I am Woman, No Riots Necessary.

By June 26, 2022 July 18th, 2022 Heather, Pandemic Thoughts

I wanted to put solid information out there for some calm thoughts to process during this wild storm of destruction. I believe this division is engineered and here’s why.

I agree a man can want to become a woman.

I agree a woman can want to become a man.

I agree a man can sometimes want to be a woman and sometimes not.

I agree a woman can want to be a man sometimes and other times return to being a woman.

I agree a man can want to be a man and prefer sex with other men.

I agree a woman can want to be a woman and prefer sex with other women.

I think that about covers the alphabet. There, you got it. We all agree.

Carry on, please. Carry on.

What I don’t agree with is that we have to make sex and visualizations of that sex positioning on the forefront of every man, woman and child regardless of their beliefs on what sex is truly about – consensual love between two adult humans.

I also fully don’t agree with this back and forth anger hate arguments that no one even cares to have with these supporters of everything being tied into those alphabets now – from beastiality+ to pedophilia+? Oh, my bad, you call them MAPs now – Minor Attracted Persons. This makes things different for me.

 And you all still keep playing along? Like it’s ok?

I struggle because I have personally witnessed beautiful weddings of same genders for at least the past 20 years and didn’t realize there was still this major of a gap in anything. Now, the question is why is everyone so angry after so many years of progress?

WTF. Now you done raised my fingers to hit the keyboard with my words ya crazies.

Sexual exploitation and sin breeds and spreads into pits of despair. Even porn has gone off the rails from adults having sex to disgusting acts of consensual, yet forceable rape. I tried to watch a documentary exposing this growing market in America on Roku and I couldn’t watch anymore. Didn’t even finish a half hour.

I just got so sick to my stomach and something came over me like a wave of tears and ratchetness and I couldn’t to this day even process what the dread over me was trying to say. It’s deep darkness in plain sight.

Evil. Its evil I don’t have words for.

HOW is this happening and how is it so profitable?

I saw that right now, in our country, hundreds of daddyless teen girls hungry for fame and to be pretty are getting paid $500-1000 bucks a pop to be forced into real and fake penises into their faces so hard and so aggressively their mascara runs all down their faces with tears and spit and gagging. The more clicks they get on their mini movie, the more they get paid the next time. They live in 5-6 bedroom houses that were once nice and have a pool and young men live there as well, you know, the managers. That’s not even the half of it – most men are old 40’s-50’s and they do much worse to their anuses. The documentary blurred and cut the actual scenes – so I didn’t see it – but it was that horrific anyway. Evil. And they have millions of clicks.

The dark web is mainstream and in the hands of children to normalize it. It ain’t normal.

And this movement of rainbows, 50 genders and rage of destruction over being able to cut out a baby anytime you damn well feel like it, whether they could survive on the outside or not – is evil in plain sight and SO many young soft people are brainwashed into thinking it’s the compassionate thing?

This means….. it’s becoming normalized by the twisted elite squid games old men who are letting it happen. It’s all near the borders by the way. Where the trafficking is rampant.

If you don’t think the globalists enjoy their taste for child sex, think again. They want children to see perverse as normal.

Anti-Birth People – continued topic of their agenda

Next part I don’t agree with. The excuse to be criminals on the loose to now defend women’s rights.

Afterall, as a now happily married adult woman who survived child rape and gave birth at 16, I have a voice in the game of lies.

So many stories from this experience as a teen refusing abortion in 1992 Clinton era cycle of hate

Wait – so they’re out there fighting for me and my rights? awww, thanks but… I have to let them know, it’s ok – they can stop. They don’t need to fight for me.

By acknowledging that we are in fact women and that means we have a special feature called a womb and I can grow a baby inside of it – means you must be segregating a very select group of people, which represents me, in your arsonist path of destruction.

Here’s an article for later, called 7 behaviors of a hypocrite. It explains it better than me however, I’ll continue.

Uh, this makes no sense. When you explore the alphabet and what it all means, you’re upset of how it will effect me – a She She. A female. The rest of them them can’t be defined since there’s no way to define what a woman is.

So now I’m doubly confused because I listen to the defense of these freaks on the streets and they don’t fit what just happened by overturning Roe Wade and putting the decision of rules around getting an abortion to the individual states. It’s actually what you should be glad they did.

That’s why I’m so confused.

I know if I want some weed from a certified store and not you buddy’s sister’s friend in his mom’s basement, I have a handful of states to travel to. If I want to get a prescription card and purchase it at recognized medical dispensaries, you can pretty much do that in any state at this point.

That’s what they’re now saying about abortion rules. So basically, right now, these rainbow people have to travel to the cities that are allowing the riots and criminal destruction to occur which are going to be the exact cities that allow you to cut out a baby inside of you any time you damn well please.

So you’re burning your abortion cities up while also destroying the pregnancy centers that are set up to help the actual women who choose to keep their babies – which is their body and their choice to do.

So I really simply can’t understand it. It makes no rational sense to me other than to tie it into everything else they want which is sex in any imaginable way you can come up with, even if it involves a toy airplane.

That doesn’t sound like love to me, it sounds like perversion. And murder.

Notice I’m quoting left out and proud new media for this story. Thank you.

You know, every one of those people out there making all this nonsense for the world to see in the best country there is = makes me disgusted.

So I listened. I thought, maybe I can try and understand and see what they are misinformed about.

I hear this loud and proud lady tell the sad story of how she found out at 17 weeks, her baby wasn’t going to make it and could harm her as well. It was very sad to hear. It sounded as if the baby’s bones wouldn’t ever develop and were broken and long story short, she’s on this microphone telling all these people that if her state banned abortion, she would’ve died.

Seriously??? That’s not accurate. When you have an unviable pregnancy, especially if it puts the mother’s life at risk – this isn’t an abortion. It’s a medical intervention. These are totally different.

At 17 weeks, it would be an extraction of the baby because there’s no way for it to survive on it’s own even with the best NICU in the world. However, technology keeps advancing for sure.

When I had my first child, at 16, I had high risk pre term labor and was hospitalized for a bit. This is why I remember the LA riots of April 26th 1992 so vividly. I was in a hospital scared to death, 45 miles away because I had to be a high risk Medicaid teen that local hospitals wouldn’t help. My due date was June 28th. I laid in that room shaking from the shots they gave me to stop labor and caused convulsing watching an election year of racism riots against police. Same recipes.

Anyway, then it was 30 weeks viable with miracle cases at 28 weeks. Today there’s miracle stories at 23 weeks surviving. The goal was to stay pregnant until at least May 17th and every day counted. My beauty held out until June 1st, making it 36 weeks. Praise God.

Many women do suffer the loss of still birth when prematurely having the baby due to necessary medical intervention. When the bad news comes that the baby has to come out to save you or them or both, they give it their best shot to save that baby but momma comes equally as priority.

That’s not abortion.

Next argument I heard was the rape victims and how this will effect them if they are raped in a state that doesn’t allow abortion. Again, WRONG.

If it’s a rape and you’re reporting it and brought in – they assist you with basically clearing the possibility at the hospital so it never becomes a discussion point. That’s not abortion. That’s medical intervention.

If women are raped and afraid to come forward or never report it and end up pregnant, that’s her decision to make with her health and mental care support teams – which we desperately need more of in a system that controls what we get and what we don’t. Insurance, drug companies and government control that money powerhouse together. They took our tax dollars out of that solution.

Now, if it’s a situation that happens a lot in poor, oppressed blue run states like where my aunt was an OB delivery nurse in West Virginia, it is true you’ll help a teen girl deliver her baby and it may be her Dad’s or her brothers or possibly an uncle. Hard to say. And they take it home with them to raise… yeah. That to me is worth fighting about and protecting. That’s not on their agenda though.

The funniest point in all of this is also how they’re saying get the government out of our wombs… that is exactly what the judges like Thomas are saying. It’s not up to the federal government to decide. It’s the states’ decisions based on the voting system of their citizens. lol. think about it people.

For those female womb carriers out there who have a baby inside them and decide they don’t want to have it inside them anymore, think about the age of that fetus and all the ways they can survive even if your reason is you’re starting to show too much, they can make it. No reason to slice and dice them up.

I like the new Iowa state law that says after consulting about getting an abortion, there’s a 24 hour wait period to schedule it. Great idea. What is one day going to cost your future dead child once you discuss what to expect when you go through with it.

Plus, if you really don’t want your baby or to be forced into parenthood – there’s lines upon lines of people waiting to take it off your hands. Plus so many of them are open adoption, you still get to be involved the whole time you just don’t spend any money raising them and get to mess up their family dynamic for the rest of their life. It’s cool.

it’s very expensive and highly competitive. Couples of all alphabets have to hire marketing people to design their brochures and take their photography so they can look most appealing to the woman shopping for a family. She can also change her mind after choosing them and getting expenses paid by them after they completed a vigorous 10 month process of getting qualified to be an ‘adoption ready’ family for your baby, even if it’s born addicted to something when it arrives.

Here’s an example of one website where you can shop for a couple to take the baby. What a diverse and loving country we are. For reals. These couples deserve a baby or two. Let’s help them raise healthy children into quality of life. Plus it appears many may agree with this agenda. They must have money, one client I assisted with a profile said the whole process costs between $30-50k without hiring the marketing. That’s the agency and costs to help the process.

They must all agree parenting is one of the coolest human experiences we get to have while on this earth in our predetermined skins suits It’s definitely not for the weak, but so rewarding however one ends up guiding a child into adulthood.

My final question to this idiocracy that still makes no sense, even after trying to hear them out, is what do you think all these politicians are doing with the discarded fetuses??? I don’t see abortion cemeteries being developed but I sure do hear a lot about all these advances in anti-aging techniques using genetic materials that come from fetuses including the Covid vaccines. There’s an entire list of what products we use derive from fetal tissue here.

Sounds like a full business operation of selling and shipping

Just saying. They want your babies. And population control.

Our country needs states to set their own rules so those of us who love our country, want to love and receive love in a a healthy relationship with another adult – regardless of alphabet – and build their dream home and life and maybe even raise a family can do so without worrying about arsons, rapists, murderers and grotesque sexual displays of perversion. That’s why it’s now up to each state and we as Americans can choose which state’s laws against humanity you support most. Thanks to the #WFH remote life movement of the plandemic shutdown, it’s easy peasy to pick your favorite liberal city to live amongst your own.

Here’s current house listings in one of the best, the one Nancy runs. Relator.com

I find it funny how these pretty and vibrant rainbow colors have become a symbol for anger, rage, screaming, demanding and unhealthy looking people who don’t know what their own thoughts or feelings are anymore. It feels like a cult to me.

And if anyone knows how to create a cult, it would be the CIA and FBI with the help of all major media and internet news companies behind them. Here’s the top ten signs you’re in a cult. Number 10 in particular is what I’m talking about now:

They need our babies, after all.

Thanks for reading,


PS – since this same demon cult brainwashed this group of lonely hearts to believe it’s not your body or your choice when the pharma and government demand you take an experimental shot into your arm – wouldn’t that mean they don’t have to worry about abortion anyway??

Last I read and learned, these genetically modified DNA shots have created a mass exodus of fertility and caused spontaneous miscarriages across the country. So you can’t get pregnant anyway, can you?

She looks like she’s giving consent

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