What I Think About Teen Trick Or Treaters

By November 4, 2019 Food for thought
I’ve heard people talk about older kids trick or treating and they didn’t agree with giving candy to them.
I kindly disagree.
Tonight, my 15 and 13-year-old sons are out there, with their friends and a pillowcase loving life right now.
These are good, kind, smart, funny young men who are not playing video games.
They aren’t on their phones or computers.
They’re laughing. They’re running around, respectively.
They’re ordering funny costumes in advance and getting into character.
I learned that you have to teach someone how to apply nail polish if it’s their first time. Yikes! It was comical. And messy. I’ll always remember that memory.
For the record, my son suggested I demonstrate it first but they told him they can figure it out.
Yeah, no.
Anyway, I’d give them candy all day long.
They deserve it.
They’ll remember these memories for the rest of their lives, too, I hope.
Excuse me while I make some hot cider and hot cocoa for these kids when they get back. It’s so cold it’s snowing!
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