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By April 2, 2023 Heather, Pandemic Thoughts

Oh imagine the irony of it all.

I had lunch with someone and she was so delightful and we get along so well and she gave me all these advanced, intelligent suggestions on how to leverage my art and let more people see my fun.

Top of the list I wanted to check out further was this online place called Spatial and it’s a virtual art gallery that people then can enter and see all of your art in one place and I thought that is phenomenal! It’s neat! It’s a new way of storing your art and displaying it! How fun you know it gets into deeper stuff like all the NFT’s and what not. So yeah. Worth a try.

I sat down this morning all excited to build my own art gallery only to find out it’s a part of the metaverse. My heart sank. My internal debate with myself began.

Do it anyway? It’s a great opportunity. Bet it’s cool. Yet the makers behind it- You know, one of the participants in the biggest human scandals in our lifetime (that we know about).

I still have a Facebook profile I feel like it’s the archived me I’ve never ended it but I don’t activate it or use it or open it I don’t have that app on my phone.

I miss a lot of people because of it. I miss being able to see into the windows of other people’s lives as they choose to share it.

I know that there’s a lot of friends and family who think I’m weird because I’m still kind of on an island of choice by not being on Facebook. That I’m overreacting and missing out on good stuff. Same as TikTok Same for Instagram. Same for Twitter, in fact that one I deleted longer than the rest. More than two years now.

I sacrificed building brand awareness for an awesome company I helped cofound because I found myself not being able to get on the social media to promote it the proper way it should be. Yet I still haven’t changed my mind. We’re asking young entrepreneurs to take it instead.

I still haven’t redownloaded an app and I don’t think I will at this point. It’s weird but I just..can’t.

I’m not perfect. I still allow myself infiltrated/compromised social interaction apps within my phone because I still do agree on the original thought of it which was to connect people. Yet since we’ve learned that it was actually meant to divide, hide the epitome of everything that’s going to destroy our constitution and our rights as Americans, I wish more would look for new or old ways to connect elsewhere.

I am a self labeled hypocrite, as I do enjoy sending random snaps to individuals that I think might laugh because they know the context of the situation or maybe they don’t and just know that I can be weird and funny because life is too heavy to not have fun and joy and laughter sometimes.

So here friends, watch a squirrel hang out on my corn cob tractor in the tree.

My circles of people that talk to me on the regular basis whether it be through work or life and family, especially all those spread out across the states because our entire family next gen is growing up in different places of the country remotely from each other.

Bless those that still love me anyway and screenshot cool news from people they know I care about and text me funny TikToks that they think I’d like. What great folks.

I would say that for all the time I no longer spend scrolling on my phone I’ve been spending it at least texting and talking and facetiming on my phone with the people to try and connect us and make sure we stay together in these weird times.

I find it ironic that I was someone who not only embraced social media, I helped create roles and jobs within companies I’ve worked for to manage them and strategies and logics and I taught classes and helped other business owners determine what their voice should be and where they should advertise and how they can emotionally connect with their customers and how to create content that matters and how to not be too salesy and blah blah blah blah blah. So many years of stories!

I don’t regret thinking it was all the best stuff ever, I’m actually proud of my past careers and experiences. If it wasn’t for seeing behind the curtain and learning the bad guys at the very top think that we who make less money than them are not as valuable in human life, yet better off as lab rats who give them all our wages in the form of taxes got involved – I’d probably still be happily within the ether of media strategy messaging content and helping people stand out and stand up in their communities.

I learned a lot and met a lot of people and it adds one more library shelf to my life of content expertise or knowledge. I figure any specific thing you can learn over your life was by design to arm within my toolkit the discernment knowledge base to figure out how to help anyway some way. However I can direct more people out of this shamhole of a reality we created unknowingly, unwillingly and that together we could potentially fix, I think this vertical can shine some light maybe.

So yes, we could all apply our unique strengths, stories and truths to find a way out of this. There’s 10,000 to 1 comparing our caste system to theirs. When you lump together all Americans seeking American dreams who just want to live in peace and raise their families and celebrate all the cool things that make us who we are, we’re unstoppable.

We cannot currently do whatever our Godly purposes were meant to be if those destroying everything in front of our eyes are still contentedly happy knowing that they are poisoning, drowning, grooming, indoctrinating, medicating, inciting, misinformation-ing -and many more things that we can only compare to the boiled down version of good versus evil. Light versus Dark.

I digress.

I keep going on in my mind fentanyl, human trafficking, crime waves, assassins, terrorists, mysterious suicides of high knowledge people, all of these things are happening within the walls we were told is that of America – where you can dream and be safe and you cannot sure some of us have lucked out and ended up with zip codes that aren’t going to be dinked with yet however just like the warming pot with the frog inside the heat is starting to become apparent.

So darned it all to heck I guess I’m not going to get a virtual art gallery like I so wanted.

I will have to find another way. Perhaps another angle of light and love will come to me. All I know is I’m being called to make people laugh to lighten the load and to find true peace and harmony within ourselves and our beings and to make sure we are solid and confident that our voices shall not waver and that even if you’re the odd man out, the weird one, the one people don’t understand – you know you were true to yourself and authentic and what you believe.

And that my friends is truly what art is all about let’s be kind to one another there’s some really big mean demons out there trying to take us out and I kind of like all of us family faith and freedom for all
15 years ago I was learning how to live and leverage with social media. Today I get to solve how to do it all without it or MSM.

It can be done.

Thanks for reading online. Still teching. Ugh, So many deVices.


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