Can I Mask a Question?

By May 18, 2020 October 29th, 2022 Pandemic Thoughts


I fully agree with every frontline worker who wear masks being very angry on Facebook about those refusing to wear masks.

But I don’t want to wear one either.

We need to come together and agree on something.

We disagree with the purpose we are told for why they are needed now when they weren’t before. Even several weeks into this shutdown.

I feel the underlying issue that neither side is saying is why Medical professionals wear them and why we are supposed to wear them.

Medical professionals must wear PPE to protect themselves from exposure of those they care for and save.

The general public is being shunned into wearing whatever because everyone is afraid of us.

Now you can have it and never know it and since they won’t test you unless you are pretty sure you know that you have it, you’ll never get diagnosed. Yet.

So I am not wearing it for my protection as I enter the land of the unknown cootie carrier-ville. I’m forced to wear it to protect unknown cootieville from me.

I’m told I’m a risk. I’m awkwardly stared at. I’m the smelly weird kid at school. Just kidding. I was the kid at school. So it kinda feels PTSD walking down the halls of Kroger.

As I sit at work now, still everyday but being mandated to wear whatever fabric needed to cover my nose to my chin because I must prevent my cooties from spreading, I think about burning it like those chicks did with their bras in the 60s.

Plus- these experts spent weeks telling us we don’t need them, the essentials do. That was fine with me because our office life and home life felt Normal.
It was the pit stops in between that reminded you shizz got real.

Masks – I’m not pro or anti. I’m a seeker of clear, consistent guidance or at least have these experts own up and explain what changed their mind this time.

If they would instead tell us that if we all wear them for a few weeks while we reopen our world – everyone would comply.

If they instead told us we had to wear them because like medical professionals, if we are going to reopen- we have to act like nurses and wear them to protect ourselves. We would wear them.

I mean, grocery stores and my company and many have remained exposure free while running business as usual for 2 months now. We have no tests, no new cases, yet more rules added in to the new Covid rule book now.

We haven’t had a case in over a week in our county and now we have to wear masks. I could see if we were still increasing cases- but we haven’t seen them.

Look. Everyone agrees the frontline everywhere that kept this world turning are rockstars and we will do whatever to make this stop. We want it to stop for them to get a break and for the elderly to be safe.

Why try to make me feel dirty or bad or negligent or a killer because I don’t wear a bandana face wrap?

If I can pass the thermometer test every morning, keep 6 feet from every human, and honor the compliance test of hand washing and rules you now follow to work full-time through this whole thing, why can’t I maintain my ‘cleared’ status anywhere I go?

It’s more honesty and transparency and consistent clarity. I feel
Like that girl in the Coming To America movie “Bark like a dog”

Ps. All these commercials about staying active and healthy while others all #Stayhome and are #alonetogether and yada yada should only be aired betwen the hours of noon and 6 pm M-F.
They’re nice but do not apply to me.

They’re irritating me when I’m tired and finally get to be home and safe and sit down and see these commercials.

Over it.

I think when this is over, everyone who worked through it all gets
Two weeks of quarantine so the returning ones can jump in and help
Cover them to experience

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