic. Hey, it’s a start. It can be done genuinely and start a trend of others to try it, too. Say what you need to say.
oh hey heather say what you need to say

2. Cancel me?? Nope. I cancel you. Stop buying, supporting, participating in ways that allow the dickheads to keep making money. I’ve cut out Facebook, Netflix (ok I do watch my daughter’s account, when she wants me to see a show, but still), Twitter, Instagram, umpteen dozen celebrities and singers who are using their platforms to basically hurt us alls – movies, merch and support – yeah.

Now I know it feels impossible to escape all of it. I mean, I still have an Apple phone knowing the Chinese have nets around their buildings to catch them. But I am aware and slowly but surely disconnecting from this entire world to become less dependent on all of these mega monsters. I’ll keep trying to detox from chemicals, bad foods, basically funding any of them. One day. One day! I’ll get there Amazon. Dang you. I’ve definitely cut back alot.

Dave Chappelle said it best in Closer – he walked off the bus with $50Mil on it. If we all walk away and no longer tolerate bullshit and those who bank off of it – we have the buying power to shut this shit show down.


It. Is. Freeing!!

3. Ask yourself every time you hear or read a headline – is this my opinion, or am I repeating what I read someone else think? If I am storytelling – which I can easily do – I make sure to disclaim what I can prove as fact, what I have not verified myself and what I am guessing. We have to get truthful about truth.

Truth does set us free when we remove bias and buy in from things we don’t research for ourselves to be fact.

I’m doing it. What is there to lose? It’s all to gain and we know in our hearts of hearts this isn’t real.

Thank you for reading. Let’s start talking and getting comfortable with it!

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