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By October 14, 2022 October 29th, 2022 Heather, Pandemic Thoughts

Alot of the words I write don’t ever go past drafts. Sometimes I just type and go and see what happens and then when I go back to it I realize it’s done it again. It went there.

I get it. I got this weird knack for adding a long tail to the kite. Sometimes when I see how things connect to each other, it lights up for me and I guess it can throw people off cause it’s not obvious. I don’t know why. I spent a long time denying it was anything more than luck. I’m not always right either. But gosh darn it, it’s pretty flipping good.

When I learned what batting averages meant and how high caliber the best are, I started to believe in myself more and trust my thoughts for life and career. So I started looking into the old words I’ve put out there that made it past the draft whether professionally on behalf of others for personally for my need to write stories, I take pause. I have to realize gifts to find purpose.

I want to make these stories create laughs and comfort in living within truths. I don’t want to pull back veils I believe exist to create fear or lose present joy. I just want everyone to apply their own personal critical thinking skills to realizing all the hoops we jump to live in the world we have can we questioned. We aren’t against one another.

We can unite so we focus on the bigger problems keeping us all from what we really want.








Embracing life.

Knowing how precious it really is.

That’s my hope. Laughter and love is the most freeing feeling of all and through present moments we can connect all the dots to see what is truly important and the wisdom to know what was taught to matter over what we can reconnect with.

The sooner we all turn it off, the faster we heal and laugh together.

Fun encouraging words from others:

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