Picking Our Poisons

By March 5, 2023 Heather

I can’t shake the dread in my heart and mind for what has happened to us all because of the explosion and burn pit epicenter that’s called East Palestine.

I’m sick of plastic. Why do we need so much of it? If there’s anything those Greta children and Bernie hippies should consider, it’s not natural resources killing us and our planet. It’s the chemical laboratories using carcinogens to us and earth in the name of progress and profit.

Sure, I won’t argue that some plastic inventions save lives. Got it. Check.

I’m saying do we really need it in every single facet of our lives and what society says we need to have successful lives?

It’s fricking everywhere. It’s not just because we eat it, smell it, spread on our faces, drink it, touch it… we also spill it, dump it, burn it and throw it away very poorly.

Corporations make products for scale and celebrity, not with a goal of diminishing the need for disease pharmaceuticals.

Research and Experience Example: Sunblock

There’s a reason sunblock is bad and causing the surge in skin cancer.

In the short ten minutes of article searching and reading, I discovered that sentence above is incorrect grammar. It wasn’t the sunblock that has caused the 77% increase in carcinomas and various skin cancers.

It’s the Sunscreen!

Sunscreen introduced to us in the 1990’s that led to the 77% jump in skin cancer. Who knew sunblock and sunscreen were two different things. The growth in skin cancers timelined against the creation of sunscreens are not.

Yes. I believe the very advertising we were all sold to keep us safe from a growing fear of the sun, yet wanting to keep the societal Beauty of bronze tinged skin that led to a new chemical based lotion you must slather all over yourself and loved ones that is making everyone sick.

It’s a basic example of any product or service that Hollywood and corporations leaned on FDA, CDC, USDA, EPA and NIH collaborated on. Seriously. It’s like playing Madlibs with consumerism.

To be _______________________________ (Prettier, smarter, thinner, cleaner, faster etc)

We’ve got this amazing solution called ________________________________ (Sunblock, instant foods, make up, deodorants, soaps, preservatives, sprays etc)

Make sure you judge and reject others who don’t apply them correctly.

You’ll find out years later it has carcinogens, neurotoxins, irritants, allergy inducing reactions. For goodness sake check out this book on the NIH website you can buy to learn about everything they already know we’re consuming at their recommendations.

One small quote from the jawdropper link includes: “Food groups shown to contain the highest levels of phthalates through measuring urine metabolite levels include beverages, bread, meat, and dairy products.[9] Phthalates have been detected in indoor dust samples collected from homes and dormitories in China and bottled water samples from countries worldwide.[10][11] As stated, dermal absorption of phthalates in personal care products (PCPs) significantly contributes to phthalate toxicity. Factors associated with higher levels of phthalate metabolites in urine include using a combination of PCPs, using leave-on instead of rinse-off products, and being younger. In particular, the most significant association was seen with using the LMWP metabolite of DEP, monoethyl phthalate (MEP), and fragrance-containing products, such as body lotions and hair products.[12] Cosmetics and PCPs are also noted to be the primary source of DEP in human urine.[1]

They’ll stay on the shelves. No changes in any of this are occurring. Be vigilant out there! We allow present day vanity to allow this lab testing for medical profits to continue until our entire bodies live, accept and take plastics and shorten our lives with horrible cancers that we all will get. We’re on our own.

Today, after being the first generation to be fully raised in the entire plastic factory we live in, I am Generation X.

Dye sodas, red M&Ms, celebrity endorsed ads, mac and cheese, TV dinners, sunscreen, all parents must work, we must move faster and make more money to succeed – We really were the kids that had the full on plastic roll out. High Fructose Corn Syrup began shortly before I was born and by the time I was 8 years old, and Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire, I was chugging that crap into my young bodysuit, everyone unaware and just feeling trendy. Especially since they quit putting them in glass bottles and went to… plastic! Dang Diabetes anyway. Wonder if that could be why 1 in 10 of us have diabetes right now.

Oh, Oh Oh Ozempic.

I remember when Weirton steel closed, oddly enough it collapsed over the weight of plastic replacements. From peanut butter lids to lunchboxes, the need for metal has now been left to the scrappers to find.

Heck, we even sold the entire wasteland of what remained from the 9/11 bombings with planes as the igniting match to China. Yes. China bought all the scraps of that disaster. Not sure who profited off it but I can guess.

I scratch my head at how I knew all this information and yet accept that it’s all still widely available and the common practice to add into our world knowing it, tada, causes cancers. Cha Ching.

Back to food. I don’t even know how to escape it. Right on the government websites it clearly tells you every ingredient being added and accepted into our huge mega stores of grocery aisles. We wanted bigger and faster and selection and by golly we have it.

They even debunked their own food pyramid we were raised as children to believe. Gracious sakes.

Is it quantity or processing quality or both

Now, I realize still trying to be healthy and choose the right stuff, like fruits and meats, yet not sure what the cow ate or what sprayed on the vege to get it here from south America still ripe. who knows.

I’m leaning on the same industry of 40 years altering the foods.

“Glyphosate is one of the world’s most common herbicides. It’s the active ingredient in popular weed-control products like Roundup, Rodeo, and Pondmaster. Many farmers use it during food production.

It’s often used on:

  • Fruit and vegetable crops
  • Glyphosate-resistant crops like canola, corn, cotton, soybeans, sugar beets, and wheat
  • Plantings, lawns, greenhouses, aquatic plants, and forest plantings” Read more from WebMD here.

I digress.

The entire point of documenting these thoughts I have are to assist me in expressing the discontent and horror that we believed was our government for my life – so far. These are the very reasons of truth and proof that will keep me seeking a new path of thinking and understanding and communication.

Many will probably reject me as experienced prior and that’s ok. I see my tribe shifting and in many ways, the growth of bond and trust in my family and friends that see it and know it to be true, too are with me. There is no judgment from me. I still like junk foods, eating at restaurants and alcohol and bottled water.

Awareness means we’re doing our best to reject things, stop buying them and getting this ship to turn around. While I’ve been sleeping in the simulation called work your ass off and make find ways to treat yourself for it, I’ve realized how much power we all have. They create a problem and then introduce the solution via something we must buy. We can flip that around and instead figure out our own problems and what solutions could be used without needing plastic ingestion to solve it.

All I ask is awareness to know this government, generations deep in corruption, are not interested in our quality of life. They’re interested in profiting off the quantity of our earning power.

You want 50 block sunscreen lathered up on your family so no one gets ‘sunburn’, allowing the sun to cook Go for it. It’s a free country. We literally live in a world where we have to pick our poisons.

We’re slowly becoming plastic. As planned. I say we try not to and jack the whole system up. Jokes on them.

It’s all in plain sight, if we looked. I’m guilty of it my whole life. Dang it if I don’t feel like I ate the red pill yet I cannot shake the fact that I am feeling and getting healthier the more I reject what I can where I can.

My solutions of immediate gratification are buying local. banking with community banks. looking at every cupboard and cabinet content I own and seeing what we didn’t need or what can be eliminated from my budget. You’d be surprised if you do that for your own personal inventories! Plus I save so much more money now.

I read and ask my seniors for remedies and routines prior to the plastic profit revolution we all were indoctrinated into and find lots of great suggestions! My skin and natural healing is better than ever and my house sparkles. We also have reversed osmosis water with alkaline PH for peace of mind, knowing it’s still probably getting the bad fluorides and pollutions in. Worth a shot. I found a physician that agrees many health problems are results of long term stresses and changes in behavior can help eliminate the needs for prescriptions that we as a society accept as forever.

Love our Earth and each other can be tough, but we can try better!

Thanks for reading. Pray for stopping all the chemical dumping and our people.


If this helps you start flipping over labels, here’s an overview of what all the additives are used for and BIG game players in the world known as allergies.

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  • Heather Howell says:


    I love your site! If I told you how I came across it…you’d likely tell me that I am crazy lol. Anyhow, everything you’ve said in many of of your articles is all that I have felt to my core for YEARS. Keep posting truth. You rock!


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