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I am Woman, No Riots Necessary.

I wanted to put solid information out there for some calm thoughts to process during this wild storm of destruction. I believe this division is engineered and here's why. I agree a man can want to become a woman. I agree a woman can want to become a man. I agree a man can sometimes want to be a woman and sometimes not. I agree a woman can want to be a man sometimes and other times return to being a woman. I agree a man can want to be a man and prefer sex with other men. I agree a woman can want to be a woman and prefer sex with other women. I think that about covers the…
June 26, 2022
Pandemic Thoughts

Can I Mask a Question?

Masks I fully agree with every frontline worker who wear masks being very angry on Facebook about those refusing to wear masks. But I don’t want to wear one either. We need to come together and agree on something. We disagree with the purpose we are told for why they are needed now when they weren’t before. Even several weeks into this shutdown. I feel the underlying issue that neither side is saying is why Medical professionals wear them and why we are supposed to wear them. Medical professionals must wear PPE to protect themselves from exposure of those they care for and save. The general public is being shunned into wearing whatever because everyone is afraid of us. Now…
May 18, 2020
HeatherPandemic Thoughts

Putting the ‘X’ in Anxiety

I wanted to take a walk. This wasn't my first walk since you know, this. But it was my first walk in a few days of possibilities to do it again. I used my yard as my physical activity lately with sunny, spring days. I just wanted a walk. Headspace. A good playlist as I Appreciate every clear, pain-free breath of fresh air. Or so I hoped. Then it became a jog and short cut back. Just go home, I thought. I'm a people pleaser, I get it. I'm the one that will go out of the way to ease someone else. That's not the issue. I totally take the high road so they don't have to. Some passerby’s are…
April 8, 2020