Turns out I made Funny stuff in the 90’s

By August 21, 2022 September 23rd, 2022 Heather, Pandemic Thoughts

Yesterday I unexpectedly dug out those tubs and boxes of basement baggage known as storage.

I’ll admit – I could stand another episode or two of Marie Kondo to give me a refresh. That mess was just ridiculous chaos.

Yet no, I have no shame. It’s being a married parent and grandparent that leads to an accumulation of stuff you cannot part with, cannot sell and might want to deep dive into some day, like yesterday.

As our sons become long haired bearded guys who dig goodwill and all things original, our recent grad was online searching for a camcorder with mini cassettes because the new trend is to make short films using old technology.

Are we in a nostalgic renaissance? I sure hope so. I constantly look for positives that have happened and I am enjoying my kids all liking what I used to like and still do. Holy shizznits I may just becoming relevant again! Common core can kiss my arse hahahah!

Anyway, I know I had a camcorder, it should be in like mint condition and entact…. Somewhere…in there…in a tub… or was it the box? Ugh I combined a bunch and organized like three years ago. Guess we’re tub diving into best guesses….

What a fun mess. Four hours later, and literally every tub and box opened … my son and I gained laughs and sweat through it. And we found it. And I’m cool. Very cool. As of this moment. To him. What a blessing yesterday was. Unexpected time together.

We even found cassettes I forgot we have with his name on them as an infant. Can’t wait til his adaptor thingy he needed for the thing arrives so he can export the stuff on to the thing. Yeah, over tech.

Anyway – I found some other stuff just as cool about myself.

If you read any of the stories I write or talk to me I am open about my belief that self-labeled elites, rich perv addicts are trying to depopulate us while sucking us dry first and we’re gonna have to save ourselves through light and love of God. It’s Good versus evil in a nutshell with actors showing us the way.

So imagine to my surprise the joy of true self when I discover a memory I forgot I had stored – physically and mentally – I wanted to be a cartoonist and show truth through humor.

Holy buckets of balls hahaha I laughed out loud and thanked old Heather for verifying new Heather is same same.

Always wanting to be funny based. Here’s what I found that I forgot I created somewhere between 1993-96?

Janet Reno and FBI play whodunnit
I started making a series I was going to call Victim or Victor showing both sides of the story
Minnesota politics


When I was drawing these out and dreaming of making lights turn on through laughter, I was a single teen mom buying my own place for her and I and working third shift at the casino or second shift at the Juvenile home perhaps.

I spent those days walking with a shadow of shame over me, not feeling safe and wondering some times how I was going to keep my checking account positive until pay day. And that I will not marry and I didn’t want to either. Trust no one.

I was me against the world raising a baby girl and trying to figure out when I was going to get the grass mowed.

And look at me. Still finding art and ways to create and that was the best time raising that precious girl. I’d do it again I just wish I hadn’t felt all that needless shame back then that society let me play back in my head and tell me I was bad for being all alone with a baby so young and was biracial. Dang umm I was naive to believe all that bs.

Still. Here I am and that is some funny shit.

That same box contained work reviews from IJH, letters from the girls after I announced I was quitting, my security uniform patches, drawings and pictures from my daughter who is 30 now, articles clipped and much more. Badass.

What a grand life we all have. Live on, love on and find the light wherever you look. It’s there – waiting to be found again.

Thanks for reading you awesome people you! Enjoy every present moment!

I kept this. Always followed the ongoing genocide of Tibet

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